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With Everything I Am (The Three Series #2) by Kristen Ashley

Gitte: 5 stars

Jenny: 5 stars

Please note:  To fully understand the Prophecies and the flow of the story and characters, it is our strong recommendation that you read  Book #1 Until the Sun Falls from the Sky before proceeding onto Book #2.  You will enjoy the experience so much more!

Gitte:   Oh Jenny…I was like a kid at Christmas when we got this arc. Kristen is one of my all-time fave Authors as you know, and she has not written one single book that wasn’t amazing and has the perfect balance of story and the yummy factor!  Kristen is one of those few Authors that can write everything she turns her hand too and that includes paranormal. Her alpha heroes have that perfect balance of arrogance, determination, vulnerability and the sex factor! They are protectors! I have re-read all her books so many times and every new book I read of hers is like coming home. She reaches right into my heart every time with her words.

Jenny:   She is indeed one of our favourite authors and a new book by Kristen Ashley is indeed a cause for celebration.  Gitte, you’re so right.  It was funny that we commented and agreed when we started reading this that  “reading a KA book is like coming home”  and it really and truly is.  Somehow Kristen seems to release a book when I need it – does she have ESP?   Her alpha males are spot on for me and she always seems to get the balance just right.

Gitte:   How much did we love Callum, Jenny?! He is perfect, his cockiness is endearing despite being trying at times, and yeah he really did test me at times.  He is a yummy hot powerful wolf, the King of the Wolves. He is so controlling and dominant yet he has the biggest heart and wow does he LOVE. And Sonia, I absolutely loved her. Her story broke my heart, such tragedy of loss and such a tough life, not quite knowing who she is, why she is different almost hiding in the shadows.  I knew from the start that this was going to be quite a ride and Callum & Sonia sure took me on quite an emotional and sexy journey. And yeah….I cried Jenny!

Jenny:    Gitte, I don’t think there are words to describe how much we loved Callum!  This man/wolf has stolen my heart and left me breathless that’s for sure.  What a wonderful mix he is.  Alpha, possessive, loves with intensity (oh boy, does this man LOVE!)says it like it is, and isn’t afraid to show his emotions and ummm “love” for Sophie (more on that side of things in a minute…is it HOT in here?).  I was the same Gitte.  Absolutely loved Sonia.  My heart broke for her and what she had been through and being “different” and having to cope with her loneliness just did me in.  Oh you can bet I cried…..I cried buckets for her!

Gitte:   I loved how Callum and Sonia’s story as life-mates started…how they met, how it began as such sweet innocence for Sonia. The symbolism of the wolf. It was so emotional having their story almost from day one. “My Puppy” awww which then turned to the lush “My Wolf” *swoon*…..

It was clear in the beginning that duty came first with Callum after all he is the King. However, it was the fact that there was a lack of the instant connection for Sonia, I suppose Sonia being human and a total contrast to his she-wolf “conquests”. However for Sonia, her dreams of “her wolf” kept her going despite not making any connections to Callum in his human form, yet she felt the bond that exists between them. The journey of their relationship was quite funny at times, Callum had me in stitches at first…seriously this guy is such a cock at times…but I love him!! I have to say that he had my heart right from the get go. Sonia bless her, kind of just followed after a while…followed and accepted. Don’t get me wrong Jenny I really loved her but at times I kind of wanted to shake her and say: just sort him out. I wish at times she had more guts to say what she wanted but then again what happened wouldn’t have been as emotional and epic! And let me tell you…the last bit of the story. I was CRYING

Jenny:   As you know GG I went off paranormal for a long time.  It just seemed to be done and redone but I read Until the Sun Falls From the Sky (Book #1 The Three Series) and it was so different from the norm that I was hooked.  I wondered how this book was going to stack up to that one and I have to say this one excelled for me!  Kristen has a way of putting such a different slant on paranormal tales and this Werewolf story was no exception.
How Kristen crafted the story from the very beginning – from the life mate angle right through the story had me so captivated and engrossed that I didn’t even realise until I got to the end that I had forgotten to highlight my favourite bits. That’s how much I loved their story!!!!
Callum was hysterical at times! He was a cocky bastard but oh god I never once wavered in my undying love for him.  I agree that were a couple of times I did want to shake Sonia as well but then I had to stop and think about the situation she had been placed in, the confusion surrounding her and I got her.  Oh you warned me about the last bit. You said I’d cry and you weren’t wrong GG! I sobbed!!!!

Gitte:   So yeah I thought this story was FAB Jenny. I love my paranormal but sometimes find them a bit too heavy and confusing. This story really wasn’t. Yes it had a plot full of twists and action with lots of conflict but ultimately it also had a gorgeous romance and really…Kristen is still the Queen of epilogues for sure no doubt…no contest! I loved the whole pack of hot randy wolves…each and every one of them! I kind of wish they could all have their own story told. Especially Ryon!!

And seriously I cannot say how much I am gagging for book #3….that short glimpse we got, I know without a doubt the guy is going to be AMAZING!! Cannot wait….

Jenny:   Absolutely LOVED this one GG!  It came at the right time and was exactly what I needed to read.  I didn’t find the story confusing either – Kristen has a way of never losing the reader with confusing plot lines.  They are involved and intriguing but never confusing and I love that.
This story had it ALL for me….A hot, to die for alpha hero,  who was the right blend of dominance and assertiveness,  humour and emotion, fantastic in bed (was he ever!!) oh the list is endless.  A heroine who will steal your heart and a great cast of supporting characters and a story that will captivate you from start to finish.

Book 3!!! OMG I can’t wait for that – both Gitte and I agreed  that the sneak peek of this book had us sold and this book is going sounds  amazing! Hope we don’t have to wait too long,  I don’t think I ould stand it!  Oh and the  guy in the third book??? Oh yes…he owned us with one word !! You’ll see!

ARC supplied by author for a fair and honest review

Check out and purchase Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (Book #1 The Three Series) from Amazon here

Check out and purchase With Everything I Am (Book #2 The Three Series) from Amazon here 

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The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

4 Stars

Original Review on 23/9/2011

I had been told about the Vincent Boys and thought it would be a good “fill in” book before moving onto another read.

Well….big mistake….huge!  This certainly was no “fill in” book for me!! This has now become one of my favourite books and was one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in a long time.

