S.C. STEPHENS GIVEAWAY – Calling all “Die Hard “fans and “Yet to Be” fans of Thoughtless and Effortless!

To celebrate S.C. Stephens Day at Totallybooked, we’re having two Giveaways

That’s right….not one, but two!!!!

Read below to see how you can win!

We will draw 2 winners on Friday 16th November!

1)  For the first giveaway we want to hear from readers who have not yet discovered this wonderful author. 

Just leave a comment below tell us why you would like to read Thoughtless and Effortless by S.C.  Stephens and we will one lucky person a Kindle copy of these books.

2) Is for the fans who have already discovered this amazing author and her wonderful books!

We want you to comment below and tell us your favourite scene or quote from Thoughtless/Effortless or just tell us why you love these books so much.  We will choose one lucky person to receive a paperback copy of the books.


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326 responses to “S.C. STEPHENS GIVEAWAY – Calling all “Die Hard “fans and “Yet to Be” fans of Thoughtless and Effortless!

  1. Carolyn Young

    I have read both Thoughtless & Effortless twice and am waiting breathlessly for more Kellan. My favorite scene is in Thoughtless when they are fighting in the storage room at Pete’s and Kiera screams at Kellan that he is hers!

  2. Becca

    I am not normal. Thus being so I started the “Thoughtless” series with “Effortless”. It was not really intentional…more like I wasn’t aware “Thoughtless” existed (yeah I’m a lil ‘thoughtless’ ;D). Any-who, while I was in the middle of reading “Effortless” I had fallen in love with Kellan and Kiera. Their love was so passionate yet troubled. I craved to know the exact details of how they began. So imagine my excitement when I finally figured out there was a book BEFORE “Effortless”. I happily devoured “Thoughtless” as quickly as I could and I fell even deeper in love ❤
    So to ask for me to pick just one scene…it is really difficult..there are countless scenes that I simply adore. However, if I absolutely haaaaaave to chose my most favorite scene…it is the scene right AFTER the dramatic rain scene.
    I know so many readers love, love, love the rain scene…and rightly so. It's hot!!…Well it's cold actually but Kellan and Kiera are hot lol xD But as we have established I am not normal so I feel the very next scene out shines that sexy rain rondevu.
    I am talking about the scene where Kellan is crying alone in his room and Kiera comes in and comforts him. It is beautiful and to me proves the mind-blowing love between them. Kellan cries over Kiera. He regrets hurting her, and feels like he lost her…for good. His anguish although tragic is powerful. You can feel his pain and understand how deeply he has fallen for her.
    Meanwhile, Kiera holds Kellan as he weeps comforting him as best she can. She might not know the exact cause of Kellan's tears she doesn't have to. She instinctively knows he needs her. And although, Kiera must have been hurt and confused; she unselfishly let go of those emotions. She embraced Kellan until he fell asleep. She didn't leave him alone. She was there for him.
    It is an emotional and beautiful scene.

  3. Becky Benzenberg

    Favorite Thoughtless quote…..”Don’t leave me. You are mine…and I’m yours. I want you…and you can have me.” Favorite Effortless quote….“But, if for some reason we’re not closer, if something has gotten between us, please, I’m begging you…don’t give up on me. Stay. Stay with me. Work it out with me. Just don’t leave me…please.” These books get inside your soul and stay with you for so long. Their love story pulls at your heart strings and you have to keep reading to find out whats happens. I absolutely LOVE both books and I can’t wait for Reckless to come out!!!!

  4. Nicki Campbell

    I love both of these books and can not wait until Reckless comes out. My favorite scene from Thoughtless was when Keira’s sister Anna draggs her to the bar and makes her listen to Kellan’s song after they. It was the best scene ever!!!!! It touches my heart and soul and the reveals how much love they have for each other. They were both making themselves miserable when they didn’t need. After this scence, they opened their hearts to the love they have and took a chance on each other. Love love this series. Reckless can not come out soon enough.

  5. Alannah Perriss

    Favourite quote….“But, if for some reason we’re not closer, if something has gotten between us, please, I’m begging you…don’t give up on me. Stay. Stay with me. Work it out with me. Just don’t leave me…please.”
    I love the raw obsession with these books and how totally in love they are! Every girls dream to have a guy who is soooo madly in love!

  6. Cathy V.

    I have heard so many great things about these books. The blogs that I trust and follow all rave about them… RAVE! So they must be worth it and it’s time for me to join the frenzy!

  7. Jennifer Norris

    The Rain scene in Thoughtless completely hooked me. From that point on I was an emotional slave to the journey of Keira and Kellan.

  8. Dana

    I would love to read either one as they have been on my list to be read!!!!!!!

  9. Leilani

    I LOVE these books & the heated relationship between Kellan & Keira. My favorite part is in Effortless at The DBags going away party. Keira finally lets all her inhibitions go & enjoys the intense passion & love she feels for Kellan! It’s such a HOT moment! I love how Keira describes the expression of Kellan’s eyes… “Those-I-want-to-have-sex-with-you-eyes had a way of turning my insides into molasses… Warm, gooey and… Delicious!” Every woman wants to feel that way when her man looks at her!!

