Check this out!!!! Hotter than Hot "Never Before Seen" Deleted Scene from Thoughtless (#1) by S.C. Stephens……warning: have the ice water ready!!!!




**Timeline: At the end of Thoughtless, when Kellan and Kiera are dating but not yet having sex**

Lying together on Kellan’s bed, I nimbly took off his shirt and ran my fingers down the lines of his chest while we kissed. He smiled and pulled me tighter. As the intensity of our kiss increased, I ran my hands under his jeans and boxers and grabbed his backside. He laughed a little and grabbed me in kind, over my jeans. I sighed contently and started sliding my hand around his hip. He caught it as I passed along his hip bone.

“No Kiera, we’re going slow…remember?”

“We’re going slow…not stopping.” I pulled away and gave him a serious look. “I want to know that you still want me. I want to know that I drive you as crazy as you drive me.”

He kissed my nose. “You do…you do, Kiera. I want you so much. You have no idea how hard I am for you right now.”

I leaned in to kiss him, my hand trying once again to slip around and feel him. “Exactly, Kellan…I have no idea. I want to feel you.”

He groaned against my lips. “If you touch me, I won’t be able to keep resisting this beautiful body in my arms…we’ll skip right past slow.” He pulled back to look at me pointedly. “And it was your idea.”

I wanted to laugh, but instead I yanked my hand away, frustrated. Kellan noticed my expression and the next thing I knew his hand was deftly unzipping his jeans. My face was surely comical as I watched him slip them down his hips. “What are you doing?” I asked quietly, my heart rate starting to spike.

“I don’t want to disappoint you. If this is really what you want…I’ll let you feel.”

My breath started increasing to an embarrassing pace as I trailed a finger down the deep line of his abdomen. His stomach clenched as my finger passed over tender flesh. He let out a sharp breath as my hand slipped under his boxers. I exhaled and leaned myself against his shoulder as I wrapped my hand around the hard base of him. I could feel how much he wanted me with each throbbing pulse. He was ready, so very ready and I started to wonder how long our “slow time” was going to last.

“God, Kellan…you do want me.”

He sighed and laughed a little. “I told you I did.” His voice was husky and slightly strained. It was achingly erotic. I started moving my hand up and down the length of him.


I pulled back and kissed him, fiercely, hungrily. He matched my intensity and we both groaned together. But even still, his hand reached down to wrap around mine on him. Lacing our fingers, he stopped my movement. The image of him touching himself made an ache go straight through me. I nimbly changed the positions of our hands so that his was beneath mine and he was wrapping his fingers around himself.

He pulled back to look at me, confusion and desire on his face. My breath was fast and unsteady, nearly uncontainable, much like my racing heart.


“Oh God, Kellan…you do it,” I whispered.

The corners of his lips lifted as he looked over the clear passion in my face. I cringed at the idea of asking him what I wanted, but I did it anyway. “I want to watch you come…and I want you to do it.” My face heated in pure embarrassment but he smiled crookedly and cocked his head.

“You…want to watch that?”

I nodded exuberantly and kissed him so hard I almost bit his lip. “God yes…is that moving too fast?”

He shook his head against my lips and I could feel the smile there, and the quickened breath. Without saying anything else, he adjusted his boxers with his free hand and moved our interlaced fingers down the length of him. With a firm, practiced grip, he ran his hand up to the end and over the tip. He moved with the confidence of someone who knew their body very well, and I groaned at the thought of him touching himself like this when we were apart. I wanted to ask him, but couldn’t bring myself to say those words; my cheeks were still heated from just asking him to do this much.

As our fingers ran back down his body, he let out a low, enticing noise and dropped his head to my shoulder. His lips found the crook of my neck and he started moving our fingers with more force and purpose. We were still on our sides facing each other and my hands were still wrapped up with his as we slid them along his length. I enjoyed the hardness and softness of his tender skin, but this wasn’t really the fantasy I had in mind. While he groaned into my neck, I released my hand from his so only he was left stroking the thickness.

He paused for a moment when he felt my hand withdraw, and kissing his ear, I whispered, “No, keep going. I want you to do it.”

