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With Everything I Am (The Three Series #2) by Kristen Ashley

Gitte: 5 stars

Jenny: 5 stars

Please note:  To fully understand the Prophecies and the flow of the story and characters, it is our strong recommendation that you read  Book #1 Until the Sun Falls from the Sky before proceeding onto Book #2.  You will enjoy the experience so much more!

Gitte:   Oh Jenny…I was like a kid at Christmas when we got this arc. Kristen is one of my all-time fave Authors as you know, and she has not written one single book that wasn’t amazing and has the perfect balance of story and the yummy factor!  Kristen is one of those few Authors that can write everything she turns her hand too and that includes paranormal. Her alpha heroes have that perfect balance of arrogance, determination, vulnerability and the sex factor! They are protectors! I have re-read all her books so many times and every new book I read of hers is like coming home. She reaches right into my heart every time with her words.

Jenny:   She is indeed one of our favourite authors and a new book by Kristen Ashley is indeed a cause for celebration.  Gitte, you’re so right.  It was funny that we commented and agreed when we started reading this that  “reading a KA book is like coming home”  and it really and truly is.  Somehow Kristen seems to release a book when I need it – does she have ESP?   Her alpha males are spot on for me and she always seems to get the balance just right.

Gitte:   How much did we love Callum, Jenny?! He is perfect, his cockiness is endearing despite being trying at times, and yeah he really did test me at times.  He is a yummy hot powerful wolf, the King of the Wolves. He is so controlling and dominant yet he has the biggest heart and wow does he LOVE. And Sonia, I absolutely loved her. Her story broke my heart, such tragedy of loss and such a tough life, not quite knowing who she is, why she is different almost hiding in the shadows.  I knew from the start that this was going to be quite a ride and Callum & Sonia sure took me on quite an emotional and sexy journey. And yeah….I cried Jenny!

Jenny:    Gitte, I don’t think there are words to describe how much we loved Callum!  This man/wolf has stolen my heart and left me breathless that’s for sure.  What a wonderful mix he is.  Alpha, possessive, loves with intensity (oh boy, does this man LOVE!)says it like it is, and isn’t afraid to show his emotions and ummm “love” for Sophie (more on that side of things in a minute…is it HOT in here?).  I was the same Gitte.  Absolutely loved Sonia.  My heart broke for her and what she had been through and being “different” and having to cope with her loneliness just did me in.  Oh you can bet I cried…..I cried buckets for her!

Gitte:   I loved how Callum and Sonia’s story as life-mates started…how they met, how it began as such sweet innocence for Sonia. The symbolism of the wolf. It was so emotional having their story almost from day one. “My Puppy” awww which then turned to the lush “My Wolf” *swoon*…..

It was clear in the beginning that duty came first with Callum after all he is the King. However, it was the fact that there was a lack of the instant connection for Sonia, I suppose Sonia being human and a total contrast to his she-wolf “conquests”. However for Sonia, her dreams of “her wolf” kept her going despite not making any connections to Callum in his human form, yet she felt the bond that exists between them. The journey of their relationship was quite funny at times, Callum had me in stitches at first…seriously this guy is such a cock at times…but I love him!! I have to say that he had my heart right from the get go. Sonia bless her, kind of just followed after a while…followed and accepted. Don’t get me wrong Jenny I really loved her but at times I kind of wanted to shake her and say: just sort him out. I wish at times she had more guts to say what she wanted but then again what happened wouldn’t have been as emotional and epic! And let me tell you…the last bit of the story. I was CRYING

Jenny:   As you know GG I went off paranormal for a long time.  It just seemed to be done and redone but I read Until the Sun Falls From the Sky (Book #1 The Three Series) and it was so different from the norm that I was hooked.  I wondered how this book was going to stack up to that one and I have to say this one excelled for me!  Kristen has a way of putting such a different slant on paranormal tales and this Werewolf story was no exception.
How Kristen crafted the story from the very beginning – from the life mate angle right through the story had me so captivated and engrossed that I didn’t even realise until I got to the end that I had forgotten to highlight my favourite bits. That’s how much I loved their story!!!!
Callum was hysterical at times! He was a cocky bastard but oh god I never once wavered in my undying love for him.  I agree that were a couple of times I did want to shake Sonia as well but then I had to stop and think about the situation she had been placed in, the confusion surrounding her and I got her.  Oh you warned me about the last bit. You said I’d cry and you weren’t wrong GG! I sobbed!!!!

Gitte:   So yeah I thought this story was FAB Jenny. I love my paranormal but sometimes find them a bit too heavy and confusing. This story really wasn’t. Yes it had a plot full of twists and action with lots of conflict but ultimately it also had a gorgeous romance and really…Kristen is still the Queen of epilogues for sure no doubt…no contest! I loved the whole pack of hot randy wolves…each and every one of them! I kind of wish they could all have their own story told. Especially Ryon!!

And seriously I cannot say how much I am gagging for book #3….that short glimpse we got, I know without a doubt the guy is going to be AMAZING!! Cannot wait….

Jenny:   Absolutely LOVED this one GG!  It came at the right time and was exactly what I needed to read.  I didn’t find the story confusing either – Kristen has a way of never losing the reader with confusing plot lines.  They are involved and intriguing but never confusing and I love that.
This story had it ALL for me….A hot, to die for alpha hero,  who was the right blend of dominance and assertiveness,  humour and emotion, fantastic in bed (was he ever!!) oh the list is endless.  A heroine who will steal your heart and a great cast of supporting characters and a story that will captivate you from start to finish.