This was a book of  friendship, love discovery and longing and for a YA book it certainly had a heat factor…what can I say…Beau Vincent…shirtless – oh my goodness how I loved that boy.

Abbi has a way of transporting you with her stories.  I felt like I spent time in Alabama with friends.  You don’t just read this story, you become it.  You share the story with some wonderful characters –  so real you feel as if you know them.

Ashton is with Sawyer and is best friends with Sawyer’s cousin Beau.  Ashton has feeling for Beau.  Feelings that are intense and cannot be denied.  Feelings which are very different to those that she feels for Sawyer, her boyfriend.  Ashton and Beau have sexual tension that leaps off the pages!

Sawyer is torn between the “right” choice in Sawyer and the undeniable pull and feelings she has for the “wrong” choice in Beau. Have to be honest here…I was team Beau from the first time I met him.

Ash always feels she has to be the perfect girlfriend for Sawyer and wrestles with feelings that maybe she doesn’t measure up to the perfect Sawyer.

I started and finished this book in one sitting and couldn’t put it down.

You will love it too.

Roll on The Vincent Brothers because I am in no way ready to let these characters go!


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In Flight (Up in the Air #) by R.K. Lilley

Gitte –  4.5    stars
Jenny – 4.25  stars

Gitte:    Wow Jenny I absolutely loved this book for so many delicious reasons, I could not put it down.  It definitely was a new play on the whole Fifty Shades & Bared to You theme, although comparisons are inevitable. I think this is my first book with a Flight Attendant theme and I kind of loved it hahaha. It was refreshing and yeah the whole Mile High club *wink wink*…HOT!

Jenny:    Yep, Gitte, this book, the first in a trilogy was definitely hot! I think the best way to explain our first thoughts is  to quote our text message conversations that were flying back and forth early on…..

J:   “OMG! I am never going to sleep……4%  in and I bloody love this book”
G:  “I’m at 32% and cannot put it down”…..
J:   “I’m screwed then, it’s gonna be a late one for me – I think we are in book love together”…….
G:  “Yes you really are screwed and yes we are in book love”………
J:.  “Holy crap this book is so hot…..knicker change in seat 2D”
I may never look at flying in the same light again!  Okay, moving on!

Gitte:   The chemistry between Mr. Cavendish (sigh) and Bianca was fantastic, it not only ran deep on an emotional level it was pretty spectacular and steamy hot too! James Cavendish, *sigh* he is a yummy hot dominant alpha male…oh and let’s not forget a billionaire to boot!!  What that man can do…his whole attitude…be still my beating heart!! Bianca is a sweet gorgeous girl who is completely clued up and street wise. She knows what she wants and values everything she is and has. She is a mystery to start with which James slowly unravels as she unravels him in return. The scene with them on the plane right at the beginning, I suppose you could say after their first connection…umm I don’t know about you Jenny but I may have re-read that one more than once whilst sat in the freezer!!

Jenny:   I can neither confirm nor deny if I re-read that scene…..oh who am I kidding, you know me too well, of course I did! And of course the freezer was the best place to read it.  Wow, the chemistry was there right from the outset!  No slow up build here – these two had an instant sexual connection.  It was steamy alright.  We’re firstly introduced to Bianca and her best bud Stephan and I loved the relationship between these two.  You’re immediately drawn to Bianca as a character because she is so innocent on one level but so worldly on another and she became a very intriguing character for me right from the beginning.  Mr Cavendish – well, what about him?  Geez….hot, billionaire, alpha, possessive, dirty talking male who knows exactly what he wants and goes after it……. and he wants Bianca and the hunt is on! This man! I am devoid of speech where James Cavendish is concerned!

Gitte:   I am adamant not to talk too much about the story because this one is easy to spoil, what I will say is I  fell in love with James & Bianca immediately, oh and I absolutely fell in love with Stephan too. These three characters are so well written and my connection to them was almost immediate. I felt the emotions, and as I learnt more of their background they definitely took a piece of my heart.
I thought what we learnt of their back story was so well written; we were given just enough to hook us as readers, giving us an insight into their psyche and understanding their subsequent behaviours and actions.
Bianca’s relationship with James,  it was not only LUSH; it was also an extremely emotional connection between two emotionally scarred people who upon finding each other learnt to open up to another albeit slowly. The end result of their traumatic pasts mirrored despite being different.
The friendship between Bianca and Stephan was heart-breaking and yet so amazing. How these two came about finding each other when they were teenagers up till the dynamics of their present day friendship, I melted at the fierce love and protection.

Jenny:   I instantly loved the connection and friendship between Bianca and Stephan.  They are rock solid and there for each other.  They’ve been through so much and they mean everything to one another and I am dying to see their past unravelled further in Mile High (Book #2 available now)
Yes, Gitte we do have to be very mindful not to give anything away for our fellow readers because it’s all about peeling the layers away in this story and experiencing the journey. To let them discover why Bianca is so receptive to James and his lifestyle when everything about her past screams that she should be repelled by it.

Gitte:  So yeah Jenny, I really enjoyed book 1 in this series. I thought it was really well written; it kept me hooked till the end with great characters and a thrilling story. The balance between the ‘sex factor’ and the story was spot on!
Despite the similarities of some of the storyline to Fifty & Bared to You, I enjoyed it, as it was different enough to stand on its own. No inferior imitation here! I don’t know about you Jenny but I am dying to start on book 2!!

Jenny:  I agree Gitte.  I loved the writing, loved the characters and the storyline had me riveted and I was consumed with it step of the way!
Like you say, there will be the inevitable comparisons to Fifty & Bared but this book is different and definitely not an imitation.  There was a good story mixed in with the sex (oh dear god….the SEX IS HOT!!) so it had plenty of substance! So charge that phone Gitte because we will be burning up the phone lines once we start Mile High *wink, wink* !

Song for In Flight –  Closer by Kings of Leon

Our James Cavendish



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Love Revolution (Black Cat Records Shakesphere Inspired Trilogy #2) by Michelle Mankin

I am hanging my head in shame right now.  Why you ask?  Because until I met Michelle Mankin in Chicago last September I had never heard of this wonderful author.  I know! I have clearly been hiding under a rock.

Michelle and I had many discussions but one thing I adored about her was her enthusiasm for her book, her characters and her absolute passion for music which all made me hunger to sample her work.

