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The BOFF is on! Our next Bookclub read starts Friday 23rd November – we would love you to join us!


The BOFF is on!!!

Friday 23rd November at 5pm in your local time we will begin our next Bookclub read which will be Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge #1) by Shey Stahl

You know the drill.  Read the book,  write a 1-2 line review and give the book a ranking out of 5 on depending on how much you enjoyed it.

PM this to us by 5pm on Tuesday 27th November via our TotallyBooked Facebook  page or email us at  We will publish your reviews on Wednesday 28th November

As a thank you for participating on lucky reviewer will be chosen at random to receive a signed copy of Happy Hour together with an EBook copy of Black Flag (Racing on the Edge #2).

You can purchase Happy Hour here

So, join us – we love having you on board


J&G  xxx


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Come Away With Me (With Me In Seattle #) by Kristen Proby – BOFF Bookclub Reviews from 9th November 2012

Wow, this one sure did get a mixed reaction from you guys.  This really was a marmite (or vegemite – depending on where in the world you are) book – some loved it, some didn’t.

Check out the results below:

Christine Gregorio Brannen   I give Come Away With Me 4 stars. It was heartfelt and hot with all the hearts and flowers (literally)! I would have liked more of a storyline and a build-up to Nat and Luke’s relationship. I felt like love scenes and “I love you”s got repetitive. For some reason I was wanting more angst and conflict throughout the book. All in all it was a good read and I will definitely read book 2…. Fight With Me has to have more angst right?

Hayley Harmon Peters   Sexy, sassy curvy heroine. Hot, bossy alpha male. What more can you ask for? Sweet and tear-jerking then HOT and hilarious, it has it all. 5 out of 5

Laura  I am sorry, but I just could not finish this book. It was a self-indulgent romp fest. Not fair to give it a rating.

Alina Stoica-Man  I’ve been waiting for this book for a while to come out and I was supper excited to finally read it. I want to say that it’s not for everyone. If you’re a prude you better stay away because there’s lots of hot sex.. Lots and lots of it to the point that you’ll feel sore just reading it lol. This story if very similar to “No more wasted time” by Beverly Preston. You have the beautiful Natalie, a talented photographer, and the sexy, charming, romantic Luke who happens to be a very famous movie star. Together they will take you on a very explicit journey full of romantic dinners, jealousy fights, and plenty of erotic nights (and days). The story is sweet and very easy to read. As much as I enjoyed it, I wish it was a little bit less lovemaking and more plot. 4 stars.

Tara King  5 stars. I can’t wait for Feb. 2013 for the next book! I loved the characters and how they evolved in the book!

Donna Rollans Freeman   4 stars. Great story with strong lovable characters! Totally would read her next book.

Jeannette Carlson  I loved it! I give it 4.5. I loved everything about it. The story is line is awesome and it kept me interested throughout the whole thing. I was not able to put it down!

Christina Rodriguez Vargas  Come Away with Me review- it was good but not great. Cute story but predictable and love scenes were redundant. 3.5 stars

Tara  Really enjoyed this book…kept waiting for something Horrible to happen that would really try Nat and Luke’s relationship!  Half way through the book I wanted to start a drinking game every time this couple had sex!  I could get drunk after a day of them together!  Looking forward to reading the next one! 4 stars

Janice Petterson  It was okay…but felt like there was no story really. It was all about the sex scenes so got bored. 2 Stars

Andriana  I absolutely loved this book. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. It had plenty of dialogue and details just like I like. However, the only thing I don’t like was the short time frame everything took place in. I think it would have been just if it was spread out.

Sandy Morgan  I tried to like this book but I found it cheesy and a bit of a nothing story. The sex was not hot, it actually made me cringe. 2 stars

Michelle Balcerski RogusCome away with me was great! I give it 4 stars only because I wish there was a little more to the plot. The characters were real and I always love a HEA. Can’t wait for Jules book!

Leslie Weinstein Metsch  Come away with was just ok for me. The book didn’t have enough story and just relied on the hot sex scenes. 3 stars

Kara Hensley  CAWM rating=5!! All I can say is WOW!! Nat & Luke are sooo steamy!! I can’t wait to read Jules & Nate’s journey!!

Rachel Fisci  Right ladies the BOFF !!!!!! You know I love my books and the hotter and dirtier the better, but I actually returned the book to Amazon because it was just sex with no substance.  I’ve actually read say for instance, Gio and Noah by Elizabeth Reyes which for my standards weren’t really hot books, but the build-up between the characters has had my pulse actually racing. It’s all well and good writing a hot steamy book but if there’s no connection with the characters it doesn’t work.  My sister just read one of our favourite books The Mighty Storm and says it’s the hottest and best book she’s ever read, the, the build-up between Tru and Jake was so exciting and hot and that’s why I’m sorry but I can’t rate the book.

Robyn Ross  Come away with me – loved it, very swoon-worthy 4 stars

Liz  Nothing stood out for me in this book. No character build and no story. The execution was poor. 2 stars.

Hillary HinzCome Away With Me  4 starsThe perfect love story. I did enjoy the story and I love how the two met. At times I was thinking it was too good to be true. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop – it never did. It was truly a love story without much conflict or heart break at all.
If you are looking for an easy read with no angst, heart break or real character to issues to overcome – this is the perfect read!

Kelly  No story! Yes sex sells but this reader needs more –  2.5 stars

Kathy Anderson   4 stars  Luke and Nat pull you in and keep you on edge until the end with a full spectrum of passionate emotion. And screaming thigh sweats sexy is good too!

Renee Giraldy  I love to write a review about a fluffy fluff. This book was a naughty fluffy fluff and probably the best in the category I have read. *Warning: Contains profanity, explicit sex, and a super sexy couple! When you see that what is a girl to do but buy the book and pray the family will leave me alone to read. Rating 5 * and add extra heat to that too!!

Kristin Gery Hlavinka  Loved Come Away With Me, as usual another great BOFF read here’s my review. If you need to cut it down, choose whatever you want to.
Swoontastic….sigh. Shhhh…don’t tell my husband, but Luke is my new book boyfriend. I don’t think a guy a real life guy would be that over the top, but it is definitely is every girl’s fantasy to be romanced and loved like that. Every once in a while I like a good, steady romance and this definitely fills the need. No love triangle, no angsty stuff, no cheating, just fantastic romance and relationship building.

Kim Doe  4.5 star rating 🙂 I would give it 5 starts but I just wasn’t ready to leave Luke behind yet!!!
I LOVED this book and couldn’t put it down. From beginning to end I was hooked, it was just AMAZING. I read it in less than a day 🙂
Luke Edward Williams…swoon worthy. OMG he is just so WOW!!
Can’t wait for book number two, I just hope Luke and Natalie make an appearance???

Melissa Mack-Miller  Come Away With Me was excellent. I rate it between 3.5 & 4 stars.

Lej Guevarra Teodosio  How do I begin with my review for this book? Ok, first, my rating – 2.5 stars. The book didn’t quite measure up on the emotions department; it is rather lacking a conflict which a story should have in order to connect with the reader. I was waiting chapter after chapter for a book to reveal any sort of twists but there was none. The physical aspects of the book were too much – too much superlatives (TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL), Luke’s romancing ideas and gestures were to the point of cheesiness, too much sex scenes which I found myself skimming through the pages already, it’s almost like reading Natalie’s sex diary. I am not sure how the second book will come about since the first book didn’t give too much to hang on. Second book would be more interesting if author would make a story out of Jules and Nate. Their forbidden affair will offer a more interesting twist than Natalie and Luke.

