Come Away With Me (With Me In Seattle #) by Kristen Proby – BOFF Bookclub Reviews from 9th November 2012

Wow, this one sure did get a mixed reaction from you guys.  This really was a marmite (or vegemite – depending on where in the world you are) book – some loved it, some didn’t.

Check out the results below:

Christine Gregorio Brannen   I give Come Away With Me 4 stars. It was heartfelt and hot with all the hearts and flowers (literally)! I would have liked more of a storyline and a build-up to Nat and Luke’s relationship. I felt like love scenes and “I love you”s got repetitive. For some reason I was wanting more angst and conflict throughout the book. All in all it was a good read and I will definitely read book 2…. Fight With Me has to have more angst right?

Hayley Harmon Peters   Sexy, sassy curvy heroine. Hot, bossy alpha male. What more can you ask for? Sweet and tear-jerking then HOT and hilarious, it has it all. 5 out of 5

Laura  I am sorry, but I just could not finish this book. It was a self-indulgent romp fest. Not fair to give it a rating.

Alina Stoica-Man  I’ve been waiting for this book for a while to come out and I was supper excited to finally read it. I want to say that it’s not for everyone. If you’re a prude you better stay away because there’s lots of hot sex.. Lots and lots of it to the point that you’ll feel sore just reading it lol. This story if very similar to “No more wasted time” by Beverly Preston. You have the beautiful Natalie, a talented photographer, and the sexy, charming, romantic Luke who happens to be a very famous movie star. Together they will take you on a very explicit journey full of romantic dinners, jealousy fights, and plenty of erotic nights (and days). The story is sweet and very easy to read. As much as I enjoyed it, I wish it was a little bit less lovemaking and more plot. 4 stars.

Tara King  5 stars. I can’t wait for Feb. 2013 for the next book! I loved the characters and how they evolved in the book!

Donna Rollans Freeman   4 stars. Great story with strong lovable characters! Totally would read her next book.

Jeannette Carlson  I loved it! I give it 4.5. I loved everything about it. The story is line is awesome and it kept me interested throughout the whole thing. I was not able to put it down!

Christina Rodriguez Vargas  Come Away with Me review- it was good but not great. Cute story but predictable and love scenes were redundant. 3.5 stars

Tara  Really enjoyed this book…kept waiting for something Horrible to happen that would really try Nat and Luke’s relationship!  Half way through the book I wanted to start a drinking game every time this couple had sex!  I could get drunk after a day of them together!  Looking forward to reading the next one! 4 stars

Janice Petterson  It was okay…but felt like there was no story really. It was all about the sex scenes so got bored. 2 Stars

Andriana  I absolutely loved this book. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. It had plenty of dialogue and details just like I like. However, the only thing I don’t like was the short time frame everything took place in. I think it would have been just if it was spread out.

Sandy Morgan  I tried to like this book but I found it cheesy and a bit of a nothing story. The sex was not hot, it actually made me cringe. 2 stars

Michelle Balcerski RogusCome away with me was great! I give it 4 stars only because I wish there was a little more to the plot. The characters were real and I always love a HEA. Can’t wait for Jules book!

Leslie Weinstein Metsch  Come away with was just ok for me. The book didn’t have enough story and just relied on the hot sex scenes. 3 stars

Kara Hensley  CAWM rating=5!! All I can say is WOW!! Nat & Luke are sooo steamy!! I can’t wait to read Jules & Nate’s journey!!

Rachel Fisci  Right ladies the BOFF !!!!!! You know I love my books and the hotter and dirtier the better, but I actually returned the book to Amazon because it was just sex with no substance.  I’ve actually read say for instance, Gio and Noah by Elizabeth Reyes which for my standards weren’t really hot books, but the build-up between the characters has had my pulse actually racing. It’s all well and good writing a hot steamy book but if there’s no connection with the characters it doesn’t work.  My sister just read one of our favourite books The Mighty Storm and says it’s the hottest and best book she’s ever read, the, the build-up between Tru and Jake was so exciting and hot and that’s why I’m sorry but I can’t rate the book.