He groaned and kissed my shoulder, muttering my name. His hand took over caressing himself and I stared unabashedly. My breath quickened as I watched the repetitive motion. An ache built between my legs and I could feel how wet I was, just watching. And listening. Kellan moaned into my skin, sucked in quick breaths through his teeth. The effect, combined with watching his masterful strokes was nearly too much for me.

“Oh God, Kiera…oh God.” He lifted his head to kiss me, his arm giving himself long, hard strokes that were getting faster, more insistent. Between his lips, I peeked down at him, still wanting to watch. He was starting to throb and I imagined that length pumping inside of me and not his hand.

“Kellan…” I moaned as my hand traveled down my stomach.

Kellan shifted his hooded eyes to take in my action. His breath caught and his hand lost the rhythm for a second before continuing. “Oh God, Kiera…yes…touch yourself too.”

Spurred by the ache in his voice, beyond the point of being embarrassed by the impressive sight of his close-to-coming body, I unfastened my jeans and slipped my fingers inside. I gasped at how wet I was and then groaned when I touched the area most connected to my own ache.

“Fuck,” I heard him mutter beside me and I could only moan in response.

The sight of him pleasuring himself and the sounds of it in my ears caused me to come almost instantly. I’d barely rubbed myself when the wave hit me and I arched my back, groaning hard and letting a “yes” fall from my lips.

As the tension was releasing throughout my entire body, I heard Kellan’s breathing speed up to panting. I made myself ignore the desire to linger in the peace flowing through my body with my eyes closed. I forced them open so I could watch what I really wanted to watch—him coming.

Kellan grunted and muttered, “Oh God,” as his hand worked over his body. Mine started re-responding to the sight and I realized I was still touching myself. It felt good again and I kept it up, flicking a glance at Kellan’s eyes staring at my fingers in my jeans in a near trance. And then his jaw dropped open and his body started to still. “Kiera, I’m…oh God, I’m…”

I quickly looked down so I wouldn’t miss it. His stomach clenched and his lower body stiffened, but that barely got my attention. It was the fluid pulsing out of him that made me gasp and climax again.

We came together, muttering names and pleas and other words too quiet to hear. His lips fell to mine once he was empty, my jeans dark from where he’d spilled on me. I surprisingly didn’t care. That entire experience had been one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen. Carefully, I retracted my hand from my jeans and broke apart from Kellan’s lips.  While he gazed at me with half-lidded eyes, I swiped my wet finger into his mouth. He groaned and closed his eyes, sucking on the appendage I’d offered him.

“Fuck,” he muttered again.

We asked S.C. Stephens to tell us the song that inspired the deleted Thoughtless scene…ummm we think it’s fitting , don’t you?

I Touch Myself by the Divinyls

  BIG thank you to Leanne Lewy for these gorgeous pics! xx


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65 responses to “Check this out!!!! Hotter than Hot "Never Before Seen" Deleted Scene from Thoughtless (#1) by S.C. Stephens……warning: have the ice water ready!!!!

  1. Glenda

    OMG, it was really hot…. Cool water no way!!! I need my hubbie NOW…….so ready for Reckless!!

  2. Dawn

    Is it hot in here? Whooh!

  3. Abbey

    Totally Hotter than Hot… I needed to pause reading from time to time just to compose my self… whew

  4. CeeJay

    oh…my…. that was so HOT!…i so want more!

  5. OMG!!! This just makes me want to read Reckless even more, I’m thinking I need to re-read Thoughtless & Effortless 😉

  6. *fans face* eek gads someone splash some water on me

  7. Pengwen

    Whoa! Why wasn’t this in the book! HOT!!!

  8. Kathy Favro

    Well, we need more deleted scenes from both books!! You have to keep us going until March. And may down the road a movie or two!

  9. Megan

    woah! I loved these books but I really think that should have been in the book. That was amazing!

  10. Taressa Bazdanes

    I have NOT been able to stop thinking about K&K!! When I finished reading these two books I wanted sooooo much more and can….not….wait for Reckless! I so believe this should be made into a movie! This books series is so much better than some of the others I have read. You have a great sense of understanding of whats real and what the readers can relate to! Thank you so much!

  11. Bridget

    Oh. My. Goodness. Wow!!

  12. Michele

    That was amazing writing…so wish there was more detailed scenes like this in Thoughtless, and hope there will be more scenes like this in Effortless and Reckless…

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