Book 3!!! OMG I can’t wait for that – both Gitte and I agreed  that the sneak peek of this book had us sold and this book is going sounds  amazing! Hope we don’t have to wait too long,  I don’t think I ould stand it!  Oh and the  guy in the third book??? Oh yes…he owned us with one word !! You’ll see!

ARC supplied by author for a fair and honest review

Check out and purchase Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (Book #1 The Three Series) from Amazon here

Check out and purchase With Everything I Am (Book #2 The Three Series) from Amazon here 

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The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

4 Stars

Original Review on 23/9/2011

I had been told about the Vincent Boys and thought it would be a good “fill in” book before moving onto another read.

Well….big mistake….huge!  This certainly was no “fill in” book for me!! This has now become one of my favourite books and was one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in a long time.

This was a book of  friendship, love discovery and longing and for a YA book it certainly had a heat factor…what can I say…Beau Vincent…shirtless – oh my goodness how I loved that boy.

Abbi has a way of transporting you with her stories.  I felt like I spent time in Alabama with friends.  You don’t just read this story, you become it.  You share the story with some wonderful characters –  so real you feel as if you know them.

Ashton is with Sawyer and is best friends with Sawyer’s cousin Beau.  Ashton has feeling for Beau.  Feelings that are intense and cannot be denied.  Feelings which are very different to those that she feels for Sawyer, her boyfriend.  Ashton and Beau have sexual tension that leaps off the pages!

Sawyer is torn between the “right” choice in Sawyer and the undeniable pull and feelings she has for the “wrong” choice in Beau. Have to be honest here…I was team Beau from the first time I met him.

Ash always feels she has to be the perfect girlfriend for Sawyer and wrestles with feelings that maybe she doesn’t measure up to the perfect Sawyer.

I started and finished this book in one sitting and couldn’t put it down.

You will love it too.

Roll on The Vincent Brothers because I am in no way ready to let these characters go!


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The Malebox and Guest reviewer Emma – review Take Me by Olivia Cunning

The Malebox needed a reviewing mate so he put out the call for a volunteer from his Facebook page

He chose Emma for the task and the book she picked was Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret #3) by Olivia Cunning

Enjoy the review – The Malebox never does cease to amuse us!

For this review, my Facebook volunteer Emma got the opportunity to choose a book and review it with me. Emma’s book of choice was the short story “Take Me” by Olivia Cunning.  Due to my previous reviews, this is actually one author that I am familiar with. I was expecting rock stars and sex and I was not disappointed.

This is the story of Shade, the lead singer in the rock band “Sole Regret” and Amanda. Shade is actually Amanda’s brother in law, but has since separated from her sister Tina, so cue complicated relationship theme.

After a disastrous encounter with Tina, Shade and Amanda find themselves at Shade’s house. Amanda has always liked Shade, but has been understandably put off by the fact that he was married to her sister, is a rock star and is generally a cock in a pair of sunglasses. Things don’t go too well when there is an unannounced visit from groupie Veronica.

From my point of view Amanda is hot, but Emma goes slightly deeper into Amanda (as I would like to). She manages to see Jacob rather than Shade and brings out the best in him.

Having said that though, Veronica is really hot too.  She got a bit of hard time from Shade during her visit and I thought that he could have let her stay for a while…even her glorious line of “shame to waste a pussy this hot and juicy for you”, didn’t sway him…Fool. When Veronica said this, I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to have sex with her or just order a really nice steak…what girls talk like this and where can I find them? Things got more realistic when Amanda threatened to put her pussy on strike…unfortunately I know where to find these girls…

This brings me on nicely to Shade’s bedroom. Rest assured that The Malebox will be pimping his bedroom out in similar fashion.  From an interior design point of view, Shade is a genius. Also when did women start liking pizza and beer at home rather than going out to expensive restaurants and drinking cocktails? This new knowledge in itself will save me loads of money which I can now put towards my new remote controlled sexual playground that I will be installing in my bedroom. Emma raised the valid point that maybe I was just going for the wrong women!

Nevertheless, my bedroom home improvements are underway.  I am going for a full playground and not just an electronic swing. The love slide and seesaw are causing a few problems though. I am also installing a pizza oven and fridge as well.

As short stories go it was quite entertaining…unfortunately my male species let me down again by going weak at the penis for a woman……AGAIN, but I will let Shade off as Amanda is freaky naughty.

I have tried to put myself in Shade’s position and thought what would I do if I had his choices of settling down or living the life of rock star…it’s a no brainier…I would be knee deep in groupies and pussy and snorting cocaine off their bare asses every night of the week in my remote controlled CCTV surround sound sex swinged bedroom…Although this is just me…I quite liked Shade in the end and the man deserves a medal for putting up with that ex-wife of his.

Overall I did enjoy the read and enjoy the rock star genre and Olivia Cunning, so well done Emma. I cannot review this book without mentioning the line “Amanda’s panties were going to need scuba gear if they got any wetter”. It is now my mission to use this quote at least once a day if at all possible. Genius Olivia!

Malebox’s next guest reviewer will be Natalie. Stay tuned!!!