Christina Badder  3 / 5  Grrr… I hate when this happens. I loved the cover. I loved it was picked as our BOFF read. I had such high hopes. I felt let down by this one. It was a nice, quick, weekend read. Very smexy, and fun. It just left me wanting something more. Something deeper and more fulfilling. I loved the epilogue and their vows.

Rachel Maybury  BOFF Review for Come Away With Me
I really wanted to enjoy this book, I’d heard such good things and was excited about reading it, that was the most excited I got 😦 I just couldn’t connect with it, I don’t often not finish a book but honestly I was bored, it was all sex and no story. I don’t normally review the BOFF’s when I don’t have anything good to say but there needs to be some balance reviewing with the 5* reviews I’ve seen.. A 2* DNF for me.

Lezanda Genis  3 Stars. I think I developed a slight toothache during this book, although I have to say it made for a nice change from all the angst I normally like in a book. Ok, thinking about it again I’m changing my rating to 4 stars.

Jen Hurley  Natalie is a talented young woman with a troubled past, fighting to hold herself together. Luke has also had his share of heartbreak, through life experiences as a celebrity in Hollywood. When the two meet early one morning on the beach, Luke takes Natalie as another paparazzi out to invade his privacy, yet she has no idea who she is dealing with. A chance encounter later in the day leads to the discovery of something that could be more than either of them ever dreamed of finding.
While I kept waiting for more confrontation and angst-filled drama, I enjoyed the story overall and found the love scenes to be sexy. I solidly enjoyed the book and give it a 3.5 to 4 star rating.

Yanira Maldonado   2.5 – 3 stars cute fluffy romance. Needed more conflict and a stronger connection to the characters. I would’ve liked fewer and deeper and different sex scenes.

Tara Torpey-Orsini  3.5 stars for Come Away With Me
This would probably have been a 3 star book for me if not for Luke Williams… definitely bonus points for the man with the grand romantic gestures. It was a good story, I read it all in one sitting, and I think I was just always waiting for a little something more.

Susan Pauloz Sunderlin   I give our latest BOFF 3 stars. The sex scenes were pretty hot, that’s for sure. I couldn’t muster a lot of feelings for Nat or Luke. I didn’t find myself wanting to fight to keep them together. It was a cute story, and a good first book.

Suzanne Zvalaren Schneider  Come Away With Me – 4 stars. Such a nice read. Not too angsty and Luke was a dream.

Cece Garceau  Here’s my review of Come Away with Me….
3.5-4 stars for Coma Away With Me. It was sassy fairytale with a very healthy dose of steam! Wished there was a bit more to the story, but a nice palette cleanser.

Anjie Gamnje Gordon  Come Away With Me:  4.5 stars   I loved the premise of how they met. Although the relationship moved fast I really enjoyed it. However, the ending seemed rushed like it had to be wrapped up neatly in not enough pages. But I liked it!

Lee Clements  3.5 stars – I really liked the story of Luke and Nat but wanted more detail and depth to their story in between the hot love scenes. Just missed something for me but will look forward to the next book.

Kathleen ODonnell Burley   I am giving “Come Away With Me” 3 stars. It was a nice read, but almost too nice. It kept me reading, but there was very little drama and when there was drama, it was cleaned up in less than a chapter. The story plotline was pretty formulaic, and easy to guess where the story was headed. I will still read more in this series, however, sometimes it’s nice to read something smooth and easy going without all the angst. There were plenty of steamy scenes to spice things up, too.

Ashley Hartigan Tkachyk  3.75 stars   I really liked the characters in this book (especially Jules). Hot man, sassy woman, great love story.
The reason it didn’t receive 5 stars: When the characters were sharing really intimate moments I wanted them to open up more…I just kept wanting more! Also a lot of repeats used when describing things.
I did like this book and look forward to reading more from this author!

Valerie Marzeno Conforti   Enjoyed reading CAWM…gave it 5*****
I appreciated the Romance w/o the Drama…a beautiful love story, steamy sex scenes and a fluid plot line…looking forward to the rest of the series…

Brenda Stevens  Here is my review of Come Away With Me. I give it a 5. I loved both Natalie and Luke. Not as much angst and misunderstandings as in some other recent reads, which I liked. I always love books that are set in Seattle…makes me feel closer to them since I’ve been to many places described. Also loved the steamy sex 🙂 Can’t wait to read about Jules and Nate.

Ariel Bartling  I did love this book. Luke was so sweet and the perfect man! I do wish the book had a bit more drama but it had a great love story. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Amanda Halvorson  3 stars. A sweet and hot fast read.

Janis Krausen Lewis   Come Away With Me…. 4.5 Stars I loved this book. It captured me from the beginning and it was wonderfully sweet throughout.

Claire Smith   2 stars – I couldn’t get into the story, maybe because there really wasn’t one. It was all about the sex and it was sickly sweet.


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The next BOFF Bookclub read starts 5pm Friday 9th November in your local timezone – We'd love you to join us!

Go check out our BOFF Bookclub Page for details on how to join in our next Bookclub read of Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby.

Remember to check out our Totallybooked Facebook page  for book discussions over the weekend.

Follow this link to purchase the book!

Come Away With Me on Amazon

See you there Friday 9th November at 5pm in your local timezone!
The more the merrier!  And just for sending us a review, one lucky reader will win a signed copy of Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby!


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The next BOFF Bookclub read starts 5pm Friday 9th November in your local timezone – We’d love you to join us!

Go check out our BOFF Bookclub Page for details on how to join in our next Bookclub read of Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby.

Remember to check out our Totallybooked Facebook page  for book discussions over the weekend.

Follow this link to purchase the book!

Come Away With Me on Amazon

See you there Friday 9th November at 5pm in your local timezone!
The more the merrier!  And just for sending us a review, one lucky reader will win a signed copy of Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby!


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BOFF Bookclub Reviews 31/10/2012 for Disastrous by E L Montes


What??? look closely….there’s a book on the bed….therefore that David James Gandy pic is book related hehe J&G 😉

Valerie Marzeno Conforti  I just finished Disastrous…gave it 5 stars…I loved the momentum of the storyline and Marcus’ unwavering love…I would have liked their reuniting to be a little firmer but hopefully the next book will have them fully together…Loved Marcus’ POV…hurry next book… 🙂

Leslie Weinstein Metsch   Loved It! Marcus and Mia are terrific together and are both so damaged that they don’t know how to fit together. Their story had me hooked right from the beginning and you just couldn’t put it down. Now we only have to wait for book 2 to see what happens in their journey. A 4.5 star read for me!

Robyn Ross   Disastrous – loved it, I was hooked petty early on and then had trouble putting it down, even though it was killing me but I just needed to know what was going to happen next. Can’t wait to read where their journey takes them next 4.5 stars

Alina Stoica-Man 5 STARS. I loved everything about Disastrous. The story is beautifully written and it will keep you interested at all times. There are no “slow” parts and you will not be able to put it down. LOVED IT.

Lisa Harley I would give it 4.5 stars.  I started it last night and could not put it down! I was up until 3:30am finishing it! Had to know what was going on with Marcus!! I wanted Marcus to be a good guy through the entire book, and I loved how the author kept us guessing the whole time!

