Love Revolution (Black Cat Records Shakesphere Inspired Trilogy #2) by Michelle Mankin

I am hanging my head in shame right now.  Why you ask?  Because until I met Michelle Mankin in Chicago last September I had never heard of this wonderful author.  I know! I have clearly been hiding under a rock.

Michelle and I had many discussions but one thing I adored about her was her enthusiasm for her book, her characters and her absolute passion for music which all made me hunger to sample her work.

Well sometimes I strike lucky and have to pinch myself.  This was one of those times because Michelle contacted me and asked me if she could send me an ARC of her book for my opinion – ummm yes please!!!

Well it happened! I fell in love with her writing style, her characters and her story because she brought everything that I loved and found wonderful about the lady to this book.

One thing I will say is that whilst I was in the middle of reading she sent a rewrite for Chapter 33 and asked my opinion because she had ramped it up a bit – I said “absolutely change this” because this scene was HAWT and so fitted the book so I’m crossing my fingers that the final draft included the rewritten scene because she nailed that scene for me.  (**crossing fingers and toes here**)

I am such a sucker for a rock star/music orientated book and this one has been added to my list of rockstar books that I love.

I loved taking the journey with Cris and Sarah and Samantha and JR and the fact that this story is set in Vancouver just added to my enjoyment of it.  You see I visited Vancouver last year and have been itching to get back because I fell in love with the place.  Well thanks to Michelle I kinda did go back…..maybe not in person, but I went back and revisited via her wonderful characters and her beautiful voice.

This book is sweet, angsty, and sexy and being a fan of hearing different pov’s in a story (which the author did seamlessly I might add) just added to an already enjoyable read for me.

I will say though everyone knows my OCD for cliffhangers and I may never forgive Michelle Mankin for this one 😉


Be sure to check read Book One Love Evolution



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2 responses to “Love Revolution (Black Cat Records Shakesphere Inspired Trilogy #2) by Michelle Mankin

  1. Bobbie

    Another to add to your TBR. Would love your opinion as it is on my TBR is This Man. Are you planning to read it?

  2. Bobbie, Gitte reviewed This Man yesterday. The review for that should be above this one. She loved it. Jen 😉

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