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In Flight (Up in the Air #) by R.K. Lilley

Gitte –  4.5    stars
Jenny – 4.25  stars

Gitte:    Wow Jenny I absolutely loved this book for so many delicious reasons, I could not put it down.  It definitely was a new play on the whole Fifty Shades & Bared to You theme, although comparisons are inevitable. I think this is my first book with a Flight Attendant theme and I kind of loved it hahaha. It was refreshing and yeah the whole Mile High club *wink wink*…HOT!

Jenny:    Yep, Gitte, this book, the first in a trilogy was definitely hot! I think the best way to explain our first thoughts is  to quote our text message conversations that were flying back and forth early on…..

J:   “OMG! I am never going to sleep……4%  in and I bloody love this book”
G:  “I’m at 32% and cannot put it down”…..
J:   “I’m screwed then, it’s gonna be a late one for me – I think we are in book love together”…….
G:  “Yes you really are screwed and yes we are in book love”………
J:.  “Holy crap this book is so hot…..knicker change in seat 2D”
I may never look at flying in the same light again!  Okay, moving on!

Gitte:   The chemistry between Mr. Cavendish (sigh) and Bianca was fantastic, it not only ran deep on an emotional level it was pretty spectacular and steamy hot too! James Cavendish, *sigh* he is a yummy hot dominant alpha male…oh and let’s not forget a billionaire to boot!!  What that man can do…his whole attitude…be still my beating heart!! Bianca is a sweet gorgeous girl who is completely clued up and street wise. She knows what she wants and values everything she is and has. She is a mystery to start with which James slowly unravels as she unravels him in return. The scene with them on the plane right at the beginning, I suppose you could say after their first connection…umm I don’t know about you Jenny but I may have re-read that one more than once whilst sat in the freezer!!

Jenny:   I can neither confirm nor deny if I re-read that scene…..oh who am I kidding, you know me too well, of course I did! And of course the freezer was the best place to read it.  Wow, the chemistry was there right from the outset!  No slow up build here – these two had an instant sexual connection.  It was steamy alright.  We’re firstly introduced to Bianca and her best bud Stephan and I loved the relationship between these two.  You’re immediately drawn to Bianca as a character because she is so innocent on one level but so worldly on another and she became a very intriguing character for me right from the beginning.  Mr Cavendish – well, what about him?  Geez….hot, billionaire, alpha, possessive, dirty talking male who knows exactly what he wants and goes after it……. and he wants Bianca and the hunt is on! This man! I am devoid of speech where James Cavendish is concerned!

Gitte:   I am adamant not to talk too much about the story because this one is easy to spoil, what I will say is I  fell in love with James & Bianca immediately, oh and I absolutely fell in love with Stephan too. These three characters are so well written and my connection to them was almost immediate. I felt the emotions, and as I learnt more of their background they definitely took a piece of my heart.
I thought what we learnt of their back story was so well written; we were given just enough to hook us as readers, giving us an insight into their psyche and understanding their subsequent behaviours and actions.
Bianca’s relationship with James,  it was not only LUSH; it was also an extremely emotional connection between two emotionally scarred people who upon finding each other learnt to open up to another albeit slowly. The end result of their traumatic pasts mirrored despite being different.
The friendship between Bianca and Stephan was heart-breaking and yet so amazing. How these two came about finding each other when they were teenagers up till the dynamics of their present day friendship, I melted at the fierce love and protection.

Jenny:   I instantly loved the connection and friendship between Bianca and Stephan.  They are rock solid and there for each other.  They’ve been through so much and they mean everything to one another and I am dying to see their past unravelled further in Mile High (Book #2 available now)
Yes, Gitte we do have to be very mindful not to give anything away for our fellow readers because it’s all about peeling the layers away in this story and experiencing the journey. To let them discover why Bianca is so receptive to James and his lifestyle when everything about her past screams that she should be repelled by it.

Gitte:  So yeah Jenny, I really enjoyed book 1 in this series. I thought it was really well written; it kept me hooked till the end with great characters and a thrilling story. The balance between the ‘sex factor’ and the story was spot on!
Despite the similarities of some of the storyline to Fifty & Bared to You, I enjoyed it, as it was different enough to stand on its own. No inferior imitation here! I don’t know about you Jenny but I am dying to start on book 2!!

Jenny:  I agree Gitte.  I loved the writing, loved the characters and the storyline had me riveted and I was consumed with it step of the way!
Like you say, there will be the inevitable comparisons to Fifty & Bared but this book is different and definitely not an imitation.  There was a good story mixed in with the sex (oh dear god….the SEX IS HOT!!) so it had plenty of substance! So charge that phone Gitte because we will be burning up the phone lines once we start Mile High *wink, wink* !

Song for In Flight –  Closer by Kings of Leon

Our James Cavendish



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This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

 4.5 Stars

Be still my beating heart because I am being inundated with hot sexy mysterious alpha males this week. Oh yes girls, you are going to want to meet This Man…Mr Jesse Ward!!! Gorgeous!!! New book-boyfriend alert!! A must read for sure!

This story is set round London and it is written by a FAB-U-LUSH British indie Author who keeps it real by keeping British slang and words, making it true to its roots, right for the story and above all authentic!!  For our non-British audience don’t forget Google is our friend for words we may not have in our daily vocabulary!