Melissa Mack-Miller Disastrous!!!!! What more can I say……Holy Heck!!!!! Can’t wait for the next one. Rating 4 out of 5 stars & this nail biter is well worth it!!!!!!

Tracy Shayler Disastrous so deserved 5 stars!  Had me hooked from the first page, can’t wait for the second book.

Katelynn Pinson  Disastrous-4.5 stars. I absolutely loved Marcus..I could feel his vulnerability…and his loyalty and I loved his secret..I think it brings all new meaning to “struggles” in a relationship. I also loved Mia although I think at times she was too easy going when it came to Marcus..she gave in to him a little too easily…and it was as if nothing ever happened..I was so upset when the situation occurred and she went in to the hospital..:( Even though I thought everything happened way too soon and it was definitely a whirlwind romance..I still ultimately loved the connection that the main characters share and of course all of the outside characters didn’t hurt. Jeremy..yum. Great book! I can’t wait for the next installment 🙂

Emma Hanaghan Disastrous – 3/5 At first i thought it was too predictable, and a little disappointed. By the end i think it redeemed itself. Just the right amount of emotion was there to keep me hooked, it wasn’t as real as some of the books i have read recently. Will read the next one to see how the story progresses.

Christina Vargas Disastrous / 4 stars, I didn’t feel a  great connection to the characters. Towards the end I did feel somewhat distraught and kept waiting for circumstances to improve. I will read the next book when it comes out, why not…. But I won’t be holding my breath.

Nicole Underwood Wish I could say I loved it more – only 3 stars for me. It just seemed a little too ‘neat’. Maybe missing the grittiness in angst?

Michelle Balcerski Rogus Just finished Disastrous. Loved it!!! The story was greaT and the twists made it so I couldn’t put it down! I loved Marcus and can’t wait until the next book. Hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait. 5 stars!

Teri Archer   This book is by far a 5 star for me. The book kept my on my toes from the beginning. I could not wait to see the relationship of Mia and Marcus evovle. I fell in love with both characters as they went through this rollarcoaster romance. Even though I wanted to hate Marcus for keeping so many secrets from Mia I couldn’t stop cheering for him to land the one girl that he truely loves. The author did an amazing job keeping me hooked throughout the book and it took everything to get me to put it down to take a break to run to the store! Don’t know how I’ll be able to wait for the next book in this series, but I have a feeling I will be pulling an all nighter to read it when it comes out!

Kim Cameron Berentsen   So just finished Disastrous..and OMG!!! I give it 5 stars!! I loved the characters, I laughed, I cried, and sighed ALOT!! I love the last part seeing Marcus’s point of view of their first meeting..I can’t wait until the next book!!

Hillary Hinz  Disastrous – 4.5 stars.  Enjoyed the quick development of the relationship of Mia & Marcus. I particularly like that Mia says what’s on her mind & goes with it. Awesome story line! Can’t wait for the next book.

Laurie Thurston Johnson    Review for Disastrous  I have conflicting thoughts on this book. As I liked the story line I felt I could not warm up to the Characters. I did not get attached to any of them.  I enjoyed the storyline but never felt invested in the characters. I did not feel any connections with them. I guess I would give this s 3 out of 5.

Brenda Stevens   I give Disastrous 4 stars. Loved that the dysfunction this time wasn’t the usual previous abuse. Refreshing to have something different. Liked both characters but I like my sex a little hotter. Will definitely read the next book to see what happens.

Ashley Hartigan Tkachyk 5 STARS!  I absolutely loved this book! The roller coaster of emotions, angst and passion were well balanced and kept me turning the page. Disastrous is defiantly made my top 10 list. A must read.

Michelle Cammack    4.5 Stars – This story was very paced and lust turned to love between Marcus Deluca and Mia very quickly which was kind of off-putting, but overall it was good.  The story built itself quickly and there was a lot of angst, passion, anger, frustration, etc. to keep you reading to the very end.

Suzanne Zvalaren Schneider  Disastrous was anything but a disaster – 4 stars! I loved Marcus! Can’t wait for the second book!

Alina Stoica-Man  I loved everything about Disastrous. The story is about Mia, a 24 yr old law student who is a very focused and dedicated student. She lost her father and brother, never met her mom, and has no friends aside from Jeremy. Bring in Marcus, sexy, rich, mysterious; also owns the law firm where Mia is about to do her externship. From the first meeting Marcus is drawn to her and lets her know he is interested in getting to know her. Their relationship is draining as well as extraordinary. The story is beautifully written and it will keep you interested at all times. There are no “slow” parts and you will not be able to put it down. Then only thing I did not like was the way it ended; it left me hanging and wanting for more.

Kathleen ODonnell Burley  O.M.G…. Disastrous by E.L. Montes 4 1/2 stars. Close to 5 stars but there were a few typos. LOVED this story. LOVED the angst! This is right up there with thoughtless and Effortless. Kudos on an awesome read. I could NOT put it down. I was out of town and actually read this instead of sightseeing. Bravo!

Lej Guevarra Teodosio  Finally finished Disastrous by E L Montes and I give it a 3.5 stars rating only because I find the story predictable from the get go. Mia’s brother is a cop, and Marcus is part of the mafia, so it’s easy to put the two together. Don’t get me wrong, I did find the love story of Marcus and Mia very interesting. What I liked the best though is Marcus character, how he lived a double life, and was very intrigued (up to now) as to why he just couldn’t leave the mafia. So I am assuming that there will be a book 2 to explain it, and also the epilogue gave a hint as well.

Len Francisco  3.5 Stars. This is a quick, sexy read. I like the interaction between Mia and Marcus. I also love that Mia never shy away from her feelings. If she have something to say, she’ll say it. Marcus is one hell of a sexy guy but sometimes he frustrates me. If only he opens up more to Mia then there won’t be so much misunderstanding. But then the story needs conflict. On that note, the “conflicts” don’t have the wow factor for me. Still, the book is overall good. Can’t wait for the second book.

Susan Pauloz Sunderlin  5++ stars!! Loved this book!! I loved Mia so much! I couldn’t stop reading as she fell into her involvement with Marcus. Marcus… what a complicated man. I could not put this book down. I’d recommend it highly. I look forward to reading more books by E.L. Montes. Thanks!

Janis K. Lewis   4.5 Stars Filled with passion, suspense, and side plots that helped make this book hard to put down. Can’t wait for book 2 to find out what’s next for Mia and Marcus!

Jovana Shirley  3 stars  Easy read and looking forward to sequel. Overly descriptive when not needed in some places, but still a good read.

Annjie Gamnje Gordon 4  stars I would have been happier if Mia was stronger. Marcus kept screwing up and she kept taking him back to easily! But I still enjoyed it.

 Maria Hernandez   Enjoyed reading Disastrous, although I did have a love/hate relationship with Marcus and my heart broke for Mia so much! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who isn’t done reading yet but I definitely recommend this book, it’s a great 5 star read

Lee Clements :    3.5 – 4 stars – loved the book overall, particularly the second half, but thought that some parts were too detailed and then some rushed.

Peggy Cope Saunders   What a wonderful read I give it 4.5 stars This book had me on the edge of my seat…I found myself frustrated yet excited at the same time between biting my lip and grinding my teeth I couldn’t help but root for these two. Looking forward to more of the series.



