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The Malebox and Guest reviewer Emma – review Take Me by Olivia Cunning

The Malebox needed a reviewing mate so he put out the call for a volunteer from his Facebook page

He chose Emma for the task and the book she picked was Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret #3) by Olivia Cunning

Enjoy the review – The Malebox never does cease to amuse us!

For this review, my Facebook volunteer Emma got the opportunity to choose a book and review it with me. Emma’s book of choice was the short story “Take Me” by Olivia Cunning.  Due to my previous reviews, this is actually one author that I am familiar with. I was expecting rock stars and sex and I was not disappointed.

This is the story of Shade, the lead singer in the rock band “Sole Regret” and Amanda. Shade is actually Amanda’s brother in law, but has since separated from her sister Tina, so cue complicated relationship theme.

After a disastrous encounter with Tina, Shade and Amanda find themselves at Shade’s house. Amanda has always liked Shade, but has been understandably put off by the fact that he was married to her sister, is a rock star and is generally a cock in a pair of sunglasses. Things don’t go too well when there is an unannounced visit from groupie Veronica.

From my point of view Amanda is hot, but Emma goes slightly deeper into Amanda (as I would like to). She manages to see Jacob rather than Shade and brings out the best in him.

Having said that though, Veronica is really hot too.  She got a bit of hard time from Shade during her visit and I thought that he could have let her stay for a while…even her glorious line of “shame to waste a pussy this hot and juicy for you”, didn’t sway him…Fool. When Veronica said this, I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to have sex with her or just order a really nice steak…what girls talk like this and where can I find them? Things got more realistic when Amanda threatened to put her pussy on strike…unfortunately I know where to find these girls…

This brings me on nicely to Shade’s bedroom. Rest assured that The Malebox will be pimping his bedroom out in similar fashion.  From an interior design point of view, Shade is a genius. Also when did women start liking pizza and beer at home rather than going out to expensive restaurants and drinking cocktails? This new knowledge in itself will save me loads of money which I can now put towards my new remote controlled sexual playground that I will be installing in my bedroom. Emma raised the valid point that maybe I was just going for the wrong women!

Nevertheless, my bedroom home improvements are underway.  I am going for a full playground and not just an electronic swing. The love slide and seesaw are causing a few problems though. I am also installing a pizza oven and fridge as well.

As short stories go it was quite entertaining…unfortunately my male species let me down again by going weak at the penis for a woman……AGAIN, but I will let Shade off as Amanda is freaky naughty.

I have tried to put myself in Shade’s position and thought what would I do if I had his choices of settling down or living the life of rock star…it’s a no brainier…I would be knee deep in groupies and pussy and snorting cocaine off their bare asses every night of the week in my remote controlled CCTV surround sound sex swinged bedroom…Although this is just me…I quite liked Shade in the end and the man deserves a medal for putting up with that ex-wife of his.

Overall I did enjoy the read and enjoy the rock star genre and Olivia Cunning, so well done Emma. I cannot review this book without mentioning the line “Amanda’s panties were going to need scuba gear if they got any wetter”. It is now my mission to use this quote at least once a day if at all possible. Genius Olivia!

Malebox’s next guest reviewer will be Natalie. Stay tuned!!!


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Take Me (One Night With Sole Regret #3) by Olivia Cunning

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Gitte:   4.5 short sexy stars

Jenny:   4.5 panty dropping stars

Gitte:   Oh wow…this one is definitely my FAVE Sole Regret story so far! I did love Try Me, it was a sexy short read perfectly balanced but didn’t really stir my emotions too much, I wasn’t too keen on Tempt Me, this one seemed more about the nookie not so much about a story. Then came; Take Me.  Now, I was really worried because I did NOT like Shade whatsoever in book 1 and 2. He came across moody, arrogant with a rude and obnoxiousattitude. Well how wrong was I?! He is LUSH…I LOVE him…LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!

Jenny:   Absolutely agree with you about Try Me and Tempt Me Gitte.  They didn’t really grip me as a reader.  I liked them but they were just a read, whereas this book definitely had the emotional factor and gave me the character connection I seemed to miss in the first two.   Take Me is without a doubt my favourite Sole Regret to date and who would have guessed it would be Shade that would win me over.  We really didn’t like him in the first two books did we Gitte?  He was such a dick, but win me over he did – BIG TIME!  I LOVE THIS GUY TOO!!!!!!

Gitte:    Yes, the emotions in Take Me made this one ‘spot on’ for me too.  Reading Shade’s story, he totally redeemed himself, I understood why he acts the way he does and he is definitely my favourite now in this…a…mile!