The writing is spot on and flawless, it had me hooked from page one and I immediately knew I had a gem of a story in my hands. This Man is the first book by Jodi Malpas (first in a trilogy), but you wouldn’t know it. It’s pure class and right up there in my top reads for the year so far.

This Man is not only SEXY; it has a great story. It is hilarious at times, sarcastically funny at others; it has a sweet, intelligent and relatable heroine; Ava and yes our very own mysterious, domineering gorgeously hot Jesse Ward; who actually is slightly crazy too…*sigh*….

Ava is an interior designer who is sent to ‘The Mansion’ where she has been requested by the owner for a project. She is not happy about it and dreading meeting this pompous and batty ‘Lord of the Manor’.  So yeah, she’s not expecting much and just wants it done and dusted. Enter Jesse Ward…batty?…pompous? No not so much; more like cocky, domineering and oh so sexy. The attraction is instant and the build-up is one of the best I have read in a long while.

Jesse and Ava have a powerful chemistry which I felt right from the beginning and the sex factor is off the charts passionate, however this Author got the balance of story and yumminess spot on! Their relationship is very much like an assault course of obstacles and a fast and crazy ride you kind of want to get off at times but know you wouldn’t possibly want to miss the thrill of. It gave me tingles and yeah I came over all unnecessary…a lot! Jessie sure knows how to stalk…umm I mean pursue the object of his attention and affection! But then again, he is a man in control, he knows what he wants and when he, in this case surprisingly, finds it he is like a dog with a bone (yeah kind of literally). But oh my…his overwhelming need to protect, to keep safe, to love what he deems his…took my breath away at times.  My heart also broke for him…but I am not going to say why, just that vulnerability in a strong man like this makes me all teary!

Don’t get me wrong this guy is a complete arse at times, infuriatingly so…but isn’t that what we love from our fictional (that word should be banned) characters?! There were also a few high 5’s or fist bumps (whatever is cool right now, don’t want to show my age here lol) between Ava and me as their story unfolded because she gave right back at times, good girl!!

It is so easy yet again here to spoil a great story so I didn’t want to give too much away, there’s quite a few twists and revelations, a couple are predictable yet most are not. The whole “how old are you?” became frustrating to the point where even I was shouting it at my kindle, (I may have actually sent a message to the Author asking her that very question…may have done…not confirming that.. (*hanging my head in shame*).

Now, what do we dread more than anything when we hear the word Trilogy….yeah we think cliff-hanger don’t we. So this has one…..but it is not bad…not much. The second book in this trilogy; Beneath This Man is set to be released around or after Christmas, no date set, but I know I for one will be picking that one up the minute it gets released! Cannot wait.






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Love Revolution (Black Cat Records Shakesphere Inspired Trilogy #2) by Michelle Mankin

I am hanging my head in shame right now.  Why you ask?  Because until I met Michelle Mankin in Chicago last September I had never heard of this wonderful author.  I know! I have clearly been hiding under a rock.

Michelle and I had many discussions but one thing I adored about her was her enthusiasm for her book, her characters and her absolute passion for music which all made me hunger to sample her work.

Well sometimes I strike lucky and have to pinch myself.  This was one of those times because Michelle contacted me and asked me if she could send me an ARC of her book for my opinion – ummm yes please!!!

Well it happened! I fell in love with her writing style, her characters and her story because she brought everything that I loved and found wonderful about the lady to this book.

One thing I will say is that whilst I was in the middle of reading she sent a rewrite for Chapter 33 and asked my opinion because she had ramped it up a bit – I said “absolutely change this” because this scene was HAWT and so fitted the book so I’m crossing my fingers that the final draft included the rewritten scene because she nailed that scene for me.  (**crossing fingers and toes here**)

I am such a sucker for a rock star/music orientated book and this one has been added to my list of rockstar books that I love.

I loved taking the journey with Cris and Sarah and Samantha and JR and the fact that this story is set in Vancouver just added to my enjoyment of it.  You see I visited Vancouver last year and have been itching to get back because I fell in love with the place.  Well thanks to Michelle I kinda did go back…..maybe not in person, but I went back and revisited via her wonderful characters and her beautiful voice.

This book is sweet, angsty, and sexy and being a fan of hearing different pov’s in a story (which the author did seamlessly I might add) just added to an already enjoyable read for me.

I will say though everyone knows my OCD for cliffhangers and I may never forgive Michelle Mankin for this one 😉


Be sure to check read Book One Love Evolution



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Come Away With Me (With Me In Seattle #) by Kristen Proby – BOFF Bookclub Reviews from 9th November 2012

Wow, this one sure did get a mixed reaction from you guys.  This really was a marmite (or vegemite – depending on where in the world you are) book – some loved it, some didn’t.

Check out the results below:

Christine Gregorio Brannen   I give Come Away With Me 4 stars. It was heartfelt and hot with all the hearts and flowers (literally)! I would have liked more of a storyline and a build-up to Nat and Luke’s relationship. I felt like love scenes and “I love you”s got repetitive. For some reason I was wanting more angst and conflict throughout the book. All in all it was a good read and I will definitely read book 2…. Fight With Me has to have more angst right?