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The Perfect Game by J Sterling BOFF Bookclub Reviews 17th October 2012

Hillary Hinz  4 stars…..What a roller coaster of emotions! Angst, happy, sad, pissed off, shock, sad (again), and then bliss! Wow! At some point I was yelling at my kindle and threatening to just walk away, I couldn’t take any more! Jack really had me upset. He eventually redeemed himself, but whoa what a ride! Great story J. Sterling – I’m truly impressed!!!!!

Melissa Stewart-Allum  4 stars…I love angsty reads, and @70% I wanted to vomit , so I loved it . Plus a character called Melissa was just a bonus .

Amber Gannon …..J Sterling had me at “no glove,no love” 😉 I couldn’t put it down and finished it in about 2 hrs. Can’t wait for more from this author! 5 stars for me! Thanks for the great read!

Tressa Sager – ‎5 FRACKING stars for The Perfect Game!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG so good!!!!!!! Jack had me loving him, then loathing him, then loving him again!!!! I may have to go ahead and re~read this…right MEOW!!!!!!!!

Michelle Balcerski Rogus  5 stars for the Perfect Game. It was such a great story and has so many emotions throughout. I even cried. The end was totally worth it and the quarters were just so cute!

Len Francisco    This book broke my heart into a million pieces but mended it afterwards. Great story about love, forgiveness and second chances. 4 stars from me!

Janis Krausen Lewis The Perfect Game…4.5 Jack was a home run and more. Cassie’s and Jack’s story on finding love and building trust was realistic and kept me wanting more.

Kira Reich Taylor   You know when you physically feel the characters pain it’s a well written story. Loved this one. 4.5 stars

Jovana Shirley  4 stars  I laughed, gasped, cursed, wanted to throw my beloved Nook across the room, and “awww”ed when I finally got to the HEA. I  Jack and Cassie (and Dean and Melissa!)! What I love even more is when I discovered that some of this was based on real situations—the quarters and a real Jack Carter?!

Stacey Wierzbicki LaCock      I loved it! And…I didn’t. I agree that it seemed a bit too similar to Beautiful Disaster, but that didn’t bother me so much. I loved the banter and the sarcasm that flies from Cassie. She says the things I only wish I could in the spur of the moment. I had a love/hate feeling on what Jack did (don’t want to post spoilers) and how he tried to make it “right” but it made the situation more real to me. And after that, there was a lull…where I don’t know, something changed and maybe the ending felt too rushed? Regardless, even if it wasn’t my favorite, I stayed up until almost 3am (it was a rough day the next day, but totally worth it) reading it because I just the ending! I give it 3.5 stars

Anjie Gamnje Gordon   4 stars  Being married to a former professional athlete there was much I could relate to. As much as I love him, I’m still not sure I forgive Jack.

Heather Carriker D’Agostino   5 stars. This was so good. It had me tearing up when he called to tell her that he was marrying Chrystal. I love these books with the cocky bad boys. Jack was the perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm. Cassie was a great example of a strong woman. She followed her dreams and moved to NY, she didn’t follow Jack. I will def. read this book again and recommend it to my friends.

Robyn Ross  The Perfect Game- it had a Beautiful Disaster feel about it right from the start, then came the Disaster but then it all ended Beautifully. 4.5 stars

Leslie Weinstein Metsch  So The Perfect Game was a pleasant easy read! I enjoyed how the POV kept changing. I loved how sassy Cassie was but as the book progressed I wish she would have stayed sassy. Over all 3 stars.

Laura Scurlock Bergman  The Perfect Game, 5 Stars. It’s been a while since I read something that had me so worked up I was crying and yelling at my Kindle. Putting this one on my To Be Read Again list.

Kristin Gery Hlavinka    Take my breath away. This book was crazy, amazing, and un-put-downable. It had 3 of my favorite things: baseball (which I live for…go Phils), a strong heroine who wasn’t whiny or a doormat, and the conversion of a man whore. I mean who doesn’t want to be the “gamechanger” for a man whore? I think all women secretly want to be that special person to a guy who never seems to care for anyone. 5 stars

Marjorie Aramayo  4.5 stars  I really enjoyed this book! WOW! It was an emotional roller coaster. I just couldn’t put it down. LOVED it!

Jaymi Eckert   Just finished reading J Sterling’s The Perfect Game…I give it a 3 1/2 stars out of 5. I liked it and felt connected to the characters, but it was somewhat predictable and had way too many similarities to Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster.

Francine Campisi Richetti  Ok. so… I started this book and I have to admit, at the beginning it was extremely familiar.  A certain Travis Maddox came to my mind  but then, everything changed. I loved jack…. and then I absolutely hated him even though I still wanted to love him! I had a feeling something was going to happen. and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I really enjoyed this book.  Loved the characters.  I loved that “kitten” never gave up her own dreams(the kitten thing took a little getting used to because i recently read captive in the dark) I liked that she was independent and strong, but also compassionate and human. The Ghandi quote was fantastic!!! In life, s#!t happens…. I despise cheating, but it is real. Kudos  J. Sterling…. a great read for me!!!

Valerie Barnes  The Perfect Game- 3.5 stars. I laughed, I cried, I got real angry and I fell in love. I felt like there were parts that weren’t given enough attention and other parts that were given too much. But regardless I liked the book a alot!

Sarah Hayden Davey  5 star rating on The Perfect Game  This book was just an amazing read, the emotion that was put into words you could feel as you read. Loved the story and the path that “kitten” and jack took for their HEA.

Melissa Mack-Miller  The Perfect Game was soooooo good. I definitely think baseball has become far more attractive. 4 out of 5!!!!!! Loved this book.

Tracy Lowry Chapman  4 stars for The Perfect Game. A book I will definitely read again.

Leanne Lewy  “4.5 Stars. What an emotional roller coaster! What I loved most about this book was its ability to make me feel every emotion as if it were my own. To feel the ache in my heart as if it were mine that had been broken. I pulled my hair, I cursed like a sailor, I felt physically sick and I loved every minute of it, because I love that a book had such an affect! And I have to give special mention to the quarters, because I’m pretty sure my heart melted every time they made an appearance.”

Melissa Mack-Miller  The Perfect Game was soooooo good. I definitely think baseball has become far more attractive. 4 out of 5!!!!!! Loved this book.

Heather Jeffrey Marshall 4 stars  I really liked the characters. I loved the quarters. You go through a lot of different emotions. I would definitely recommend the book.

Suzanne Zvalaren Schneider  4 stars.  I really enjoyed this book. I liked how we got both Cassie’s and Jack’s POV. I do think that Cassie let Jack off the hook too easily, but was happy with how the book ended!

Susan Pauloz Sunderlin  5 stars-This is J. Sterling’s best book thus far, but I highly doubt it will be her last. The story follows the bumpy relationship of Cassie and Jack, college students in Southern California. Both come from difficult childhoods, that make it hard for them to trust that there is such a thing as true, forever love. Jack aspires to be a professional baseball player, while Cassie wants to photograph the world. The story laces together their lives through all of the trials and tribulations that go along with being a professional sports star, and the girl who loves him. Read this book. You will love it!

Kathleen ODonnell Burley   I give it 3 1/2 stars. The book had the angst I love to hate, but Jack drove me crazy with his bad decisions. Loved that Sterling told the story from both perspectives however it was hard to determine when Jack was speaking. I could tell when it was Cassie but it was a little blurry when Jack was talking. Sounded too much like Cassie. Overall a good story, though.