Well sometimes I strike lucky and have to pinch myself.  This was one of those times because Michelle contacted me and asked me if she could send me an ARC of her book for my opinion – ummm yes please!!!

Well it happened! I fell in love with her writing style, her characters and her story because she brought everything that I loved and found wonderful about the lady to this book.

One thing I will say is that whilst I was in the middle of reading she sent a rewrite for Chapter 33 and asked my opinion because she had ramped it up a bit – I said “absolutely change this” because this scene was HAWT and so fitted the book so I’m crossing my fingers that the final draft included the rewritten scene because she nailed that scene for me.  (**crossing fingers and toes here**)

I am such a sucker for a rock star/music orientated book and this one has been added to my list of rockstar books that I love.

I loved taking the journey with Cris and Sarah and Samantha and JR and the fact that this story is set in Vancouver just added to my enjoyment of it.  You see I visited Vancouver last year and have been itching to get back because I fell in love with the place.  Well thanks to Michelle I kinda did go back…..maybe not in person, but I went back and revisited via her wonderful characters and her beautiful voice.

This book is sweet, angsty, and sexy and being a fan of hearing different pov’s in a story (which the author did seamlessly I might add) just added to an already enjoyable read for me.

I will say though everyone knows my OCD for cliffhangers and I may never forgive Michelle Mankin for this one 😉


Be sure to check read Book One Love Evolution



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All In (The Blackstone Affair #2) by Raine Miller

Jenny: 4 stars

Gitte: 4 stars

Jenny:      So GG to say we were excited to get the ARC of All In last Sunday is a bit of an understatement wouldn’t you say?

Gitte:        Absolutely Jenny, how excited were we to get Ethan back in our eager little hands!! It was so hard to keep quiet on this one!

Jenny:      It sure was! We’ve been dying to tell people all about this book haven’t we?  But Raine had asked everyone (reviewers etc) to keep it quiet until release day.  Of course we respected her wishes, even though it killed us not to discuss with our fellow readers.  The last thing we would want is to spoil a readers enjoyment of a book.

Gitte:        No doubt about it, at the end of the day it is about the book, its characters and the Author who give us a piece of their heart in the writing of their story!

Jenny:      Exactly.  So let’s talk about All In.  This is the very much anticipated second book in The Blackstone Affair series, it picks up where Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1) left off .  This time the story is told through Ethan’s voice.  I have been really looking forward to this book – I was dying to hear from Ethan.  I really did  like hearing Ethan’s voice in this book, but I do think I prefer Brynne’s voice.  There is something about her character that grabs me.  Having said that, ideally I would love to read something from alternating POV’s from these two.

Gitte:       I was too Jenny…could not wait to get inside this gorgeous alpha male’s head. To hear Ethan’s voice; to be given an insight and to understand him; who he is/where he has been how he got to where we met him in Naked. Absolutely love Ethan, I have to say.

Jenny:       Oh what’s not to love about Ethan…**sigh**….This book has a lot of emotion because we get to experience their back stories unfolding – both Brynne and Ethan have painful pasts and we get to explore these in All In.  Both of these characters are so tortured by their pasts but Gitte, it was Brynne’s story that broke my heart.  To hear her “tell it” with so much emotion had me spellbound and close to tears. Brynne’s voice is so moving and so powerful.

Gitte:     I was shocked Jenny. I wasn’t expecting Brynne’s story to be so heartbreaking and awful. No wonder this girl has these emotional barriers around her. Raine really packed a punch telling Brynne’s story!

Jenny:    She sure did!  Ethan is still our gorgeous, super sexy, alpha, possessive hero who is coming to terms with the intense feelings he has for Brynne, and boy are they intense!  His priority is keeping her safe, but at the same time he has to run a busy, successful business, provide support to Brynne and also encourage her to deal with her past demons.  Not to mention that Ethan has his own demons to confront.   He certainly has a lot on his mind.

Gitte:       Yeah Ethan’s back story, though not as detailed as I would have liked, sure was emotional. No wonder this guy protects and loves as fiercely as he does. His (*hot*) strong alpha male shoulders carry so many burdens; but he deals…possessively so.

Jenny:     Brynne. What can I say about Brynne?   She gave this book heart.  I absolutely adore our heroine.  She is up there as one of my favourites that’s for sure.  She has intelligence, strength, vulnerability, and humour,  with sensuality that leaps off the pages.    She sure gives Ethan a run for his money, but she also provides an inner strength for him as well as compassion, yet she herself can be so fragile.  Brynne for me was the standout in this book.  She provided so much substance to the story and I found it became HER story even though it was told through Ethan’s voice.

Gitte:       Yes I agree completely Jenny; it almost became more about Brynne than Ethan. Brynne’s story told through Ethan’s POV….unusual and at times I am not sure whether this did not make Ethan lose some of his alpha-maleness if that makes any sense? But absolutely, no doubt, love Brynne!

Jenny:     Totally makes sense, I noticed that about Ethan as well. I really did like All In.  It was a good read. The chemistry between Ethan and Brynne was explosive and the sex scenes were HOT!   It was a very emotional at times, especially as I said before, when we experience their back stories.   It is a longer book than Naked, and I did find some things a bit repetitive at times.  One thing I will say and that is I am absolutely HANGING out for book 3  and can’t wait to see where Raine takes us next time.  What about you Gitte?  How did you find it?

Gitte:       I really did enjoy the actual story; it was sexy, passionate and thrilling.  It did however lose me a little bit in the middle, I think if it had been a short power packed punch like Naked was, I would have enjoyed it more. However, Raine was unfairly criticised for this by some readers so it’s one of those no win situations unfortunately. The last 20% or so was FAB and dragged me right back into the thick of things so I have to say I cannot wait for book 3!! Bring it on Raine!


Please note: We were requested to beta read  “All In” for British vernacular and continuity. Our review is based on the assumption that our changes and suggestions were adopted upon release.

Review by J&G for Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1) by Raine Miller

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Access All Areas (Book #1) by Alice Severin

Jenny 4.5

Gitte    4.5 

Jenny:   Well, we said we needed a book to “wow” us didn’t we Gitte and boy did we stumble upon a beauty!

Gitte:   We really did Jenny. Just wow indeed!!

Jenny:  I have to say upfront though that the Prologue sort of confused me and I was wondering if I was going to get into this book but a few pages later and this book hooked us didn’t it?