Hayley Harmon Peters   Sexy, sassy curvy heroine. Hot, bossy alpha male. What more can you ask for? Sweet and tear-jerking then HOT and hilarious, it has it all. 5 out of 5

Laura  I am sorry, but I just could not finish this book. It was a self-indulgent romp fest. Not fair to give it a rating.

Alina Stoica-Man  I’ve been waiting for this book for a while to come out and I was supper excited to finally read it. I want to say that it’s not for everyone. If you’re a prude you better stay away because there’s lots of hot sex.. Lots and lots of it to the point that you’ll feel sore just reading it lol. This story if very similar to “No more wasted time” by Beverly Preston. You have the beautiful Natalie, a talented photographer, and the sexy, charming, romantic Luke who happens to be a very famous movie star. Together they will take you on a very explicit journey full of romantic dinners, jealousy fights, and plenty of erotic nights (and days). The story is sweet and very easy to read. As much as I enjoyed it, I wish it was a little bit less lovemaking and more plot. 4 stars.

Tara King  5 stars. I can’t wait for Feb. 2013 for the next book! I loved the characters and how they evolved in the book!

Donna Rollans Freeman   4 stars. Great story with strong lovable characters! Totally would read her next book.

Jeannette Carlson  I loved it! I give it 4.5. I loved everything about it. The story is line is awesome and it kept me interested throughout the whole thing. I was not able to put it down!

Christina Rodriguez Vargas  Come Away with Me review- it was good but not great. Cute story but predictable and love scenes were redundant. 3.5 stars

Tara  Really enjoyed this book…kept waiting for something Horrible to happen that would really try Nat and Luke’s relationship!  Half way through the book I wanted to start a drinking game every time this couple had sex!  I could get drunk after a day of them together!  Looking forward to reading the next one! 4 stars

Janice Petterson  It was okay…but felt like there was no story really. It was all about the sex scenes so got bored. 2 Stars

Andriana  I absolutely loved this book. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. It had plenty of dialogue and details just like I like. However, the only thing I don’t like was the short time frame everything took place in. I think it would have been just if it was spread out.

Sandy Morgan  I tried to like this book but I found it cheesy and a bit of a nothing story. The sex was not hot, it actually made me cringe. 2 stars

Michelle Balcerski RogusCome away with me was great! I give it 4 stars only because I wish there was a little more to the plot. The characters were real and I always love a HEA. Can’t wait for Jules book!

Leslie Weinstein Metsch  Come away with was just ok for me. The book didn’t have enough story and just relied on the hot sex scenes. 3 stars

Kara Hensley  CAWM rating=5!! All I can say is WOW!! Nat & Luke are sooo steamy!! I can’t wait to read Jules & Nate’s journey!!

Rachel Fisci  Right ladies the BOFF !!!!!! You know I love my books and the hotter and dirtier the better, but I actually returned the book to Amazon because it was just sex with no substance.  I’ve actually read say for instance, Gio and Noah by Elizabeth Reyes which for my standards weren’t really hot books, but the build-up between the characters has had my pulse actually racing. It’s all well and good writing a hot steamy book but if there’s no connection with the characters it doesn’t work.  My sister just read one of our favourite books The Mighty Storm and says it’s the hottest and best book she’s ever read, the, the build-up between Tru and Jake was so exciting and hot and that’s why I’m sorry but I can’t rate the book.

Robyn Ross  Come away with me – loved it, very swoon-worthy 4 stars

Liz  Nothing stood out for me in this book. No character build and no story. The execution was poor. 2 stars.

Hillary HinzCome Away With Me  4 starsThe perfect love story. I did enjoy the story and I love how the two met. At times I was thinking it was too good to be true. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop – it never did. It was truly a love story without much conflict or heart break at all.
If you are looking for an easy read with no angst, heart break or real character to issues to overcome – this is the perfect read!

Kelly  No story! Yes sex sells but this reader needs more –  2.5 stars

Kathy Anderson   4 stars  Luke and Nat pull you in and keep you on edge until the end with a full spectrum of passionate emotion. And screaming thigh sweats sexy is good too!

Renee Giraldy  I love to write a review about a fluffy fluff. This book was a naughty fluffy fluff and probably the best in the category I have read. *Warning: Contains profanity, explicit sex, and a super sexy couple! When you see that what is a girl to do but buy the book and pray the family will leave me alone to read. Rating 5 * and add extra heat to that too!!

Kristin Gery Hlavinka  Loved Come Away With Me, as usual another great BOFF read here’s my review. If you need to cut it down, choose whatever you want to.
Swoontastic….sigh. Shhhh…don’t tell my husband, but Luke is my new book boyfriend. I don’t think a guy a real life guy would be that over the top, but it is definitely is every girl’s fantasy to be romanced and loved like that. Every once in a while I like a good, steady romance and this definitely fills the need. No love triangle, no angsty stuff, no cheating, just fantastic romance and relationship building.

Kim Doe  4.5 star rating 🙂 I would give it 5 starts but I just wasn’t ready to leave Luke behind yet!!!
I LOVED this book and couldn’t put it down. From beginning to end I was hooked, it was just AMAZING. I read it in less than a day 🙂
Luke Edward Williams…swoon worthy. OMG he is just so WOW!!
Can’t wait for book number two, I just hope Luke and Natalie make an appearance???

Melissa Mack-Miller  Come Away With Me was excellent. I rate it between 3.5 & 4 stars.