Ashley Hartigan Tkachyk   4.5 Stars  I really loved this book! A book anyone can relate to. I loved it, then hated it, then loved it again.

Heather LaVecchia  4 stars To say I was pissed off while reading this book is an understatement. I could’ve puked… And I have to give an author my full respect for evoking such strong emotions with her talented writing.
At first I hated Jack and was annoyed with Cassie at her obvious attraction towards Jack, yet adamant denial/refusal to give in to it. Then I felt like the book fast forwarded and I felt like a huge chunk was missing from their first date to the point at which they had been dating for a while. I was a little bummed out about it, but still felt that Sterling did a good job at building their relationship up with a good balance of steamy-yet-endearingly-sweet scenes and relatable, realistic conflict.
At about 28% in, I felt like everything was perfect with Jack and Cassie and felt the predictable, ominous forecast of doom overhead. I had no idea at the time how accurate that feeling was! As the book progressed, I truly could not STAND Jack, but I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to see what he would do to redeem himself.
One thing I did like about the book was despite the sometimes corny dialogue, for the most part, everything was realistic. I get so annoyed when novels paint this picture-perfect, cookie cutter plot to make the character out to be a deep-down ‘good person.’ I liked that J. Sterling didn’t shy away from the brutal honesty of what real college-age relationships are, and the thought process behind the actions of the characters.
The main conflict had my stomach in knots. I was literally shaking with anxiety and from personal past heartache, surprisingly related to Cassie, even as she shamelessly loved Jack and put herself out there in spite of the circumstances of his actions.
I feel that Sterling also did a good job wrapping up most of the loose ends and bringing closure to the story. I would definitely read more of her books and would recommend this book to anyone likes reading an unpredictable story that will have you thinking, “I can’t believe the author WENT there!” Doooooooo it!

Christina Badder  I give it 4 stars, I really liked it.  I loved the connection between Cassie & Jack. It was predictable at some points but still very enjoyable. I LOVED Jack’s sign at the airport, “ANYONE SEEN MY KITTEN?” I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I wanted to punch Chrystle, which all makes up a good book IMO.

Jennifer Pikul Gass    Root Root Root for this couple if they don’t win it’s a shame. For it’s Jack and Cassie’s love for one another that wins this game!
Jack was the most popular and wanted guy in college. A shooting star headed straight for a career in professional baseball. Girls fell all over him and he gladly reciprocated their attention until he met Cassie Andrews.
Cassie was everything Jack never knew he wanted. She was his “game changer”. She became his first love and for the first time in his life he attempted to be a boyfriend. Jack earned Cassie’s love but her trust was another matter.
“Cass, I don’t ever want to hurt you, but I can’t promise you that I’ll never screw up or make you mad.”
Their relationship was always being attacked. Jack’s female fans know no boundaries. This reader would have become a professional bitch slapper. Cassie’s trust issues and Jack’s track record led for a lot of land mines in their relationship.
“You’re both so screwed up alone that together you’re like the perfect mess.”
Will Jack and Cassie’s love be enough to keep them together?
I guess they will have to PROVE IT!


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BOFF Reviews for The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

Thank you to everyone who participated in our second ever BOFF read.  The response was fantastic and we can’t thank you enough for your feedback. The results were overwhelming…this was indeed a 5 star read for you guys. 

Here are you reviews and we’ll see you at the next BOFF read on 14th September.  

Jenny & Gitte xx0

Tennille Griffith –  Here is my one line  TMS is like a wolf in sheeps clothing…..then BAM your done!!  5/5!

Daneka Summers  – “bad guys who want to be good are my weakness, and I so want to tame Jake  Wethers” 5*

Jennifer Muston Hukari – I need more than 5 stars! It was well worth all the anticipation from Friday. It blended all my parts of a good romance and at times I felt like it was a combo of bits of Beautiful Disaster and Thoughtless. I now absolutely can’t wait for book two and hope its more of the journey for Tru and Jake and The Mighty Storm!

Brenda Morris –  Sweet, heart-wrenching, angst-ridden love story that captivated me from the start. LOVED IT! – definitely 5 stars for me! Thanks for leading me to another great story. Can’t wait for the next book and the next BOFF!

Leslie Weinstein Metsch  – This was a fun and tantalizing read! Makes you believe in a forever love! Can’t wait for book 2. 4 stars

Suzanne Zvalaren Schneider –  The Mighty Storm – OMG 5 stars! So good and then it got even better did that make sense? It started off good and then got even better! I felt like my heart was gonna beat out of my chest at one point.

Kara Hensley  – TMS: Can I give it more than a 5 star…I loved Jake & Tru’s rollercoaster ride of kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put it down, literally!! Can’t wait for the TMS #2

Anjie Gamnje Gordon –  Loved it and had to read their first sexual encounter with Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams in the Background! 5 out of 5 stars!

Joette Cronin –  The Mighty Storm, 4 stars. Amazing book full of raw emotion, steamy and swoonworthy moments!

Christine Gregorio Brannen –  5 stars! Hot, heavy and emotional …..all the great components of an awesome rock star romance! Reminds me of Thoughtless and I loved Jake’s POV at the end….sequel please!!!!

Janelle Dobbins  – Well I absofuckinlutely loved it! I finished last night at midnight! 5/5stars I’d say. I really enjoyed the last chapter from Jake’s point of view. I read it the same anxiety and rush that I think he felt ! Couldn’t put it down! Loved it! This was my first official BOFF and gotta say it was awesome!

Jaclyn Machado Hall  – 5 stars!!! This book combined two of my favorites: boy next door and rock star love!! Jake is delicious!!!

Francine Campisi Richetti  – OK… finished TMS! Great great read. It had a pretty strong thoughtless feel. I also felt a bit of fifty with Jake and his controlling ways, always getting what he wants. Especially the meet Jake excerpt at the end. I know the rules of the boff is one line but I just can’t do it.  . Love the angst, the love triangle, the hot mess that is Jake, the rock star thing, and the banter between Jake and tru. The banter between characters is always what makes or breaks a book for me. If conversations between my sweet sexy alpha males and their loves don’t make me laugh, cry, sigh, swoon, squee and cringe…. well then…. no dice. I will definitely be reading more by this author. Kudos to her…. and you both (of course i saw the dedication… and acknowledgment). I have to share my favorite quotes too.. “He looks up at my approach and the second mine meet with his, whatever sense I had just talked myself into, packs its bags and f@#s off, leaving me to the mercy of my hormones.” “It’s a lot weird, and also a little awesome.”  “Who was she?” “No one… someone who should have been you.” OK I think I have exceeded my one line review. Jake is going to stay in the system a bit!

Heather Keller-Karr  – OMGsh I read TMS yesterday and couldn’t put it down until I finished it! Perfect amount of angst, especially about 40% in. IMO- it reminds me of a cross between Thoughtless and Beautiful Disaster. Two of my fav bad boys, Travis and Kellan! Please write book 2 Samantha… I was so sad when it ended.

Janis Krausen Lewis  – The Mighty Storm 5+++ STARS! Loved the emotional ride laced with humor. I didn’t want it to end!

Stacy Parmele-Grubbs –  I just finished The Mighty Storm and I LOVED it! Please tell me there will be a follow up book in the near future!