Gitte:  Yeah I was a bit confused in the Prologue as well. I felt like I had missed something, I wasn’t sure what was going on, then suddenly the story grabbed me and it did not let go. Even after having finished, it still has my heart beating real fast and I still get the shivers and a tear in my eye when I think of it.

Jenny:   Yep, I had the same feelings at the end too GG.  I thought this book was so beautifully and intelligently written – at times it was like reading a journalism piece from Rolling Stone Magazine and I found prose descriptive but not annoying.  This author certainly has a way with words. The first thing I felt was an affinity with the music and how it introduced us to Lily and Tristan.  That’s what pulled me in immediately.  I loved how the author wove The Clash – (London Calling, White Riot….lord save me!) with Tristan’s band Devised, at the start of the book at the Brit Awards.  It made you feel like you were there and was pure genius!
How Lily felt about the music, how she felt watching these bands, it really spoke to me.  I could feel her connection to the music and she experienced everything I feel when I watch a live band so it wasn’t hard for me to connect to her and the story straight away.

Gitte:  The music is what got to me. I love when it’s music I have a connection to as well as in this case London and the people in the business! I heard it, I saw it; I experienced it. When a story is told as brilliantly and as vividly as this one with such apparent knowledge and intelligence I felt it and got the immediate connection with Lily and Tristan. I love live music…if I don’t go to at least 5 concerts a year as well as local gigs I feel lost, the feeling of it is like a drug. The way the Author described Lily’s reactions to the music, how much and what music means to her…I felt it, because this is me, this is how I feel!

Jenny:  We first pick up the story of Lily meeting Tristan for the first time.  All nerves and insecurities in coming face to face with her idol….not only in Tristan but Mick Jones from The Clash,  backstage after a concert to ask them a few questions for her music blog.   Have I mentioned how much I loved the meshing of reality and fiction here? haha

Gitte:  Hmm I think you did mention it.  The first meeting, yeah you just know something special happened there. We felt what it meant and did to Lily when she met Tristan for the first time. Yet Tristan’s words…I don’t know…I just felt at the time reading it that this random episode was going to mean something to him too.

Jenny:  Now Gitte, Lily isn’t our usual type of heroine is she?  We can’t say much because we wouldn’t want to give anything away but a few things she did surprise me about her and you know what?  I sort of found it quite refreshing.  What about you?

Gitte: I think we have gotten used to a certain type of heroine Jenny, hence the shock factor at some of Lily’s actions. However, I have to say what a fantastic and refreshing change Lily made. I have to say she intrigued me from the start!

Jenny:  Fast forward five years later, with Lily more established as a music journalist, more independent and about to meet Tristan, who is now a big deal in the music world, to conduct an interview.  Lily is quite intense, has put up huge barriers, she comes across as a bit of a loner, gets overwrought, has flaws, insecurities, and has had years of wandering and “not feeling”.  Seeing Tristan again ignites something in her that she can’t explain, even to herself.   Her reaction to him and his music is extreme.  He affects her in a way no one ever has.

Lily:   “I’ve just met the love of my life and lost him all in the space of an hour”

Gitte:   Aww Lily, you fell not just literally, you also fell in lust and love at the same time all those years ago.  Our Lily, who I still haven’t figured out, must have been through something in her past I am sure, resulting in her being so emotionally closed off.  She certainly is intense and seems like such a lost soul who has problems identifying her feelings for what they are or even letting herself feel them. She has convinced herself that love is not important; emotions are not important. They bring pain…and not the pain she will willingly admit to wanting. Perfection, anxiety, hurt and numbness….

“How do people deal with desire?”

Jenny:   Tristan…..what can I say about Triz?? We can’t stop talking about him can we? All Dark eyes, dark hair, beautiful, talented, deep, and over 6ft of brooding alpha, dominant, rock god who just oozes sexuality…..hmmm think it’s safe to say we bloody loved him! *wink,wink*  Tristan was such a puzzle. Just who was Tristan?  From the first time I met him I wanted to know him, know his secrets, know more about him, I wanted to know what made Tristan tick.  Oh yes, this guy had me wanting more!!!

“I let my glance drop down his body, oh my there was a lot of him.  What the hell was I going to do with all that?  He was made for sex, I’d never been this enticed by a man’s body before.”
“He was animal and beautiful, and I felt like I was looking at a work of art.  His beauty was so modern, but there was a whisper of something ancient in his proportions” 
Wow Gitte, I love this author’s writing

Gitte: Yes…sigh…Tristan. I absolutely LOVE this guy!  Hahaha Jenny, that quote is highlighted after I read it more than twice, yeah not going to lie. This Author’s words are mesmerizing at times…a lot of the time! Tristan had me right from the start with his words when he and Lily met for the first time. I immediately thought wow…who is this guy! Yes, he is not only a gorgeous Rock Star…he is intense, each word he speaks has meaning; a meaning hidden within a meaning. I was completely drawn to him, I wanted to know everything I could possible know and I wanted more too; this man is one hot enigma with a painful past!

Jenny: The sexual chemistry between these two?  Seriously, it was tangible!  Tristan and Lily are such passionate, complex and complicated people and getting to know them and experience the intensity between them just had me spellbound.  Yes, these two had me hooked!  There was just something so deep and so intense about them, I had to know more!! And this author unwrapped them so slowly and wonderfully that it was killing me (in a good way!) and I was so immersed in their story I just wanted to race to the end to see how it all unfolded.

Lily:          My body felt like someone had held it in their hands.  ……….. satisfied and thoroughly   fucked”
Tristan:    “And you make me come insanely hard”

Gitte: Yeah the Author sure knew just how much to give away reeling us in then having us grasp at scraps here and there to satisfy our need to both know and understand. I think it’s safe to say both Lily and Tristan are emotionally messed up. Though; I’d say Lily more so than Tristan. There is no simplicity here. The connection between Tristan and Lily is intense, it is intricate and heavy and you can literally see it and feel it as a reader. What the other means to them differs to begin with. I think they each see what they want to; what they think they need and want. Confusing as it may be to Lily as she is more emotionally closed off from the world except the music. Tristan embodies music which is where he has an advantage on her.

Jenny:   What about the sex scenes??? Geez, w e nearly burnt up the phones discussing these!  They were intense, hot, descriptive and ummm yeah…hot!!  This author can certainly write a sex scene.  Ummm did you delete those texts by the way?  You delete yours and I’ll delete mine.  Deal?

