The Malebox and Guest reviewer Emma – review Take Me by Olivia Cunning

The Malebox needed a reviewing mate so he put out the call for a volunteer from his Facebook page

He chose Emma for the task and the book she picked was Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret #3) by Olivia Cunning

Enjoy the review – The Malebox never does cease to amuse us!

For this review, my Facebook volunteer Emma got the opportunity to choose a book and review it with me. Emma’s book of choice was the short story “Take Me” by Olivia Cunning.  Due to my previous reviews, this is actually one author that I am familiar with. I was expecting rock stars and sex and I was not disappointed.

This is the story of Shade, the lead singer in the rock band “Sole Regret” and Amanda. Shade is actually Amanda’s brother in law, but has since separated from her sister Tina, so cue complicated relationship theme.

After a disastrous encounter with Tina, Shade and Amanda find themselves at Shade’s house. Amanda has always liked Shade, but has been understandably put off by the fact that he was married to her sister, is a rock star and is generally a cock in a pair of sunglasses. Things don’t go too well when there is an unannounced visit from groupie Veronica.

From my point of view Amanda is hot, but Emma goes slightly deeper into Amanda (as I would like to). She manages to see Jacob rather than Shade and brings out the best in him.

Having said that though, Veronica is really hot too.  She got a bit of hard time from Shade during her visit and I thought that he could have let her stay for a while…even her glorious line of “shame to waste a pussy this hot and juicy for you”, didn’t sway him…Fool. When Veronica said this, I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to have sex with her or just order a really nice steak…what girls talk like this and where can I find them? Things got more realistic when Amanda threatened to put her pussy on strike…unfortunately I know where to find these girls…

This brings me on nicely to Shade’s bedroom. Rest assured that The Malebox will be pimping his bedroom out in similar fashion.  From an interior design point of view, Shade is a genius. Also when did women start liking pizza and beer at home rather than going out to expensive restaurants and drinking cocktails? This new knowledge in itself will save me loads of money which I can now put towards my new remote controlled sexual playground that I will be installing in my bedroom. Emma raised the valid point that maybe I was just going for the wrong women!

Nevertheless, my bedroom home improvements are underway.  I am going for a full playground and not just an electronic swing. The love slide and seesaw are causing a few problems though. I am also installing a pizza oven and fridge as well.

As short stories go it was quite entertaining…unfortunately my male species let me down again by going weak at the penis for a woman……AGAIN, but I will let Shade off as Amanda is freaky naughty.

I have tried to put myself in Shade’s position and thought what would I do if I had his choices of settling down or living the life of rock star…it’s a no brainier…I would be knee deep in groupies and pussy and snorting cocaine off their bare asses every night of the week in my remote controlled CCTV surround sound sex swinged bedroom…Although this is just me…I quite liked Shade in the end and the man deserves a medal for putting up with that ex-wife of his.

Overall I did enjoy the read and enjoy the rock star genre and Olivia Cunning, so well done Emma. I cannot review this book without mentioning the line “Amanda’s panties were going to need scuba gear if they got any wetter”. It is now my mission to use this quote at least once a day if at all possible. Genius Olivia!

Malebox’s next guest reviewer will be Natalie. Stay tuned!!!


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15 responses to “The Malebox and Guest reviewer Emma – review Take Me by Olivia Cunning

  1. Paula Novack

    Lol. Great review!

  2. Kathy

    Too funny! Great review and good luck with your bedroom renovations.

  3. natalie

    MB…as always…a fabulous review….

  4. Minx

    I would totally prefer pizza and beer at home with a guy that could “make my panties so wet they needed scuba gear!” over an expensive dinner while being a prude Sally pants! Just sayin! Love the book Liv can’t wait for Owens turn.

  5. Nicoleta Dumbrava


  6. I am reading her now and I am so into Trey it makes me like Reagan even more

  7. Loved the review, Malebox, wasn’t it great you got such renovation inspiration from the book? Lol

  8. S.Nelson

    Love this review and love your humor!!

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