Sue Miller  – I just finished The Mighty Storm and loved it!!! I give it 5 stars more if possible. The book is a beautiful love story that grips your heart and makes you feel the love, hurt, pain, and complete joy with every page. I would love to read more of the story of Jake & Tru!!

Melissa Mack-Miller  – TMS…holy crap. I was on such an emotional roller coaster with this book that I may very well need to go get on meds! Soooooo good. I really enjoyed TMS and enjoy Samantha’s writing style. I rate TMS a 4 out of 5. FABULOUS!

Susan Pauloz Sunderlin  – Jen and Gitte, Is there a higher rating than ‘5’? I just checked my iPad, and kindle and I have read 127 books since March…this book is now very comfortably in my top 5. Jake and Tru, are the sweetest, most real couple I’ve seen lately. The book had so many twists and emotional turns. I didn’t know whether to love them, break up with them, or hit them! When a book has me laughing and sobbing, I’m not bipolar really(!), I know it’s gotten me hooked. I really hope that we get more stories of The Mighty Storm in the very near future. Perhaps we can learn more about Denny and Simone? Or Tom and… I loved it, and I can’t wait for Samantha Towle’s next book.

Yanira Maldonado  – A wonderful storm of angst and emotion, it’s real and honest and times heartbreaking and heartwarming.5 rocking stars!

April McCowan Beatty – Just finished The Mighty Storm. LOVED IT!! 5 stars for me.

Sheri Sparry Burns  – 5 STARS! It was like reading a combination of Thoughtless/Effortless and Love Unscripted. Cannot wait for the sequel!!

Valerie Marzeno Conforti  – LOVED The Mighty Storm…give 5 stars…Jake & Tru’s story was at times hard to take but beautiful in the end…great fun characters…can’t wait for more…excellent recommendation…

BreAnne Halloran – The Mighty Storm was a wonderful book. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I loved the story between Tru and Jake.

Robyn Ross  – TMS – wow! Just finished it (5.48am here) loved it, loved it, had trouble putting it down as you can see – 5 stars for me, well done Samantha

Melissa Hill Darby –  Just finished The Mighty Storm and I loved it, I thought it was a cross between Thoughtless, and Love Unscripted, Great Read

Jessica Santoro  –  5+ Stars! I absolutely LOVED everything about this book & it is now one of my favorites this year. If you loved S.C. Stephens’ Thoughtless & Effortless, you will without a doubt love this book as well

Hillary Hinz  –  The Mighty Storm. Rating – 5 stars. I loved how raw & real Tru & Jake were – FANTASTIC story!!!!

Maria Russo Miraglia –  Hello ladies. I have to be honest for the first time I have abandoned a book! I am so sorry but I did not love The Mighty Storm frown I’m not sure it it was her writing style I could not get into, or if it was just to close to Thoughtless…w/o Kellan..and that is just too much for me to bare due to the fact that Kellan is my all time fav frown But I still love you ladies so much and all your recommendations!! Please don’t hold this against me!! I absolutely loved The Wild One..was just away and never got a chance to write you. Thank you! Maria xoxo

Jovana Shirley 5 stars. Loved everything from the main characters (mmmm, Jake!) to the supporting roles (love Stuart!), the writing as if the reader is in Tru’s mind feeling her emotions, and exp – eriencing the physical clutching of my chest from OMG-I-Heart-You-Jake moments to Oh-No-This-Can’t-Be-Happening heartbreak!

Samantha Shipman Beery – I just finished TMS. It was amazingly hot and wonderful. He’s not Kellan Kyle, but I enjoyed him for sure. I ready chapter 1 at the end from his perspective. Please tell me she is publishing a rewrite entirely from his POV. I need that….

Crysti Worrell Perry  – Ahhh…Jake Wethers……. LOVE, holy EFFing hotness combined with amazingly beautiful *saccharin* moments….I laughed and cringed and screamed and cried….all the makings of 5 star book in my opinion! LOVE (sorry for the long sentence…I had to cram a lot into it)

Tara Torpey-Orsini  – Four stars for The Mighty Storm!

Samantha Baer      Loved it 5 stars for sure!

Jessica Santoro –   5+ Stars! I absolutely LOVED everything about this book & it is now one of my favorites this year. If you loved S.C. Stephens’ Thoughtless & Effortless, you will without a doubt love this book as well

Jill Enderle McCann – 4/5 stars, Rock-n-Roll Rollercoaster!!  Fun flirty banter + lifetime of loving someone + 12 years apart + a world fun of drama = The Mighty Storm. Funny, dramatic, heart breaking, hopeful and sigh worthy! Jake and Tru gave me a Kellan and Kiera fix while waiting for Reckless! I’m excited for TMS2!

Lisa Schilling Hintz –  One word, huh? I can think of many words to describe this book. Tru is a fantastic leading lady, and Jake, well, he’s everything I want in a fictional romantic rockstar. However, since the object here is to describe the book in one word, I would say: Rockfabulous! 

Michele Tallent  – My quickie review for TMS!! 5+++ Stars on this one! LOVED IT!! TRUE Angst, hurt, happiness & IN LOVE were all felt in this book. Not to mention is was HOT!! LOVED IT!!

Veronica Solorzano  – TMS- F-I-V-E freaking stars!!! Hot, Passionate, Heart-wrenching, Sexy, Hot, Love-struck, ROCKING Hot!

LaStephanie Kannady-Foster –  I love you beyond any lyrics I could ever write, or any words I could ever say. I always have, and I always will. Awesome book, definitely 5 Stars…..I swooned, laughed, cried, and swooned some more. A must read by any means neccessary.

Amanda Halvorson  – The Mighty Storm- 4.5 Stars. The moment you open this book, you’ll live and breath The Mighty Storm! Jake is one HOT Rockstar that will make you wanting more!

Jessica Santoro – 5+ Stars! I absolutely LOVED everything about this book & it is now one of my favorites this year. If you loved S.C. Stephens’ Thoughtless & Effortless, you will without a doubt love this book as well!

Suzy Stork  – 4 stars Love a sexy rock star with a tormented heart. Although some parts dragged on a little for me, I couldn’t seem to put it down. So glad for the happily ever after…I knew she couldn’t walk away. And loved “Meet Jake”. This trend of letting readers know the other perspective is great

Marjorie Aramayo – 5 +++ stars. I absolutely LOVED this book! It was sweet, funny, had incredible romance, lots of angst, yummy sex scenes…it had it all! I’m in with Jake!!!

Heather Carriker D’Agostino –  5 stars. At first I was a little worried, it seemed alot like Thoughtless but I kept reading and boy was I glad. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m in love with the Thoughtless series, but I like some variety in plots. This book was very hot. I felt so bad for Jake when he couldn’t get Tru to believe him. I would definiety recommend this book to anyone who likes the romance stories that pull at the heart strings. There’s just enough to keep you interested in the love story without creating that anger towards any one character.

Heather Lackus –  The perfect Storm was amazing I could not put it down ….. I give it a 5

Susanne Magilton Olszewski –  I hope I am sending you this the right way! I loved The Mighty Storm…Five Star Read…I loved Tru’s inner dialogue! The story made me laugh and cry!

Ashley Hartigan Tkachyk  – 5 out of 5 stars! This book was wonderfully written with a great plot and awesome character development. The intensity was strong through the very end. Im so excited to get my hands on book 2 in the spring if 2013! Amazing work Samantha!