Gitte:   No problem Jenny, consider them deleted! 😉  Oh for all that is HOT…the sex scenes. Shivers, tingles, heavy breathing and a racing heart…yeah that would be me, I am not talking about Lily and Tristan here hahahaha.  Possession, Obsession and control….

“I knew you’d be like this he whispered” …..sigh……

Jenny:   I absolutely loved this book and felt bereft when I got to the last page – I wanted…, needed more.  I will say the only thing I didn’t like was Tristan’s nickname for Lily…..that was kind of a ewwww moment for me, but I moved on from it. Have to also point for readers who may not like BDSM that there is a touch of it in this book.
Thankfully the next book will be out around December….roll on Access Restricted I say because I NEED more Tristan and Lily……but definitely MORE Tristan Hunter!    Hello new book boyfriend – we’ll have to share him though Gitte because we can’t fall out over a fictional character 😉

Gitte: You know that moment you hit 85% on your kindle and you think noooo please keep going don’t stop; I am NOT ready to end this journey, I need more…I still don’t understand everything!!  Lily and Tristan have me spellbound…I cannot let them go…I have so many unanswered questions and even though this story does not have a cliff-hanger as such, it leaves you almost grieving that it has ended. I need more Tristan and intriguingly enough I definitely need more Lily! I cannot wait for Access Restricted to land on my kindle! Oh and Jenny…I think Tristan is more than man enough for the both of us!!

We’ve been listening and loving this song and it’s become our Tristan and Lily song:

So listen to it enjoy, and turn it up …………………..  LOUD!


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Take Me (One Night With Sole Regret #3) by Olivia Cunning

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Gitte:   4.5 short sexy stars

Jenny:   4.5 panty dropping stars

Gitte:   Oh wow…this one is definitely my FAVE Sole Regret story so far! I did love Try Me, it was a sexy short read perfectly balanced but didn’t really stir my emotions too much, I wasn’t too keen on Tempt Me, this one seemed more about the nookie not so much about a story. Then came; Take Me.  Now, I was really worried because I did NOT like Shade whatsoever in book 1 and 2. He came across moody, arrogant with a rude and obnoxiousattitude. Well how wrong was I?! He is LUSH…I LOVE him…LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!

Jenny:   Absolutely agree with you about Try Me and Tempt Me Gitte.  They didn’t really grip me as a reader.  I liked them but they were just a read, whereas this book definitely had the emotional factor and gave me the character connection I seemed to miss in the first two.   Take Me is without a doubt my favourite Sole Regret to date and who would have guessed it would be Shade that would win me over.  We really didn’t like him in the first two books did we Gitte?  He was such a dick, but win me over he did – BIG TIME!  I LOVE THIS GUY TOO!!!!!!

Gitte:    Yes, the emotions in Take Me made this one ‘spot on’ for me too.  Reading Shade’s story, he totally redeemed himself, I understood why he acts the way he does and he is definitely my favourite now in this…a…mile!

Jenny:   I really felt the character connection in this book and I loved unravelling Shade’s personality and seeing his defences come down.  I liked what I saw and Shade me in his clutches  from start to finish.

 Gitte:   Yeah I thought Take Me was fab. The characters were explored more; I could connect with them as well. The storyline touched me and it had great banter and seriously the sex factor was HOT! I don’t really want to say too much about his story as these books are so short that saying too much I feel will spoil the reading experience.

Jenny:   I really did love everything about this book….the characters of Shade and Amanda and Julie just stole my heart!  I don’t think I can ever listen to Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith without thinking picturing that wonderful scene.  That was just mesmerising!  Loved it and for me that’s when Shade stole my heart as well.

Gitte:   Shade is the lead singer of Sole Regret and hides behind….you guessed it…his sunnies in order to hide his extremely expressive eyes. Shade (Jacob) umm wow so hot right Jenny?! His story broke my heart, under all that hot raw alpha male exterior lies a huge heart that is breaking because of his circumstances.  But not only is he completely lovable…but this man is totally shaggable too!! The bedroom scene was…just wow…right Jenny?! And his eyes…what is it about his eyes…they had me and I wanted to pull him out the story so I could gaze into them.

Jenny:   Oh he is totally shaggable for sure!!!  And yes! That bedroom scene….whoa!  You betcha that was hot GG!!   I loved exploring the story behind his nickname……..and yes THOSE EYES!  Although I couldn’t see them that didn’t stop me from drowning in them.   I loved Jacob….nice wonderful, yet totally alpha Jacob!  But….oh Shade….sweet baby Jesus Shade!

but I’ve retired Jacob for the evening.  Now it’s time for Shade to come out and play”    and play he did! And play, and play………phew!

Gitte: Amanda is real, honest, funny and so down to earth. She sees Jacob, not Shade the persona and the chemistry and banter between them is fab.  She sees the man; his hurt and want to be there for him.  She has had a thing for him for years, since her sister brought him into their lives and ceases the day when he is back from the tour which is when their journey; their “One Night” begins…

“Amanda’s panties were going to need scuba gear if they got any wetter” – this line cracked me up…totally stealing this one hahaha.

Jenny:   I absolutely adored Amanda and loved that line! I do believe you snorted repeating that line to me lol !  She was strong, funny, sexy, honest and yes, the chemistry between these two just leapt off the pages!  I love the whole best friends to lovers thing and this one is one of my favourites because I really did love and care about these characters.  She was a perfect counter balance to Shade/Jacob and she saw what was beneath the….well Shades!

Ha! There were some great lines in this book weren’t there Gitte?  I loved this one from Amanda too

“She knew he was teasing her, but that didn’t stop parts in her pants from readying themselves for a welcome invasion”

And Shade/Jacob saw her as someone he could relate to and she felt so real to him as well…..he’s used to having women for sex but Amanda reached him on a whole new level

It was refreshing to flirt with a woman who didn’t think it meant she had to fall on his dick with a missle-seeking vagina

Gitte:    So Jenny…I loved this one…my favourite so far…just wish it was longer, I wanted more Shade!!!

Jenny:    For sure Gitte! This one was my favourite too and I definitely wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Shade just yet!   I certainly would have been happy with much more!