  10. Actually it was never planned that I will really read these books because from the synopsis of Thoughtless, it’s really not the type of stories that I usually read, the love-triangle thing.

    But when I finally read it! I was shaking from the whole journey! I feel so much pain reading this, I so want to cry the entire time Kiera and Kellan are fooling around, while Denny is in the room, I feel sorry for him because of what the two were doing behind his back. I also hate Kiera and Kellan at the same time, using sex to other girls to get Kiera jealous and Kiera using Denny to get back at Kellan.

    Favorite quote from Thoughtless is “I’d done it. I’d successfully pushed away two wonderful men. My desire to hurt neither of them, ended up hurting them both.”
    This is when Kiera finally realized what damage she had done to these amazing guys!

    Then of course the Effortless when I was really extremely happy that Denny was able to find the right woman. And then the never-ending trust issues are still roaming around in Kiera and Kellan’s life that I so want to punch these two.

    “Happy ending or not, Kellan and I were jerks” seriously I was laughing when I read that part! And I agree, right there that they were really made for each other.

    I love these books because it came out I was greatly affected with their lives that as much as I hate Kiera and Kellan, at the end (as much as I hate to really admit this) I want them to be together, happily and forever.

  11. Khudson

    It would be great to have these 2 books to add to my library!! I have yet to read either of these books or anything by this author but these books have for sure been on my list. As my list has grown after coming across your site LOVE IT!!!!

  12. Christine Mateo

    I love Kellan!!! Both books rocked. My favorite scene is the whole farewell party. The drinking game, the hot steamy bathroom scene and then the hilarious conversation of Keira remembering the night. Can’t wait for Reckless!!!

  13. Sara Cramer

    I am not a normal reader, I found this author online and started reading some of the teasers of her books. I have fallen in love with Kiera and Kellan. I read both books in a matter of two days. I think about them as they were real people in the real world. I loved how Effortless ended, I am excited to read the third but a little nervous I so want this couple to make it all the way and I get a little anxious while I read about them. Thank you so much to SC Stephens for bringing something like a story about two loves into my life. Heartache, romance, trust, and unconditional love is the best way to keep a reader coming back. I really hope somewhere out there there is a real Kiera and Kellan I hope they are madly and deeply in love with each other as the book has shown. Thank you

  14. tea pleic

    OMGosh I think that these two books started my obsession with reading and now half a year later i am at over 50 books read… Plus following G&J and their awesomeness… I tell everyone to read these books because they are amazing… One of my fave quotes “But, if for some reason we’re not closer, if something has gotten between us, please, I’m begging you…don’t give up on me. Stay. Stay with me. Work it out with me. Just don’t leave me…please.”
    ― S.C. Stephens, Effortless

  15. Clista

    I remember starting to read Thoughtless, and was hooked. Then I found myself feeling so angry at Kiera, how could she hurt these two wonderful men? I almost stopped reading because I was frustrated. Thank God I did not! I was so mesmerized by the story. I think S.C. does an incredible job of describing the emotions and angst that I felt I was right there with them. It was incredibly difficult to put down until I finished, (poor family). I loved the whole cast in these books, it is hard to pick a favorite passage, so many. I am anxious to read them again in preparation for Reckless coming out. I have told everyone I know to read these books! Love! Would love the paperbacks to add to my collection of my absolute favorites!!!! ❤

  16. Nani

    These 2 books have seriously gotten under my skin! I finished both in under a week and am now in a slight depression now that its over (I am undeniably crazy ) so many scenes are amazing but probably my favorite quote is ” loving you Kellen, is so easy, it’s effortless.” ” trusting you…that’s the hard part.”
    I must say I do find it strange that reading the “behind the scenes interview” they talk about how the next book is coming out, how someone else is writing about their life. It’s weird especially when Kiera is writing about their life.

  17. I would like to read Thoughtless and Effortless by S.C. Stephens because
    Im new to this world of reading indie/romance or whatever the catorgory it is 🙂 i was introduce to this world when my friend to me a convention called TFEiC and thats when i meet some authors especially S.C. Stephens, CJ Roberts, Tara Sivec, Colleen Hoover, Jillian Dodd and Elizabeth. There were a few more but i cant remember. I ended up buy my first book there i bought Dark Duet by CJ and i read the first book Captive in the dark and my second book i read Seduction and Snacks and I love them ♥ So hopefully i win if not Good luck everyone 🙂

  18. Nicole hoplesslyaddicted toKellanandKiera

    I have read and reread and reread these books sooo many times and they NEEEVVVERRR get old. I dont know how you can pick 1 favorite scene from both..There are sooo many “fall in love moments”…After reading these books i felt sooo lost without kellan and kiera and “mornin”…I think i would die if i won these books!

  19. Melissa Haggerty

    I absolutely loved the scene in the coffee house, but my favorite was the bathroom scene in Effortless at the goodbye party. I could go on about tons of other parts I loved, like the notes from Kellan, or them snuggling on the couch. These books are just amazingly great!

  20. Megan Baker

    I have been dying to read this books…have heard nothing but great things about them!

  21. Melissa Dwyer

    He stayed close without smothering, and he gave me space without distancing.

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