Robyn Ross  Come away with me – loved it, very swoon-worthy 4 stars

Liz  Nothing stood out for me in this book. No character build and no story. The execution was poor. 2 stars.

Hillary HinzCome Away With Me  4 starsThe perfect love story. I did enjoy the story and I love how the two met. At times I was thinking it was too good to be true. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop – it never did. It was truly a love story without much conflict or heart break at all.
If you are looking for an easy read with no angst, heart break or real character to issues to overcome – this is the perfect read!

Kelly  No story! Yes sex sells but this reader needs more –  2.5 stars

Kathy Anderson   4 stars  Luke and Nat pull you in and keep you on edge until the end with a full spectrum of passionate emotion. And screaming thigh sweats sexy is good too!

Renee Giraldy  I love to write a review about a fluffy fluff. This book was a naughty fluffy fluff and probably the best in the category I have read. *Warning: Contains profanity, explicit sex, and a super sexy couple! When you see that what is a girl to do but buy the book and pray the family will leave me alone to read. Rating 5 * and add extra heat to that too!!

Kristin Gery Hlavinka  Loved Come Away With Me, as usual another great BOFF read here’s my review. If you need to cut it down, choose whatever you want to.
Swoontastic….sigh. Shhhh…don’t tell my husband, but Luke is my new book boyfriend. I don’t think a guy a real life guy would be that over the top, but it is definitely is every girl’s fantasy to be romanced and loved like that. Every once in a while I like a good, steady romance and this definitely fills the need. No love triangle, no angsty stuff, no cheating, just fantastic romance and relationship building.

Kim Doe  4.5 star rating 🙂 I would give it 5 starts but I just wasn’t ready to leave Luke behind yet!!!
I LOVED this book and couldn’t put it down. From beginning to end I was hooked, it was just AMAZING. I read it in less than a day 🙂
Luke Edward Williams…swoon worthy. OMG he is just so WOW!!
Can’t wait for book number two, I just hope Luke and Natalie make an appearance???

Melissa Mack-Miller  Come Away With Me was excellent. I rate it between 3.5 & 4 stars.

Lej Guevarra Teodosio  How do I begin with my review for this book? Ok, first, my rating – 2.5 stars. The book didn’t quite measure up on the emotions department; it is rather lacking a conflict which a story should have in order to connect with the reader. I was waiting chapter after chapter for a book to reveal any sort of twists but there was none. The physical aspects of the book were too much – too much superlatives (TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL), Luke’s romancing ideas and gestures were to the point of cheesiness, too much sex scenes which I found myself skimming through the pages already, it’s almost like reading Natalie’s sex diary. I am not sure how the second book will come about since the first book didn’t give too much to hang on. Second book would be more interesting if author would make a story out of Jules and Nate. Their forbidden affair will offer a more interesting twist than Natalie and Luke.

Christina Badder  3 / 5  Grrr… I hate when this happens. I loved the cover. I loved it was picked as our BOFF read. I had such high hopes. I felt let down by this one. It was a nice, quick, weekend read. Very smexy, and fun. It just left me wanting something more. Something deeper and more fulfilling. I loved the epilogue and their vows.

Rachel Maybury  BOFF Review for Come Away With Me
I really wanted to enjoy this book, I’d heard such good things and was excited about reading it, that was the most excited I got 😦 I just couldn’t connect with it, I don’t often not finish a book but honestly I was bored, it was all sex and no story. I don’t normally review the BOFF’s when I don’t have anything good to say but there needs to be some balance reviewing with the 5* reviews I’ve seen.. A 2* DNF for me.

Lezanda Genis  3 Stars. I think I developed a slight toothache during this book, although I have to say it made for a nice change from all the angst I normally like in a book. Ok, thinking about it again I’m changing my rating to 4 stars.