Lee Clements    MS, wow what a ride on an emotional rollercoaster! I was immersed in this book from beginning to end – 5 out of 5!

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The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

5 Stars

I was  given the most amazing opportunity to Beta read this book.  This is the next TotallyBooked BOFF read which I know you’re all hanging out for.

What did I think of it? Well, have a read and see what you think.  This is a SPOILER FREE review!

Where to start with The Mighty Storm?? First off, I loved this book.  I mean, I really loved this book! 5 star read for me without a doubt!

Really,what’s not to love?  There’s a hot, can’t be tamed, tattooed bad boy rock god named Jake Wethers…….(heart palpitations here – get me a defibrillator stat!!) for starters!

Not only that, it’s got romance, angst, drama, emotion, humour, music references, hot sex and oh did I mention hot, tattooed bad boy rock star Jake Wethers???

Now that I’ve got that out the way, let’s get serious.

This book wasn’t just about “gorgeous as all hell” Jake, although he was certainly a very pleasant part of the book ;).

The story is told through Tru’s (Trudy Bennett) eyes and centres on her and her former best friend Jake   finding each other after twelve years apart and realising they still have feelings they thought were long buried.

You will feel for Tru as she discovers feelings for Jake she knows she shouldn’t have.  He’s her former best friend, yes, she loved him as a teenager and he broke her heart when he left her at fourteen, but Tru has moved on.  She is in love with Will,  her wonderful boyfriend of two years and she must hold onto that relationship, whilst at the same time try to deny and conceal the feelings she has for Jake.

Jake (lead singer of The Mighty Storm) is dealing with past demons and Tru coming into his life gives him a purpose he didn’t know he needed until she returned.

In Jake, the author has managed to bring us a strong, alpha, hot, yet sensitive and loving male lead character who is humanly flawed and let me tell you ladies, this guy is going to be the stuff of women’s fantasies that’s for sure!

But not only has she managed to bring to life such wonderful characters in Tru and Jake, but also the supporting characters of the band, Denny, Tom, Smith and of course Jake’s PA Stuart who I just adored.

This book had it all for me.  It was a book about human relationships, human eff ups, human frailties and of course the world of a high profile rock star who tries to find a life of normality in a world of abnormality for himself and Tru.

Jake is a man who always gets what he wants, but will Tru be the one thing he can’t have?

I enjoyed every minute of this book, though I have to say, be prepared, because there were times that I actually clutched my chest and cried, such is the truthfulness of the writing in some of the scenes which you will discover throughout the book.
This is Samantha Towle’s first foray into the contemporary romance genre and wow! Did she nail it!

What I like about Samantha’s writing here is that she explores the little nuances of her characters that allows the reader the ability to feel like you’re actually part of this story . Allows you to be a part of the world that is Jake, Tru and The Mighty Storm.  You will feel like you’re really there with them, in the room and living this story through Tru’s eyes.

I love nothing more than finding a book that has the ability to draw me in and hold me there until the very last page.    A book where I can feel what the characters feel and see what the characters see.  It makes me feel a part of something and enables me to “live” the book rather just ” read” a story and that’s exactly how I felt experiencing The Mighty Storm.

I’m not going to go into details about the story because to give anything away would be an injustice to other readers and I want them to experience this book as I did.  To experience it the way the author intended it to be read.

Yes readers…….. freeze some dinners, hold the housework, tell the family to fend for themselves because once you start reading The Mighty Storm, you are not going to want to put it down!

Be sure to keep reading and click past the end because there a little “bonus” at the back you won’t want to miss!



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BOFF Review (Volume 1) – The Wild Ones by M Leighton

Well ladies…the first BOFF was a great success and we look forward to seeing you for BOFF Volume 2 on 24 August 2012 where we will read the much anticipated The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle.

Thank you so much for being part of what we hope will be many BOFF reads to come!

Reviews are in..
Love J&G xx

Tennille   4/5 stars! Giddy up Cowboy!!   (ha! Probably my favourite line lol Jen x)

Tiffany Cute. Frustrating.entertaining. But a fun and easy read . Rating 4

Tanya The Wild Ones – Loved it – Now If only Trick could give me horse riding lessons mmm. 3.5/5. thankyou


Christina  Mmmmm…. Such a sweet romance with enough angsty romance to keep it from being too sweet. 4 stars for me! Favorite line, “Pick treat, please pick treat”. Mmmmm, yes! I pick treat!!!!!

Angela   What a fun, quick read! Perfect for my beach weekend. I melted over the first scene — if only we could all go “trick or treating” with Trick!!Thanks for suggesting the book. Looking forward to more group reads!

LaStephanie   The Wild Ones  Cute Story, Wanted More Of An Ending

BreAnne  The Wild Ones was a amazing book. I hope that there is a follow up book. I give it a 5 out of 5!!!

Yanira  I have to say that the book did not live up to my expectations, the beginning was set for a potential great story, but it fell short. I did not connect with the characters like a wanted to. There was something missing that I still can’t point out exactly what, the ending felt too rushed and in those final chapters I was starting to feel something for them, then bam it’s over. There are books that can do without sex scenes, but I felt cheated when they were just cut, or at least it appeared to me that way. For me they were important to the story.
Katelynn  Hey. I finished the book wild ones yesterday..I would have to give it a 4.5. simply because I absolutely adored the book. Trick always puts a smile on my face. But I hate how abruptly it ended..I always want there to be sequels and trilogy’s in every book I read..haha.

Suzanne   Wild Ones – great read! definitely didn’t expect the twist with the parents. I was upset with Trick’s mother and how she lied to Cami, and thought that could have been discussed more later in the book, and it seemed to end abruptly. an epilogue would have been nice. i enjoyed it and trick was YUMMY!

Hillary  Wild Ones Review – Rating – 3.5Really liked it – did not love it, needed to be longer to develop the main characters relationship a little more.

Melanie Wild Ones…4/5…Slow start for me, but a good middle and ending!

Lee  3.5 stars. A great steamy, fun read although I thought it ended a bit quick.

Valerie  I just finished The Wild Ones and rate it 5 stars…I loved Cami & Trick’s love story. They had to overcome a few obstacles to realize their HEA but it was beautiful. The secondary characters were fun to get to know also.Thanx for the recommendation

Julie   Sadly kind of disappointing for me   These 2 were so hot for each other but their MEH love scenes just didn’t do it for me at all. Trick was serious ‘hump a leg’ yummilicious but I don’t think their sexual chemistry/encounters in the book did them any justice. Trick ended up coming across as a total wam bammer, where’s the treat? kept flipping the page expecting at least an epilogue. This book and story had so much potential, great pacing and decent writing, fun/interesting secondary characters but I felt there were a lot of loose ends (and not good sequel kind of loose ends). It’s like 3/4 of the way through the author put it into mach 1 and raced through to the end. 3 stars

Lisa Just finished The Wild Ones. Took me a day to read; honestly, I had a hard time putting it down. I loved the characters – of course Trick was my fave. Gotta love a cowboy with a heart. I enjoyed the storyline.   Can’t wait until next week’s reading assignment

Susan Hi all! Well, I just finished The Wild Ones,and whoa, what a story! It pulled me in right from the jump, and the pacing kept me engrossed. I’ll admit I got a little weepy when things started looking bleak for Cami and Trick. The ending was very satisfying for me though. I’d give it a ‘Wicked’ rating of 4.5. Can we keep, ahem. BOFFing?? This was totally fun, chicas!

