BOFF Bookclub


The BOFF is on!!!

Friday 23rd November at 5pm in your local time we will begin our next Bookclub read which will be Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge #1) by Shey Stahl


You know the drill.  Read the book,  write a 1-2 line review and give the book a ranking out of 5 on depending on how much you enjoyed it.

PM this to us by 5pm on Tuesday 27th November via our TotallyBooked Facebook  page or email us at  We will publish your reviews on Wednesday 28th November

As a thank you for participating on lucky reviewer will be chosen at random to receive a signed copy of Happy Hour together with an EBook copy of Black Flag (Racing on the Edge #2).

So, join us – we love having you on board


J&G  xxx


12 responses to “BOFF Bookclub

  1. Jill

    I don’t see it on Amazon.

  2. howardgirls2003

    I keep seeing the Boff, and now I need to join in… sounds pretty cool! When are you doing The Opportunist?

  3. howardgirls2003

    Disregard that comment…by reading Boquet Toss we get Opportunist Dates…
    I get confused easily!

  4. Leeanne Perrin

    How do you join club? Do you just make comment starting the date of the next read? I know it might sound silly but my first book club. I really like your site and Facebook page.

    • Hi Leeanne. Just keep an eye on our FB page TotallyBooked. We will start this weeks bookclub read on Friday night (whatever timezone you’re in) – then when you’ve finished the book you PM us on our FB page with a rating out of 5 and a one line if possible review.
      This Firday 14th we are doing Bouquet Toss and we have a new release book coming up for the 12th October we know everyone will love.
      Hope to see you there!
      Jen x 😉

  5. alina

    Just finished Bouquet Toss this morning and loved it. It is a 5 star for me. So beautifully written and full of charm; it will make you laugh, cry, and laugh again. It is a roller coaster ride that will leave you fully satisfied. Definitely worth reading.

  6. Jennifer

    I can’t figure out how to PM on Facebook, so here is my review: 3 stars. I liked, but didn’t love this book. Perhaps the author intended for Mayson to be so un-likeable, but it threw off any respect I may have had for Daphne. I enjoyed the ending, wished there was more heat with Tanner.

  7. tracie redmond

    Never did the boff but excited to joinin

  8. alina stoica

    I feel so bad writing this review because I really love J. Sterling’s books (really loved Chance Encounters). I give The Perfect Game 3.5 stars. While it was an enjoyable read, I couldn’t get past the many similarities between the Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and this book.

  9. I am so excited! Gonna break my cherrie on the BOFF this weekend! And I’ve never read this looking forward to this.

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