Lej Guevarra Teodosio  How do I begin with my review for this book? Ok, first, my rating – 2.5 stars. The book didn’t quite measure up on the emotions department; it is rather lacking a conflict which a story should have in order to connect with the reader. I was waiting chapter after chapter for a book to reveal any sort of twists but there was none. The physical aspects of the book were too much – too much superlatives (TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL), Luke’s romancing ideas and gestures were to the point of cheesiness, too much sex scenes which I found myself skimming through the pages already, it’s almost like reading Natalie’s sex diary. I am not sure how the second book will come about since the first book didn’t give too much to hang on. Second book would be more interesting if author would make a story out of Jules and Nate. Their forbidden affair will offer a more interesting twist than Natalie and Luke.

Christina Badder  3 / 5  Grrr… I hate when this happens. I loved the cover. I loved it was picked as our BOFF read. I had such high hopes. I felt let down by this one. It was a nice, quick, weekend read. Very smexy, and fun. It just left me wanting something more. Something deeper and more fulfilling. I loved the epilogue and their vows.

Rachel Maybury  BOFF Review for Come Away With Me
I really wanted to enjoy this book, I’d heard such good things and was excited about reading it, that was the most excited I got 😦 I just couldn’t connect with it, I don’t often not finish a book but honestly I was bored, it was all sex and no story. I don’t normally review the BOFF’s when I don’t have anything good to say but there needs to be some balance reviewing with the 5* reviews I’ve seen.. A 2* DNF for me.

Lezanda Genis  3 Stars. I think I developed a slight toothache during this book, although I have to say it made for a nice change from all the angst I normally like in a book. Ok, thinking about it again I’m changing my rating to 4 stars.

Jen Hurley  Natalie is a talented young woman with a troubled past, fighting to hold herself together. Luke has also had his share of heartbreak, through life experiences as a celebrity in Hollywood. When the two meet early one morning on the beach, Luke takes Natalie as another paparazzi out to invade his privacy, yet she has no idea who she is dealing with. A chance encounter later in the day leads to the discovery of something that could be more than either of them ever dreamed of finding.
While I kept waiting for more confrontation and angst-filled drama, I enjoyed the story overall and found the love scenes to be sexy. I solidly enjoyed the book and give it a 3.5 to 4 star rating.

Yanira Maldonado   2.5 – 3 stars cute fluffy romance. Needed more conflict and a stronger connection to the characters. I would’ve liked fewer and deeper and different sex scenes.

Tara Torpey-Orsini  3.5 stars for Come Away With Me
This would probably have been a 3 star book for me if not for Luke Williams… definitely bonus points for the man with the grand romantic gestures. It was a good story, I read it all in one sitting, and I think I was just always waiting for a little something more.

Susan Pauloz Sunderlin   I give our latest BOFF 3 stars. The sex scenes were pretty hot, that’s for sure. I couldn’t muster a lot of feelings for Nat or Luke. I didn’t find myself wanting to fight to keep them together. It was a cute story, and a good first book.

Suzanne Zvalaren Schneider  Come Away With Me – 4 stars. Such a nice read. Not too angsty and Luke was a dream.

Cece Garceau  Here’s my review of Come Away with Me….
3.5-4 stars for Coma Away With Me. It was sassy fairytale with a very healthy dose of steam! Wished there was a bit more to the story, but a nice palette cleanser.

Anjie Gamnje Gordon  Come Away With Me:  4.5 stars   I loved the premise of how they met. Although the relationship moved fast I really enjoyed it. However, the ending seemed rushed like it had to be wrapped up neatly in not enough pages. But I liked it!

Lee Clements  3.5 stars – I really liked the story of Luke and Nat but wanted more detail and depth to their story in between the hot love scenes. Just missed something for me but will look forward to the next book.

Kathleen ODonnell Burley   I am giving “Come Away With Me” 3 stars. It was a nice read, but almost too nice. It kept me reading, but there was very little drama and when there was drama, it was cleaned up in less than a chapter. The story plotline was pretty formulaic, and easy to guess where the story was headed. I will still read more in this series, however, sometimes it’s nice to read something smooth and easy going without all the angst. There were plenty of steamy scenes to spice things up, too.

Ashley Hartigan Tkachyk  3.75 stars   I really liked the characters in this book (especially Jules). Hot man, sassy woman, great love story.
The reason it didn’t receive 5 stars: When the characters were sharing really intimate moments I wanted them to open up more…I just kept wanting more! Also a lot of repeats used when describing things.
I did like this book and look forward to reading more from this author!

Valerie Marzeno Conforti   Enjoyed reading CAWM…gave it 5*****
I appreciated the Romance w/o the Drama…a beautiful love story, steamy sex scenes and a fluid plot line…looking forward to the rest of the series…

Brenda Stevens  Here is my review of Come Away With Me. I give it a 5. I loved both Natalie and Luke. Not as much angst and misunderstandings as in some other recent reads, which I liked. I always love books that are set in Seattle…makes me feel closer to them since I’ve been to many places described. Also loved the steamy sex 🙂 Can’t wait to read about Jules and Nate.

Ariel Bartling  I did love this book. Luke was so sweet and the perfect man! I do wish the book had a bit more drama but it had a great love story. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Amanda Halvorson  3 stars. A sweet and hot fast read.