 Virginia    here is my one line review of the wild ones-Loved the characters, loved the storyline and loved the book!!!!Thanks for doing this

Angel    LOVED LOVED! if I could rate it a 10 I would! so 5 for me! I had to reread the first two chapters a second time to realize it was going to be two sided… one chapter is talking about “my wet breast” and second was a about a lower member on a man! whoa! loved it!!!! Escp since I was born and raised in Currituck NC. It probably makes me a tiny bit biased:) Thanks so much for all your erfforts! LOVE it!

Whitney   Finished Wild Ones and I LOVED it! Great story, sexy characters, perfect blend of romance and angst

Robyn  Finished the book (being in Melbourne, Australia I was probably one of the first to start!)
I really enjoyed the book but felt the ending was a bit abrupt for me – 3.5 stars

Emma  The Wild Ones……amazing 4/5

Happy  The Wild Ones- 3 stars. Liked it! Thought it was sweet with some spice   Can’t wait for the next BOFF!

Brenda    I give it a 4  The story was sweet and I liked how strong Cami was, unlike many other girls in books I’ve been reading. And of course, LOVE me some Trick! Looking forward to the next BOFF!

Anjie   The Wild Ones Left me wanting more as in what happens next!

Jenny C  The Wild Ones is an emotional journey of star-crossed lovers torn apart by past transgressions…well-done! 4 STARS

Ashley  The Wild Ones: The book was slow in the beginning but turned out to be good…heres to hoping for book #2!

Crysti  Swoon-worthy, sexy, energetic, delicious…. I’d choose Trick AND Treat!  3.5 stars.

Sarah  Enjoyed the Wild Ones and loved Trick and Cami. Think I would give it 3.5 out of 5. I enjoyed the read, but the story just didn’t give that ‘squee’ feeling. Also I felt like the ending was a bit of an anti climax and was hoping for a more intense close to the book (epilogue?)

Kara  The Wild Ones rating: 5! I loved getting Cami and Trick’s POVs instantaneously and I loved their love story and now I want more…..can we get a sequel!!!

Joette    The Wild Ones…3 stars. Trick or treating will never be the same again!

Francine  This was a sweet, romantic love story. At first i thought it was going to be all “big hunky cowboy come to whisk woman away and have hot sex in barn.”wow was i wrong! what a great story! obviously there was instant attraction between Cami and Trick but there was a point in the book that i i could feel he fell in love with her. i actually got all giddy and was all “awwwwwwwe!” and i loved how strong cami wa   Loved this read, it was fast, sweet, sexy and fun! Thanks girls

Melissa Ok here goes( take a deep breathe, read really fast and ignore that this is far too long to be a grammatically correct sentence) , how can you go wrong with a book that contains a little hottie cowboy (ok maybe not an actually cowboy but he does have a horse and boots) ,has eyes that ‘make you want to gasp, giggle and do a strip tease all at once’, plays the guitar AND drums, sings, drives a Mustang, loves his mum and has a smokin’ hot body …… And just like that I’m his . Whether he knows it or not   …… 3

Christine  Rating 4 stars: Fun, hot, sweet and angsty! Love that Cali and Trick each have a POV. Trick- swoon!

Jodi  BOFF – The Wild Ones Rating – 3 1/2 out of 5 Liked the attraction between Cami & Trick, nice romance, but some parts didn’t seem to flow well

Heather   Finished Wild Ones. Not sure if I can do it justice in one sentence. Definitly a 5 star book. Loved this book, the sexual tension between Cami and Trick radiated through the whole story.

Leslie  4 A fast read with some nice Tricks and Treats in the story line.

Lisa G   Really enjoyed the book. Just enough angst … Not enough sex (is there ever??). Hoping for Book #2. Loved the characters.  Oops forgot to rank….I’d give it 4 out of 5

Katy  Finished wild ones! I really liked it, but felt the ending was kind of rushed, just wasn’t ready for it to be done! Really liked it though…..rating of 1-5….4

Beth S   The Wild Ones was great! 4 stars! It was all I love in my books! Great read.

Michele T  I loved this story. Is sucked me in from the beginning & I really connected with the characters. TRICK WAS SMOKING! And Cami although a little naive was not annoying like so many YA books are today. I loved the story, loved the ending. I think she did a great job with this story! Thanks girls!! xxxxx

Sali   4 stars  This book had me frustrated & freaked & swooning & yelling ” ARE U SHITTING ME” & geeez trick was soooo smoth in the beginning there that if Cami climbed on she would slip right off !!! Teehee ohhh & don’t even get me started on her bff Jenna lmao I must of highlighted 20 things that girl said that cracked my shit up !!! When her powerful tools of persuasion nearly gave her whiplash I swear I fell of my chair rofl !!! Well done Michelle !!

Krystal   The Wild ones, was honest-felt, inspiring and swoon worthy 3.5 stars

Melissa MM  Yay. Finished The Wild Ones. Um…new meaning to “Trick-or-Treat.”. This read was super easy and really good. Can’t wait to see what happens with Trick & Camie!

Laura I finished The Wild Ones. 3.5 stars for me. I over all enjoyed it just not as much as other books I have read this summer.

Sarah C Okay so it’s nearly 4am but I started reading The Wild Ones at about 11pm and I just had to finish!! (Who needs sleep?!)  4 stars; a captivating read, with such tangible characters who left me wanting more, I’m hanging for the follow-up to find out where Trick & Cami go from here, and to see if they go from Rags to riches 😉 Loved it!

Jenny  I really liked this book and can’t add more than what everyone has said.  Trick…..oh my lord, that man was just too heavenly for words.  I’ll leave the opinions to our BOFF reviewers

Gitte  I have to say I loved this book. It was something different that came along, perhaps at the right time, and just sucked me into a story of pure indulgence. The name of this indulgence well that would be the charmingly cocky, quick witted, honourable and sexy man that is Trick.  He was the ultimate highlight of the story for me, I do love those Southern boys:

Some Yummy quotes:

“I can even see those little dents at the bottom of his stomach. If I’m being honest, I really want to walk right over to him and touch them. With my tongue.”

“His shaggy hair is damp and he’s wearing aviator sunglasses. His wide shoulders are bare in a white wife-beater tank top that shows off his trim waist. And, as always, his lower half looks delicious in faded blue jeans that hang just perfectly on his hip”


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The BOFF Volume. 1

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first ever TotallyBookedBlog Bookclub or what is now affectionately known as BOFF!

This started off as a tandem read with our fellow readers and friends Sali, Lori, Mollie and Shelley and sort of grew into us inviting all our fellow readers to join in and the response was nothing short of amazing.

So, starting 5pm Friday 3rd August (same time all timezones) we will begin our read of The Wild Ones by M Leighton.

We decided that, as you’re all reading it with us, we want you all to review it with us as well!

What we ask is this – If you could please send a PM to TotallyBooked on Facebook (if you want to that is) when you finish the book and write a one line comment about how you felt about it and give it a rating out of 5.

We will then collate all the comments and do a BOFF combined review with everyone’s names who contributed a comment and work out an average rating based on your responses.

We’re so excited that you’re all involved and if this works out we’ve decided to make it a monthly occurrence.

Thanks so much for being a part of this and we can’t wait to hear what you think

Happy reading!


J&G xx


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