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Starfish and Coffee by Kele Moon

Gitte: 4 stars
Jenny: 4 Stars

Gitte:  This right here is pure classic Kele Moon yummy indulgence with emotion and is one of the many reasons why I love this Author!  It’s a story about finding love and the emotional turmoil involved in a rocky journey that will make you melt, *sigh*, squirm in your seat and shed a tear. A story about finding that love in the last place you would look, then losing it because of differences and consequently having to fight to get it back.

Jenny:  I love nothing more than when I hear Kele Moon has a new book coming out because I’ve yet to read something of hers that I don’t like.  Kele’s books are like my reading equivalent of a security blanket lol.  Yes Gitte, this story definitely had all the above!  It had angst, drama, emotion and was sizzling…so yes! I enjoyed this story immensely.

Gitte:   I don’t know about you Jenny, but I got sucked into this story immediately. Kele Moon sure has a way of pulling us in and messing with our emotions, falling in love with her characters then throwing a spanner in the works, bringing us to tears right?! The emotions are so intense throughout this story, it’s written so well, so vividly that I could not put it down. Oh and Jenny did you not think that starting this book with a broken heart was genius, page one and I felt sad already lol?! Though I do have to say that even though I knew the breakup is coming it didn’t affect the journey and it still made me cry when it did happen because Kele Moon made these characters come to life.

Jenny:   I’m right there with you girlfriend!  I was sucked into this story straight away – no easing my way, just bam! I was there!   Kele definitely had me immediately and yes, it definitely had something to do with starting the book from the end – and agree that even though you knew the breakup was coming it in no way interrupted the journey you had getting there.

Gitte: So this book is about Alex and Matt, two guys from families that are as different as night and day. Alex is a local boy to the island of Mirabella who has to work hard to earn every single much needed penny and Matt is a rich boy who spends his summers on the island with his wealthy family. Their story begins with their heartbreak after splitting up years ago and we get thrown back into their past to watch their story unfold from day one when we see them fall in love.  These two gorgeous guys somehow against all odds  fall deeply in love, but circumstances and meddlers leave them so vulnerable to the fear of the future causing that horrible 6 year separation they went through….

Jenny:    Alex and Matt…..can I let out a dreamy sigh here Gitte?

Gitte:   You sure can, and I’m right there with you!!!

Jenny:   This was a simple yet no less emotional read and one that I devoured from start to finish.  The chemistry between Alex and Matt…!!! It was hot! They’re opposites.  They were young and in love and let outside influences seep into their relationship.   Can they move forward and give themselves a second chance at love and happiness?  Oh I loved taking this leap with these boys!

Gitte:    Oh Jenny I thought their story was so sweet, funny, heart breaking and umm yeah HOT!! Hahaha….

Jenny:   It sure was, we loved these guys didn’t we GG!

Gitte:   We sure did!  My favourite moment was the “fishing scene” …. My heart melted!! The scene was so real and really touched me, and Matt’s love for Alex was so intense and inspiring….*sigh*

“You’re better than the beach on a spring day, Matty.”

Jenny:    Oh le sigh………………………..

Gitte:  Right so we have Alex who is a gorgeous cocky, sweet and a very laid back guy.  He saunters through life living day to day, hand to mouth.  

“Alex was 100% team cock and Matt was certainly his kind of conquest.” – OMG Jenny I snorted my coffee at this line hahaha.

Jenny:   Ha! Are we book soul mates or what!! I had that line highlighted so we’ll have to share it – I loved the fishing scene as well.

Gitte:   Alex hides his sexuality behind his friendship with Holly, his best friend. These two are so close that people think they are having a relationship. Alex lets people believe this as he finds it easier to pretend than being subjected to judgement and to prevent his brother finding out.

Jenny:   I loved Holly – she had no filter and I found her a great character and a good counter balance for Alex.  Haha I think only he could tolerate her!

Gitte: Matt is honest, bold says what he thinks. He comes from a rich family and is the heir to a business empire. He starts working for a year in the local diner where Alex works because of a bet. Matt is definitely not sure what team he bats for! Matt is adorable, I loved him!! He has the biggest heart and is so gorgeous!! Seriously I wanted to pick him out my kindle and squeeze him tight!! He is treated so badly by him Mum and then…the heartbreak….I was SOBBING Jenny!!!

“All he knew was he felt alive and sexual in a way he’d never been before this moment. No girl had stared at him like Alex did, predatory and hungry. Just the look in Alex’s whiskey-colored gaze running over him hotly, the flames dancing in their depths like a physical manifestation of the blaze that had risen up between them had Matt willing to go along with anything he asked.” – Matt

Jenny:   I loved Matt as well.  He definitely had a heart the size of Australia that’s for sure!  I really connected with him and the treatment he received just let me heartbroken. Trust me…you weren’t sobbing alone!

Gitte: So yeah I loved this story for so many reasons Jenny, but mostly because of Matty, I’m not going to lie! My only issue is that I wanted more….more of what happened after you know what was resolved…it ended too quickly for me…not enough afters!

Oh and Jenny…funniest quote in this book:

“My mother has been calling all fucking day.” Matt groaned in annoyance. “I finally gave in and just spent the last twenty minutes listening to her bitch about how much I suck.”

“She was bitching about that?” Alex pulled back with a mock look of shock.

“Your sucking is one of my favorite things.”

Jenny:   What a way to end a review!  On that note, there is nothing more I can add and yes, that one was definitely a highlighted quote for me as well.  Love it and loved this book!


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Exquisite (Exquisite #1) by Ella Frank

Gitte:    4 stars
Jenny:  4 Stars

Gitte:    So Jenny I thought this was a fab debut novel by Ella Frank.  The story line didn’t immediately grab me the reasons for which I will come back to in a minute; more like it slowly grew on me, then suddenly it had me all warm and fuzzy…much like an unripe peach left out in the hot sun..*wink wink*

Jenny:  haha Gitte! Love it!  Great way to describe how this story unfolded!  It did take a little while for me as well and I’m guessing the same reasons as you but then……..  it had the peaches,  and then it definitely brought the cream…*wink, wink* indeed

Gitte:    Hahahaha yeah sure did! I thought Exquisite was written really well, it came across real and was an authentic portrayal of human emotions.  The story flowed really well and the changes in point of view between Lena and Mason were effortless and not once was I confused as to who was speaking and it definitely made this story so much more emotional having both voices. It also made me fully connect with Mason!

