Our Biggest Crush by Jenny & Gitte




He’s our LUSH CRUSH!

Jenny:  Gitte, we’ve been asked to talk to everyone about a crush we had or have.  Well, not only are we book soul mates but we’re also crush soul mates as well aren’t we?

 Gitte:     Indeed we are Jenny….

Jenny:   To call our David Gandy obsession a crush…….well that would be an understatement wouldn’t it?  Hmmmm more like we are in LOVE with this man!

Gitte:     You took the words right out of my mouth David…umm sorry I mean Jenny. (Jenny: hey, there’s a crush soul mate code girlfriend!! We share…remember?) Yes this is not a simple crush this is obsessive David Gandy loving…*blushing*

Jenny:   Oh blush away! He makes me blush constantly!  So let’s think on this.  When did we first fall in crush/love with David?

Gitte:      OMG!!! AGES AGO….way before it became a popular past time of most people….hey yes I mean you…and you….and you….*rolling my eyes possessively* (Jenny:  Don’t worry, I’m rolling right there with you….eyes that is!)

Jenny:   Not a day goes by that we don’t pay homage to this gorgeous man does it?

Gitte:     Nope sure doesn’t, I mean how could it, he is perfection! And anytime is Gandy Candy time!

Jenny:  Yes, yes he is!  So what is there to love about David Gandy?  Where do we start?  His face, his hair, his body………….his everything.  (Gitte: I just melted Jenny!!)  He has us…. Lock, stock and barrel and we love him with all our hearts don’t we?

Gitte: …..And he loves animals!!! Yes, yes we really do….his smile…makes me smile *sigh*

Jenny:   Oh that video of him with the puppies!!…..David and puppies!!….**sigh**…hmmm where were we?   Not to mention that we’ve both received PM’s from him on Facebook which we have to say; made us squeal with delight didn’t it?

Gitte:    Absolutely….printed & memorised Jenny

Jenny:   So, what would be your ultimate David Gandy fantasy Gitte?  And keep it clean and under R Rating girlfriend.

Gitte:    I would just love to go for a walk in Hyde Park with him…take our dogs for a walk, talk books over a coffee something like that….

Jenny:  Oh that’s a good one…..does he have clothes on?  Just joking.  Sort of. No, not really

Gitte:     Well you told me to keep it clean…in my head we take a detour in that park…just saying*wink wink*!!)

Jenny:   Okay, ring me later and tell me the x rated version of that fantasy!

J&G :      So that’s our crush.  We love David Gandy with all our heart and not a day goes by that we don’t find something new about him or find a new pic to make our day and share with our fellow Facebook Gandy addicts (hmmm maybe we need a support group or something!)
We’re friends so we’ve learnt to share him…..well…..that’s what we tell each other anyway *wink, wink*

 Want to win a Vincent Boys Break Up Survival Pack?

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 Well just leave a comment and tell us about Your Crush and we will choose one lucky person to win this pack

It can be A Rock Star, A Film Star, A Fictional boyfriend (hmmm we know they’re actually real) anyone you like

Be sure to check out  The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines..

These books are some of our all time favorites here at TB


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29 responses to “Our Biggest Crush by Jenny & Gitte

  1. Tess

    I have a huge school girl crush on Alexander Skarsgård/Eric Northman! He’s a living Norse God, hunk of a man, sex-on-legs, alpha male and did I mention he’s 1.94m?! *faints*

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I can’t wait to read The Vincent Boys! I heard Beau is to-die-for 😉


  2. Mary

    My crushes are M. Shadows, Kellan Kyle (of course) and Mark Harbough (Ravens head coach).

    I have many book crushes thanks to some great authors. If I listed them all I’d be here all day.

  3. Eliza Bernardini

    Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series. It’s amazing how one word can mean so many things!

  4. Traci

    I don’t think any character can beat kellan kyle as my biggest book crush. He even beats Edward Cullen for me. I heart kellan. A close second though is Beau Vincent. Love him too. Real people crush.. How could I forget???? I’ve been In a country music phase and lovvvvve Mr. Luke Bryan. Yummo. I could go on but I won’t lol. Thanks ladies for all your great book recommendations.

  5. Hmmm biggest crush…thats a hard one! Have to agree with Mary on M Shadows…he’s just completely and utter edible!! Agreeing with Tess on Alexander Skarsgård too…tall, blonde, totally gorgeous!

    My list is huuuuge…Kelllan Lutz, Taylor Kitsch, Joe Manganiello, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Mark Salling and loads more! But my biggest crush (for the moment…) would have to be Jamie Campbell Bower…blonde hair…boyish good looks and playing Jace Wayland in the The Mortal Instruments series films!!

    Don’t even get me started on book boyfriends…Jace Wayland (of course), Patch, Travis Maddox, Loki, Griffin (The Siren/Angel/Prince, not thoughtless/effortless), Brayden, Deuce……Shall I go on?

  6. Nicoleta Dumbrava

    I have lots and lots of book crushes … where should I start? 🙂

    Kellan K., Braden C., Lucas, Will, Luke and the list goes on and on and on 🙂

    Nicoleta D.