Janis Krausen Lewis   Come Away With Me…. 4.5 Stars I loved this book. It captured me from the beginning and it was wonderfully sweet throughout.

Claire Smith   2 stars – I couldn’t get into the story, maybe because there really wasn’t one. It was all about the sex and it was sickly sweet.


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The Prince (The Original Sinners #3) by Tiffany Reisz


“Såre men ikke skade? Hvad er forskellen?” – Mit hjerte er bristet fra at læse Prinsen

Tiffany Reisz; mistress of my Sinners heart: you did it once again.  You continue to entice, provoke and thrill me with your poetic words that alone can stand ugly but together stand as perfection personified; a piece of beautiful and emotional art.

You make me cry, you make me squirm in my seat (and not in a bad way), you make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up; sometimes I even forget to breathe.

You make me laugh…. “What? You’re telling me romance novels and erotica novels aren’t one hundred percent realistic with the sex scenes? I’m shocked.” …ummm what??? Oh…yeah good one!!

The Sinners series is like a drug, I scramble around for something to satisfy the hunger and the addiction Søren, Kingsley & Nora leave me with after each book. As soon as I got The Prince into my shaky anticipating yet apprehensive hands I was off to immerse myself completely and indulge in the darkness.

So, The Prince picks up right from where The Angel left off and on this journey we follow three paths that ultimately collide in one hell of a crescendo.  Yes Mistress Tiffany, now who is the sadist??!!

We follow present time Kingsley & Søren; Wes & Nora with the additional trip down the memory lane of Kingsley and Søren as teenagers. This gives us a glimpse of Kingsley and Søren from the beginnings of their relationship and how it develops over time.

Oh…the physical and emotional pain, the fear of loss and love, the anguish of the penalties and punishments…the endurance to reach happiness resulting in pleasure be it for the infinitesimal of a moment.  Once again we get it all, we get more, we understand yet as we do; we open up further closed doors that only reveal as many new questions as they answer.

På trods af “hvad” du er Søren….er du perfekt, det øjeblik du gav Kingsley dit navn; jeg smeltede. Du er brændende guddommelighed dækket af kulde og is.

Kingsley; pour moi, cette histoire était la tienne. Mon beau Prince des Ténèbres. Tu as emporté avec toi une autre grande part de mon coeur. Ton amour fier, ton sacrifice pour des miettes d’affection et d’attention. Tu ne cesses de respirer la classe et le style, en gardant la tête haute, tes émotions et ton amour blindés derrière un bouclier de domination et de contrôle.

Nora…I prefer you with Søren …I am not going to lie…but this leaves me confused because I prefer Søren with Kingsley…Such a dilemma….only one way to solve this one Mistress Tiffany…*wink wink*

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin for providing me with an ARC of this title.

Other Books by Tiffany Reisz

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All In (The Blackstone Affair #2) by Raine Miller

Jenny: 4 stars

Gitte: 4 stars

Jenny:      So GG to say we were excited to get the ARC of All In last Sunday is a bit of an understatement wouldn’t you say?

Gitte:        Absolutely Jenny, how excited were we to get Ethan back in our eager little hands!! It was so hard to keep quiet on this one!

Jenny:      It sure was! We’ve been dying to tell people all about this book haven’t we?  But Raine had asked everyone (reviewers etc) to keep it quiet until release day.  Of course we respected her wishes, even though it killed us not to discuss with our fellow readers.  The last thing we would want is to spoil a readers enjoyment of a book.

Gitte:        No doubt about it, at the end of the day it is about the book, its characters and the Author who give us a piece of their heart in the writing of their story!

Jenny:      Exactly.  So let’s talk about All In.  This is the very much anticipated second book in The Blackstone Affair series, it picks up where Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1) left off .  This time the story is told through Ethan’s voice.  I have been really looking forward to this book – I was dying to hear from Ethan.  I really did  like hearing Ethan’s voice in this book, but I do think I prefer Brynne’s voice.  There is something about her character that grabs me.  Having said that, ideally I would love to read something from alternating POV’s from these two.

Gitte:       I was too Jenny…could not wait to get inside this gorgeous alpha male’s head. To hear Ethan’s voice; to be given an insight and to understand him; who he is/where he has been how he got to where we met him in Naked. Absolutely love Ethan, I have to say.

Jenny:       Oh what’s not to love about Ethan…**sigh**….This book has a lot of emotion because we get to experience their back stories unfolding – both Brynne and Ethan have painful pasts and we get to explore these in All In.  Both of these characters are so tortured by their pasts but Gitte, it was Brynne’s story that broke my heart.  To hear her “tell it” with so much emotion had me spellbound and close to tears. Brynne’s voice is so moving and so powerful.

Gitte:     I was shocked Jenny. I wasn’t expecting Brynne’s story to be so heartbreaking and awful. No wonder this girl has these emotional barriers around her. Raine really packed a punch telling Brynne’s story!

Jenny:    She sure did!  Ethan is still our gorgeous, super sexy, alpha, possessive hero who is coming to terms with the intense feelings he has for Brynne, and boy are they intense!  His priority is keeping her safe, but at the same time he has to run a busy, successful business, provide support to Brynne and also encourage her to deal with her past demons.  Not to mention that Ethan has his own demons to confront.   He certainly has a lot on his mind.