Jenny:  Have to agree with you there.   I thought it was really well written and I connected with Mason immediately.  I’m a fan of dual pov’s so I really did love hearing from Mason and thought his voice added so much to the flow of the story.  Then there was this one scene… …I think you know the one I’m talking about……..go on, try and read my mind!

Gitte:   Let me guess…….it has to be the shower scene!   OMG Jenny how HOT was that shower scene….the visuals wow…That…is….all…!!!

Jenny:   That was beyond hot!  We do love a good shower scene don’t we Gitte and this one was up with the best of them.  Wow!   In fact there were quite a few sizzling moments in this gem of a book!

Gitte:   Overall, to me this was a really refreshing romance because our hero and heroine didn’t immediately fall into bed with each other with instant attraction instead they almost kind of “hated” each other on sight.  Mason found Lena to be bad-tempered and harsh and she thought he was an infuriating Casanova. But despite that, the attraction was there.

Jenny:   Yes, Lena definitely had a preconceived notion of whom and what Mason was and she was a cranky piece of work but somehow they “clicked”.  The sexual tension was palpable that’s for sure.

Gitte:    The banter between them was great, the drama was fab and once we got to the sexy time…umm yeah NICE ONE!! Though Jenny; I have to say what the effing hell was the hair/cock thing all about? I just did not get or understand that one…I re-read it a few times and nope don’t get it and I kind of want to shout eeewwww!!! What was that?

Jenny:   Oh yeah, the sexy times were very sexy indeed, but OMG! Haha!  Gitte – when you rang me asking:  “have you got to the cock/hair thing yet”?  I thought you were joking –  ummm no you weren’t and that part had me perplexed to say the least.

Gitte Right, so we have Mason….our Hero. I loved him! He is a celebrity chef, owner of Exquisite, with a Casanova reputation. He is funny, gorgeous, vulnerable, loving and has an endearing cockiness about him. He was one of the most personable male hero’s I have met in a while, because he was almost attainable if that makes sense? Mason is still looking for “The One”…

“My dad once told me that one day I’d meet someone who drives me so crazy I want to strangle her and yet never would because I can’t bear for her to be gone. Well, that’s when I’ll know I’ve met a woman worth keeping.”

So our serial dating bachelor Mason is not only a cocky hottie, he has such a huge heart for his family and friends. He melted my heart so many times I lost count… our serial dater met Dr. Lena O’Donnell.

Jenny:    I can’t add much else to that GG.  I loved Mason Langley!!!  He was confident, hot, successful, warm, tender, handsome, funny and smart, with an amazing body and had a great ass (what?? well, he did!) And yes, he had room in his heart for everyone.   Really, what’s not to love?   I did enjoy him standing up to Lena.
“So suck it up princess.  Easy, relaxed Mason is gone”……….(go Mason!)

Gitte:   Our heroine Lena is a Paediatric Doctor who has still not come to terms with a tragedy from her past. Since then she has functioned in life, but you couldn’t say she has been ‘living’ it. She has had no real romance or fun. She is an intelligent, lovely girl with a big heart which sadly is covered in armour so thick that she lets nothing in and nothing out in return.

Now Jenny, I think this is where I had a few problems with the story grabbing me at first. I have to be honest here; I didn’t like Lena much to begin with. I understood why she cut herself off, guilt and the pain of bereavement affects us all in different ways. I got that this girl had a heart of gold and the way she was with her friend, her patients made her come across as a funny, loving and a spirited girl at heart. Therefore, to me, her almost icy personality that surfaced at times did not make sense to me and almost put me off her completely. It was downright rude, not a reaction to a situation. I don’t know how to explain it really Jenny but I just didn’t get the intense hot/cold thing she had going at first. Did she redeem herself to me…absolutely!! Her strength and her love and determination won me over.

Jenny:     Yep, I know Lena was also the reason I had a hard time connecting with this book at first.  I did feel sorry for her because of the guilt she was carrying around and the blame she put on herself for her past but she just seemed to be downright mean at times.  Her personality swings were like watching ping pong.   I kept telling Mason (via my Kindle) to run for the hills – she just seemed awful to him..
She definitely did redeem herself and I really warmed to her but have to say that had it not been for Mason being such a great character, she could have stopped me in my tracks at the start of this story because I really wasn’t connecting with her at all, but Ella Frank turned that around she became warmer and more relatable, even sexy and sensual.

Lena:  “I think I just came from just looking at you”

Gitte:    Oh Jenny how amazing was Mason in helping her deal…he is so  determined to knock down that armour of hers, and show her what love and life is all about! LOVE HIM!!! Oh Lena did her best to scare Mason off and push him away but our Mason is nothing but persistent and ummm thorough!!!

Jenny:    Gitte, how many times did we say “I love Mason Langley” (GG:  quite a few actually!) when we were discussing this book?  Mason was a persistent man and he saw something in Lena that she didn’t even see in herself.  How he got her to face her problems and was there for her – oh that man melted my heart.  When he was dealing with his demons?  Oh Mason I wanted to hug you and make it all go away.

Gitte:   So yeah, this story got to me, slow start then suddenly I was hooked and I have to say I loved all the supporting characters too.
It was an emotional journey of love, strength, pain and fighting for the one you love by saving them and showing them how to love and live life again.

Jenny:   Having just returned from Chicago this book was a trip down memory lane for me and I loved relating to the places mentioned in the book.
It really was a good story and had everything you could want …. wonderful characters, a story of fate, hope, love, loss, sorrow and finding the one, your missing other half.   Oh, and the heat factor was way up there!   Yes Gitte, I did love this one.


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Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings #3) by Cherrie Lynn

Gitte:     4.5 *naughty and nice and all things spice* stars!

Jenny:     4.5 delicious stars!!

Gitte:   Oh how I have waited for this book Jenny. I love this Author, her stories and characters are LUSH! I have LOVED Brian Ross since Rock Me and I was looking forward to catching up with him and to hear Ghosts’ story. Well move over Brian Ross and ummm…HELLO Ghost!!!! HOT!!! Fickle…me?? Hell yeah!

Jenny:    Hell yeah! It seemed to take forever for this one to arrive didn’t it Gitte?   Have to agree with you …..move over Brian indeed! There’s a new tattooed hottie in town and his name is Ghost! It’s not fickle at all GG, it’s a woman’s prerogative and all that…’s a good excuse so let’s run with it!