  7. Hillary Hinz

    My crush is model Jase Dean. I twitter & Facebook stalk him. My phone is LOADED with his pics. And I love tweeting him. He always retweets or tweets back. He has beautiful blue eyes & a killer smile. Oh & he is a relentless flirt.

  8. Allie Mathews

    My crushes are Josh Groban, Jericho Barrons, Ian Somerhalder, Alexander Skarsgard….so many!!!! lol

  9. Karyn Khoo

    I’m not sorry to say that I have two crushes. They are Christian Grey and Kellan Kyle! Both of them makes me swoon. They are both quite similar as they are super duper sweet to those they love. I love them so so much. And also not forgetting they are both into music like I am.

    I can’t wait to read the books! Thank you! 😀

  10. Michelle Lovell

    Hmmmm, I have a few crushes. One being Tatum Channing and another being Adam Levine. I don’t think I could narrow down a fictional crush though, so I won’t even try. 🙂

    • Michelle Lovell

      Uhhgg, and apparently I have a form of dyslexia that makes me write the name backwards when my daughter is sitting on my lap trying to type with me. Seriously, I know his name is Channing Tatum. Durrr.

  11. Melissa O

    Omg this is so hard to decided lol I have soo many crushes!! But if I had to choose I would choose Robert pattinson and a singer Justin nozuka. My book crushes go on and on but some of them would be Christian Grey, Marcus hardy (ok maybe any guy from the sea breeze series lol), and of course Kellan K 🙂

  12. raddenb

    A huge crush I’m having at the moment is Andrew Parrish from The Edge of Never only because I can’t stop thinking about him. Ladies, when you read this you will understand! Swoon!!!!!! As far as others go I’d say Professor Emerson, Braden Carmichael, Will Cooper, any of the boys from the Ross Sibling series…. Omg the list could go on. I develop new crushes on the daily!

  13. Kim

    Umm…Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum…yummy….Book character…so many but Cabe/Hawk Delgado, Creed, Kellan, Travis, Will,…must stop now….lol

  14. Starla Y.

    I would have to say Jackson Rathbone and Jake from The Mighty Storm. I love the wild boy/musicians.

  15. Desiree Smith

    My biggest crush was a boy that say in front of me in my World History class. I could never forget he would stare at me every class and one day I looked up and just asked. “What are you looking at?” He said. “You!” And when I asked his why he gave me the cutest answer on the planet. “Because you’re cute!” I still blush thinking about him, ecspecially because he is my husband of three years and high school sweetheart! 🙂

  16. Jill

    My crush would definitely be Cage from While It Lasts! I first fell in love when I found out he played baseball. (Seriously, nothing is hotter than those pants!) After reading about how he felt about Eva & how he took it slow with her….I fell in love all over again. I finally read Because Of Low afterwards, and got to see him in a different light. His friendship with low was amazing.

  17. Jenn Jacobo

    My biggest crush…..well I have to say Marky Marky-MARK WALBURG and Chris Hemsworth.

  18. Tanya Doolittle

    My favorite is Kellan Kyle !!! Love the Thoughtless series. I feel like i am going thru a breakup waiting for the 3rd book. Lol

  19. JennyC

    Alex Pettyfer all the way! I LOVED him in I am Number Four and in Beastly! 🙂

  20. My crush would definitely be Gideon Cross from the Crossfire Series 😀 LOVE that series.

  21. Yadira A.

    Can’t get enough of Chris Hemsworth:)


  22. Ale

    In big words DAVID JAMES GANDY for real and George Clooney, in books mmmmm… Bad boys? Yes!! First Beau Vincent (Vincent Boys), Cage York (Sea Breeze Series), Gideon Cross (Crossfire Series), Dexter Mayhel (One Day) etc,

  23. Carla

    Oh no, girls. David is my husband!! You’re not allowed to steal my husband! 😀

    Another crush I have is this gorgeous italian gentleman.
    Take a look It’s a book trailer. The author relied on it to create the hero. (*faints*)

  24. Mer

    Jon Snow is my current fictional boyfriend (I’m fickle and known to dump them without warning. Tim Riggins,, among others, is still mourning). He’s so honorable and has such pretty hair!

  25. Angela Yarborough

    My Crush would definitely be on Damon from Vampire Diaries…So hot.. just wish he could take a bite of my neck!!! He plays such a tough guy but he really is very romantic and has a heart of gold….ooh wee.. now thats a man!! (a undead one)!!!!

  26. anima giraldez

    My favorite book crush would have to be Will Cooper. Favorite actor Christian Bale and favorite singer Rob Thomas. Beautiful smart men with a soft heart for the women they love.

  27. Sarah Reilly

    That was so cool ladies !! X
    And I think you know who my celebrity crush is ???? OH….DAVID XXXX
    My book crush however…no woman can have just one ?! It’s impossible….they’re just all too swoon worthy *sigh* xx
    Although right now…Luke from ‘I love you to Death’ is VERY much still at the TOP XX

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