Jenny:   I really felt the character connection in this book and I loved unravelling Shade’s personality and seeing his defences come down.  I liked what I saw and Shade me in his clutches  from start to finish.

 Gitte:   Yeah I thought Take Me was fab. The characters were explored more; I could connect with them as well. The storyline touched me and it had great banter and seriously the sex factor was HOT! I don’t really want to say too much about his story as these books are so short that saying too much I feel will spoil the reading experience.

Jenny:   I really did love everything about this book….the characters of Shade and Amanda and Julie just stole my heart!  I don’t think I can ever listen to Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith without thinking picturing that wonderful scene.  That was just mesmerising!  Loved it and for me that’s when Shade stole my heart as well.

Gitte:   Shade is the lead singer of Sole Regret and hides behind….you guessed it…his sunnies in order to hide his extremely expressive eyes. Shade (Jacob) umm wow so hot right Jenny?! His story broke my heart, under all that hot raw alpha male exterior lies a huge heart that is breaking because of his circumstances.  But not only is he completely lovable…but this man is totally shaggable too!! The bedroom scene was…just wow…right Jenny?! And his eyes…what is it about his eyes…they had me and I wanted to pull him out the story so I could gaze into them.

Jenny:   Oh he is totally shaggable for sure!!!  And yes! That bedroom scene….whoa!  You betcha that was hot GG!!   I loved exploring the story behind his nickname……..and yes THOSE EYES!  Although I couldn’t see them that didn’t stop me from drowning in them.   I loved Jacob….nice wonderful, yet totally alpha Jacob!  But….oh Shade….sweet baby Jesus Shade!

but I’ve retired Jacob for the evening.  Now it’s time for Shade to come out and play”    and play he did! And play, and play………phew!

Gitte: Amanda is real, honest, funny and so down to earth. She sees Jacob, not Shade the persona and the chemistry and banter between them is fab.  She sees the man; his hurt and want to be there for him.  She has had a thing for him for years, since her sister brought him into their lives and ceases the day when he is back from the tour which is when their journey; their “One Night” begins…

“Amanda’s panties were going to need scuba gear if they got any wetter” – this line cracked me up…totally stealing this one hahaha.

Jenny:   I absolutely adored Amanda and loved that line! I do believe you snorted repeating that line to me lol !  She was strong, funny, sexy, honest and yes, the chemistry between these two just leapt off the pages!  I love the whole best friends to lovers thing and this one is one of my favourites because I really did love and care about these characters.  She was a perfect counter balance to Shade/Jacob and she saw what was beneath the….well Shades!

Ha! There were some great lines in this book weren’t there Gitte?  I loved this one from Amanda too

“She knew he was teasing her, but that didn’t stop parts in her pants from readying themselves for a welcome invasion”

And Shade/Jacob saw her as someone he could relate to and she felt so real to him as well…..he’s used to having women for sex but Amanda reached him on a whole new level

It was refreshing to flirt with a woman who didn’t think it meant she had to fall on his dick with a missle-seeking vagina

Gitte:    So Jenny…I loved this one…my favourite so far…just wish it was longer, I wanted more Shade!!!

Jenny:    For sure Gitte! This one was my favourite too and I definitely wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Shade just yet!   I certainly would have been happy with much more!


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Double Time (Sinners On Tour #3) by Olivia Cunning

Gitte:  4 stars

Jenny: 4 Stars

My initial thoughts after reading Double Time, which I have to get out first before I continue, is why on earth did the publisher decide on printing this title going against the  Author’s series order?
To me, personally, this was a mistake. This book is intended to be the last in the Sinners series. So it kind of spoils the other two books yet to come in this series. Those being the stories of Eric and Jace. I personally hate reviews with spoilers, so knowing how it ends up for them; I can’t help but feel very disappointed. I also think that when we get the next book, any story-line with Trey will seem odd. I feel sorry for Olivia Cunning that this has happened.

Jenny:  I agree.  It sort of stopped the momentum of Double Time for me once I realised it was released out of order.  I have no idea why they did that and it was definitely a mistake.
I really feel for Olivia Cunning.  Her publisher definitely made a bad decision choosing to release this before the other two.

Gitte:  Okay, so that out of the way, I have to say I have loved Trey since Backstage Pass, he has been my favourite Sinner from the beginning.
Trey is cherry-liscious; he is a HOT Rock God! He is sweet, cocky, vulnerable, extremely sexy and a complete lovable man-whore (contradiction in term?!)…I want to be his cherry sucker…too much?!