Gitte:  Leave Me Breathless is Book 3 in Cherrie Lynn’s Ross Siblings series and tells the story of Macy and Ghost and it has everything that makes for a fab un-put-down-able book.  So quick re-cap: Macy is best friends with Candace. In Rock me they went to a tattoo parlour owned by Brian Ross. Rock Me was the story of Brian and Candace. Ghost (Seth) is best friends with Brian and is a tattoo artist in Brian’s parlour. Macy met Ghost for the first time in Rock Me for one night of passion and to say these two are like night and day is an understatement. It’s been a while since they last saw each other when they end up together again on Valentine’s day.

Jenny:    I loved how this book was quite separate from the last one, yet we still had all our favourite characters so were able to charter their journey as we read.  Geez…..that one night of passion! Holy hell, you’d definitely be hitting him up for more of that!

Gitte:   Macy is a country girl at heart; she is very straight and narrow, not into “the crazy and loud”, the tattoos nor the bad boys. (yeah…what the H is wrong with her lol). She has a real hang up about how different her world is from the one Candace is in now, but more importantly Ghost’s. She can’t see herself in Ghost’s world or him in hers so she believes that nothing can ever come of how he makes her feel.

Jenny:  Yes, Macy definitely had a lot to say about Candace and Brian’s relationship and although she knows Candace adapted to it because of her love for Brian, she can’t see how anything could alter her view on how she feels about not fitting in in Ghost’s  world.

Gitte:    Macy has a screwed opinion of herself. She believes herself to be boring, straight laced and not interesting enough. Yet she is drawn to Ghost. He brings excitement to her dull life; he makes her feel alive despite it being wrong in her opinion. Ghost is the “spice she craves”.  Macy believes that the only kind of relationship she can have with Ghost is one based on hot sex….and seriously this Author knows how to write that huh Jenny?!

Jenny:   Whoa Gitte, that is an understatement!!  The sex was soooo hot!  Yes, Macy certainly sees herself very differently from how Ghost sees her and it’s wonderful to watch how Ghost tries to alter her view and have he see what he sees when he looks at her.  Oh yeah, and she certainly picked a “master” to teach her about all that spicy stuff!  Yummmmy

Gitte:   Macy also over-analyses every possible guy as the possibility to be “the one” trying to fit him into her categorized box of must have attributes…almost a test of endurance. She is judgemental and she knows it. At times I was shouting at her to lighten up it was almost too much!

Jenny:   I really liked Macy, but yes, at times I wanted to shake her and tell her to get a grip.  Ghost was amazing and she was a bit judgemental.

Gitte:   She comes across as a bit of a bitch; a snob with an attitude. However, deep inside Macy is scared and insecure. She went through a traumatic incident which caused her to erect walls in order to protect herself and she over compensates for it. Ghost sees the real Macy though. Underneath her armour he knows there’s a passionate and sexual woman and he likes what he sees and what is underneath. He realizes her self-esteem is virtually rock bottom and makes it his mission to show her what she really is. Not what her accident made her into. Ghost takes Macy out of her comfort zone.

Jenny:   Yes, her upbringing and her past relationships have been a bit stifled and Ghost is so far out of her comfort zone which makes for a great story!  She doesn’t have a great opinion of herself and it’s up to Ghost to bring out the sexy, passionate, funny woman that he sees in there somewhere.  Ghost is absolutely outside her comfort zone and oh so naughty!

Gitte:     Now Ghost/Seth…*sigh*. I am almost speechless! He is a tattooed, heavy metal, bald alpha rocker. Yeah I said bald…I have never found a bald head attractive before…but Ghost yeah he totally made bald sexy and I want to do all kinds of naughty with that one!

Jenny:   I’m speechless right along with you GG and yes! Never have I been attracted to a bald head hero…..well, not that I can remember and definitely not one as sexy and naughty as Seth/Ghost.  Geez…..speechless is right!

Gitte:    He comes across confident and self-assured. However, he too has had a traumatic past and was dealt a pretty bad hand which makes him think he is not good enough for Macy or anyone long-term. The only constant in his life has been his Nana which shows his caring soft side. He has this tough and sexy exterior but at the same time this endearing vulnerability. He is pretty perfect. Ghost is loyal and protective of those he cares about, he also has a great sense of humor  Oh and he is a filthy talker…the way we like them right Jenny, though Macy is not convinced at first.

“Macy, queen of my universe, I beseechingly request you place your sweetest lips upon my manhood and make it your lollipop.” – Ghost trying not to cuss…loved this quote!!

Jenny:   Seth was such a wonderful character.  He had it all.  He was funny, sexy…..definitely knew how to pleasure a woman (wow…again…hot sex scenes…bravo Cherrie Lynn!) had so much emotion, was deeply scarred, compassionate, even romantic yet with a tough exterior……yep, how can you not fall hard for this man!   Oh yes GG,  EXACTLY the way we like them.  Darn it…are we shallow?  Hehe

I absolutely loved the camaraderie and humor between Ghost and Brian – these two had so much presence together that I found myself looking forward to their interactions.

Ghost to Brian, claiming he’s pussy whipped:   “Aw, I’m sorry.  Do you need a hug, emo boy?  You know, you might want to cross your legs.  Your vagina is showing

Gitte:    My heart broke at Ghost thinking he didn’t deserve “the good”.

“You’re just going to leave me too” – Ghost

Jenny:   I really did feel so much for Ghost, his demons and what he had to go through emotionally with his family and with Macy.  It was heart-breaking and I really did love how Ghost’s back-story was unraveled – I was totally immersed in their story.

Gitte:      Oh Jenny I completely felt these characters. They were written so vividly and the emotions involved between these characters, I felt it and lived it with them. I actually ended up loving Ghost and Macy’s story more than Rock Me….which is saying something for how fabulous this Author is. It was an addictive, sexy and emotional read and I loved Ghost and Macy’s journey!

Jenny:    I was right there with you Gitte!  This story never lost me.  I felt everything these characters felt and I was absolutely consumed by them.   I have to agree.  Definitely my favorite book so far.  I loved their journey…..from the highs to the lows and back again and from the humor and emotion to the absolutely off the charts smoking sex!

We were given an ARC by the author for an honest review.


Be sure to check out the rest of the Ross Sibling Series




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