Gitte:       Yeah Ethan’s back story, though not as detailed as I would have liked, sure was emotional. No wonder this guy protects and loves as fiercely as he does. His (*hot*) strong alpha male shoulders carry so many burdens; but he deals…possessively so.

Jenny:     Brynne. What can I say about Brynne?   She gave this book heart.  I absolutely adore our heroine.  She is up there as one of my favourites that’s for sure.  She has intelligence, strength, vulnerability, and humour,  with sensuality that leaps off the pages.    She sure gives Ethan a run for his money, but she also provides an inner strength for him as well as compassion, yet she herself can be so fragile.  Brynne for me was the standout in this book.  She provided so much substance to the story and I found it became HER story even though it was told through Ethan’s voice.

Gitte:       Yes I agree completely Jenny; it almost became more about Brynne than Ethan. Brynne’s story told through Ethan’s POV….unusual and at times I am not sure whether this did not make Ethan lose some of his alpha-maleness if that makes any sense? But absolutely, no doubt, love Brynne!

Jenny:     Totally makes sense, I noticed that about Ethan as well. I really did like All In.  It was a good read. The chemistry between Ethan and Brynne was explosive and the sex scenes were HOT!   It was a very emotional at times, especially as I said before, when we experience their back stories.   It is a longer book than Naked, and I did find some things a bit repetitive at times.  One thing I will say and that is I am absolutely HANGING out for book 3  and can’t wait to see where Raine takes us next time.  What about you Gitte?  How did you find it?

Gitte:       I really did enjoy the actual story; it was sexy, passionate and thrilling.  It did however lose me a little bit in the middle, I think if it had been a short power packed punch like Naked was, I would have enjoyed it more. However, Raine was unfairly criticised for this by some readers so it’s one of those no win situations unfortunately. The last 20% or so was FAB and dragged me right back into the thick of things so I have to say I cannot wait for book 3!! Bring it on Raine!


Please note: We were requested to beta read  “All In” for British vernacular and continuity. Our review is based on the assumption that our changes and suggestions were adopted upon release.

Review by J&G for Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1) by Raine Miller

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Break Her by B.G. Harlen

Reviewed by Gitte:

Writing: 5 stars for the intense and intelligent writing.

Emotions: 5 stars – It brought extremely intense emotions.  I have never read anything like this.

Characters: 3 stars – Only the roles of Rapist and Victim feature in this story and we are given nothing on them, which yes served a purpose but left so many questions unanswered!

Overall story taking in my feelings of the ending: 3 stars

Content: Un-rateable:  Extremely graphic depictions of rape, sex, and violence that is not for the faint-hearted and I struggled. This was a very difficult read for me.


Do I subscribe to shock value?  Do you? 

I couldn’t help thinking about this question, as I read this story, freaking myself out by being unable to put it down as the obscene depravity actually caused me to feel sick to my stomach. Okay I’ll be honest with you, I actually was sick….once.  Let’s get it all out there…this entire story is psychologically beyond anything I have ever known or read about rape. It scared me, I cried, it pulled me way past my boundary, my safety….right over the edge into the darkest place I have ever been thrown by a story. I questioned myself, I questioned issues raised in this book making something irrational make sense as in “what is the worst thing that could happen to me…how do I compare, and in relation to what and who?”

The writing is exceptional and intelligent. If this had not been the case I would never have finished it. The brilliance of the writing made me turn every page, much like an endurance test at times as I needed to know how this macabre storyline was going to end.  Don’t get me wrong I asked myself continuously why on earth I was still reading and at times I had to stop. However, at no point could I stop thinking about this story whilst reading, which made me pick it right back up. Do I fully understand why? No….no I actually don’t.

As a reader there is no gentle easing into the crux of the storyline. Our female lead wakes up with her rapist right from the get go. In fact she wakes up whilst in the act of being raped.

On the whole, your focus is solely and purely on the actions of the rapist and his victim over two days of hell on earth.

It’s a psychological battle of wills between a psychopath and his victim.  A victim; who questions with defiance yet with the respect necessary for her situation.

We do not get to know anything about the rapist and his victim other than the fact that he was hired to break her psychologically into nothing.  In relation to what they look like, their names or who or what they really are, we remain clueless.

We know them as the rapist/he and the victim/her. It is purely about the actions and the consequent feelings and emotions. The writing here is so cleverly played because it makes the actions super magnified; there is nothing else, we see and feel only that. The emotions intensified because your complete focus is taken up by that. Brutal!

The strength and the hope right at the core of our victim is staggering…she puts up a fight with her words; her cunning, her personality is her ultimate strength.  The back and forth; the battle of wills, to put it mildly and for want of a more accurate expression, between the rapist and the victim blew my mind.

The rapist is arrogant, egotistical and has no boundaries. He believes himself to be flawless, a rape artist. A mastermind in breaking and stripping his victim of her rational thought through physical pain extending into the core of her being. Destroying her hope and her self-preservation; driving her into a shadow and extreme soul destruction.

The ending was anticlimactic. The possible ending being what I kept on reading to know. I was left un-satisfied. A small victory sure, but I needed…no craved more. I needed more than one of my many questions answered. I did not feel satisfied; rather I felt cheated.

One word will haunt me for a long time to come:   Checkmate

To me; this song; these lyrics paints an emotional picture of this story…I had it playing in my head as I was reading:

Pearl Jam – Footsteps



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