Jenny:  I think he is a lot of people’s favorite – I know many a reader is hanging out for some Trey loving and they WON’T be disappointed!  Holy hotness GG!! How HOT was this freaking book?? Off the charts! Trey certainly has it going on that’s for sure!

Gitte:  Yeah this Sinner fan-girl was jumping up and down the minute this bad boy landed on my kindle from Netgalley!

Jenny:  Yep, I definitely did a happy dance when I realized I didn’t have to wait so long for some Trey lovin’..

Gitte:    Trey gets love, finally, and it is new love…not the unrequited old-hashed kind. The brand spanking new LOVE he so deserves. Yes we know who he will always love, yet Trey finds love all by himself, and when I say love, I mean a whole lot of love and sex; don’t forget the sex, the hot and mouth-watering rocker sex that Olivia Cunning excels at. This man is insatiable.
Trey has always flaunted his sexuality and he is who he is, openly, which makes him so desirable. Trey has the biggest heart and I LOVE him. I thought Trey’s story was the most emotional Sinner book of the series.
Trey; the player meets his match in this story when he meets Reagan.

Jenny:  It was wonderful to see Trey connect with Reagan on this level.  Reagan is definitely a match for Trey emotionally and physically and how happy were we to see those feelings reciprocated.  My heart always ached for Trey and his love for Brian.  He always put the band first and kept his feelings hidden and I felt so sorry for him throughout the Sinners books. In Reagan he has someone who understands him and is able to get him to open up in a way Trey never has before.

”Look at me Trey” He shook his head; he never looked his lovers in the eye when he was joined with them.  “Trey, look at me”

Gitte:  Reagan is confident, funny, sexually aware and is kind of spunky. Yet she also has a vulnerable endearing side to her. I loved her character; she has to be my favorite Sinner heroine so far. Oh and I LOVED her tattoo.

Jenny:  I agree. I loved Reagan as a heroine GG… She’s a tomboy, can play a mean guitar, is one of the boys but also very sexy and confident and has a great sense of humor   Our girl has spunk that’s for sure!  I loved the banter between her and Trey; she really kept him on his toes at times.

Gitte:  So Trey meets Reagan, an ambitious guitarist who enters a competition to play with Exodus End. At the audition with the band there is an instant intense connection. Not only a sexual attraction; but an emotional one too.
Trey gives up his bisexual lifestyle and begins a hot and sweet romance with Reagan yet does not tell her about his bisexuality.
However when Trey meets Reagan’s bisexual room-mate, ex-cop Ethan, he can no longer denies who he is or what he wants. Ethan is a dominant alpha male and Trey is immediately attracted to him as is Ethan to Trey.  Problem is that Ethan is Reagan’s ex and the break-up caused an emotional scar for Reagan which Trey does not want to repeat and add to. He does not want to screw up what he has with Reagan.  Ethan really annoyed me at times, I thought his part of this threesome started as a result of his selfishness, however I can’t say I didn’t find the story extremely yummy and HOT!!

Jenny:   GG you really did feel the instant connection between these two didn’t you?  Reagan had been burnt in the past by a cheating ex -boyfriend and as a result has some trust issues but she can’t deny the feelings she has for Trey.  They definitely connect on an emotional and physical level and the sexual chemistry is something else between these two.
Enter hot alpha dominant Ethan in to the mix…..whoa is he ever alpha and don’t we love these men GG!  The chemistry between Trey and Ethan is palpable and you really feel for Trey as he tries to deny the side of him that wants…no… needs this man badly!  Trey fights his desires in order to have a solid relationship with Reagan – he’s never felt this way and he really wants to make this work.
Seeing Trey fight his feelings through this book just makes you connect with him and you so badly want this guy to have a HEA.  He really does deserve it and you hope and pray he finds it any way he can..

Gitte:  Trey’s story has a yummy mixture of;  M/F, M/M and M/F/M, as well as lovable characters sweet romance and Rock Stars….can’t ask for more J

Jenny:   I found Trey’s story to be the most emotional of the Sinners books so far.  This one really had heart. There were a few times I welled up reading this.  Trey has so much emotion.  I love him!
GG, Readers better be prepared to get hot and bothered over the sex scenes!!  Guys, you really will be fanning yourselves…repeatedly!  Trey is a very sexual creature so we always knew his book was going to send the hormones racing – let’s face it Olivia Cunning can write a sex scene that leaves you breathless and she doesn’t  disappoint here that’s for sure.

Gitte:  I have to say I now cannot wait for Jace’s story who is my other favorite!

Jenny:  Yes, bring on Jace’s story. I’m not done with these bad boy rockers just yet!

Arc was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


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