Silly J&G!

Okay – so I have Hijacked the blog again – I know I said I wouldn’t….sigh…its just TOO EASY.
< << this is me sneaking around

In a slightly mad moment late one Friday night, Jenny and Gitte decided they’d take up a challenge and read the Denver Omelette scene from Effortless.  This is the result.  I don’t think they quite got the “sexy” bit of the scene across with all that giggling.  Enjoy.

Renae xx



10 responses to “Silly J&G!

  1. Téa Pleic

    OMG hahahah that is too funny!! Love it! great job Renae 🙂 and Jenny and Gitte WOW haha!

  2. ROTFL!!! Too funny!!! I love your accents too that made it even better! Get job (wink wink) LOL

  3. the laughing made me laugh that much more

  4. Lee

    oh that is too funny 😀 I would really love to hear more of your readings Gitte and Jenny. thanks for sharing Renae, you made my day 🙂

  5. Lol. That is hysterical!

  6. Oh holy shit!! I’m so proud. This is priceless!!! You SO have to do more of these!! xoxoxo

  7. Brittany

    This scene was so funny to me when I read the books…You ladies just made it that much better, LOL. Love it!

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