Jen Hurley  Natalie is a talented young woman with a troubled past, fighting to hold herself together. Luke has also had his share of heartbreak, through life experiences as a celebrity in Hollywood. When the two meet early one morning on the beach, Luke takes Natalie as another paparazzi out to invade his privacy, yet she has no idea who she is dealing with. A chance encounter later in the day leads to the discovery of something that could be more than either of them ever dreamed of finding.
While I kept waiting for more confrontation and angst-filled drama, I enjoyed the story overall and found the love scenes to be sexy. I solidly enjoyed the book and give it a 3.5 to 4 star rating.

Yanira Maldonado   2.5 – 3 stars cute fluffy romance. Needed more conflict and a stronger connection to the characters. I would’ve liked fewer and deeper and different sex scenes.

Tara Torpey-Orsini  3.5 stars for Come Away With Me
This would probably have been a 3 star book for me if not for Luke Williams… definitely bonus points for the man with the grand romantic gestures. It was a good story, I read it all in one sitting, and I think I was just always waiting for a little something more.

Susan Pauloz Sunderlin   I give our latest BOFF 3 stars. The sex scenes were pretty hot, that’s for sure. I couldn’t muster a lot of feelings for Nat or Luke. I didn’t find myself wanting to fight to keep them together. It was a cute story, and a good first book.

Suzanne Zvalaren Schneider  Come Away With Me – 4 stars. Such a nice read. Not too angsty and Luke was a dream.

Cece Garceau  Here’s my review of Come Away with Me….
3.5-4 stars for Coma Away With Me. It was sassy fairytale with a very healthy dose of steam! Wished there was a bit more to the story, but a nice palette cleanser.

Anjie Gamnje Gordon  Come Away With Me:  4.5 stars   I loved the premise of how they met. Although the relationship moved fast I really enjoyed it. However, the ending seemed rushed like it had to be wrapped up neatly in not enough pages. But I liked it!

Lee Clements  3.5 stars – I really liked the story of Luke and Nat but wanted more detail and depth to their story in between the hot love scenes. Just missed something for me but will look forward to the next book.

Kathleen ODonnell Burley   I am giving “Come Away With Me” 3 stars. It was a nice read, but almost too nice. It kept me reading, but there was very little drama and when there was drama, it was cleaned up in less than a chapter. The story plotline was pretty formulaic, and easy to guess where the story was headed. I will still read more in this series, however, sometimes it’s nice to read something smooth and easy going without all the angst. There were plenty of steamy scenes to spice things up, too.

Ashley Hartigan Tkachyk  3.75 stars   I really liked the characters in this book (especially Jules). Hot man, sassy woman, great love story.
The reason it didn’t receive 5 stars: When the characters were sharing really intimate moments I wanted them to open up more…I just kept wanting more! Also a lot of repeats used when describing things.
I did like this book and look forward to reading more from this author!

Valerie Marzeno Conforti   Enjoyed reading CAWM…gave it 5*****
I appreciated the Romance w/o the Drama…a beautiful love story, steamy sex scenes and a fluid plot line…looking forward to the rest of the series…

Brenda Stevens  Here is my review of Come Away With Me. I give it a 5. I loved both Natalie and Luke. Not as much angst and misunderstandings as in some other recent reads, which I liked. I always love books that are set in Seattle…makes me feel closer to them since I’ve been to many places described. Also loved the steamy sex 🙂 Can’t wait to read about Jules and Nate.

Ariel Bartling  I did love this book. Luke was so sweet and the perfect man! I do wish the book had a bit more drama but it had a great love story. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Amanda Halvorson  3 stars. A sweet and hot fast read.

Janis Krausen Lewis   Come Away With Me…. 4.5 Stars I loved this book. It captured me from the beginning and it was wonderfully sweet throughout.

Claire Smith   2 stars – I couldn’t get into the story, maybe because there really wasn’t one. It was all about the sex and it was sickly sweet.


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