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The word excited doesn’t begin to cover this news!

The Thoughtless series remains one of our favourite series to date.  These books have and always will have a special place in our hearts.  The third and final book in this series will release on 5th March 2013 where we will once again join Kellan and Kiera and share their love, life and journey as they deal with new found fame and the problems it can bring.

We can’t wait to read more about the two characters who mean the absolute world to us.


We have also included ALL teasers from Reckless by S. C. Stephens together with the Reckless PlaylistKellan and Anna POV scenes from Thoughtless Book #1, a “Behind the Scenes” interview we did with Kellan, Griffin and Kiera  and links to S.C. Stephens’ books and be sure to check out all her books at the end of the page (phew!)

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“Can love survive when life gets Reckless?”

When the band hits it big, Kiera and Kellan must ask themselves: Can their love for each other survive the constant pressures of superstardom? The friendships they’ve formed, the new family they’ve found, and the history they’ve forged will all play a part in helping them navigate the turbulent waters of the band’s exploding popularity. A greedy executive hell-bent on success, a declining pop star looking for an edge, and a media circus that twists lies into truths are just some of the obstacles the lovers will have to overcome if they are going to remain together. Fame comes with a price-but will it cost Kiera and Kellan everything?

**Teasers from Reckless (Thoughtless #3) by S. C. Stephens **

Teaser One:

Please, you guys aren’t married.” Griffin crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Kellan. “No bachelor party…no marriage. That’s the law.”
I matched Griffin’s posture. “That is not a law, Griffin.”
He swung his head around to look at me. “Well, it should be. No T and A, no ball and chain.” There was an annoying smirk on his face and I really wanted to smack it off of him. I resisted, though.
Anna helped me out by smacking the back of his head. He narrowed his eyes at her. “What? It’s a fair sacrifice. If you’ve got to be with one chick for the rest of your life, then you should at least get to go out with a bang. Or two. Or three.”
Anna raised a perfectly arched brow. “Really? Would you want some jackass to do that with our daughter?”
Her hand caressed her belly and Griffin’s eyes shifted to where his child was peacefully growing. His lips in a scowl, he told her, “Fuck no. I’ll chop the little bastard’s balls off if he tries that kind of shit on my girl.”

Teaser Two:

I was leaning against the cool white steps that led down into the turquoise water, watching the tiny disruptive waves my legs made as I lightly kicked them in front of me. The smell of chlorine and sunblock filled my senses, and except for some birds squawking in a nearby tree, all was quiet. Knowing this peace wouldn’t last, I savored it.
Under the water, a dark shape approached me. Hands ran up my legs, stilling them, as the submerged body swam right over mine. Stopping at my waist, Kellan lifted his head out of the water and crooked a grin at me. “Hey.”
“Hey,” I muttered, biting my lip. His hair was slicked back from his face, and beads of water rolled down his cheeks. The sunlight sparkled in his eyes, lightening the deep blue color. He was glorious, and for this one moment in time, he was all mine.
Sighing, I sat up and wrapped my arms around his neck; my legs automatically tightened around his waist. He sank to his knees, holding me in his arms in the shallow water. If contentment could be felt as a physical thing, like the warmth from the sun or a cool breeze on a hot day, then surely I was feeling it right now as I laid my head on his shoulder and let myself be consumed by his presence

Teaser Three: 

Matt opened his mouth to speak, but his loudmouth cousin beat him to it. “To fame, fortune, and scores of loose women!” Griffin downed his shot while the rest of us stared at him.
When Griffin smacked his empty glass on the table, Matt continued with his toast like nothing had happened. “To good friends and good music. May we always have both.

Teaser Four:

By the time Bridgette and her merry maids were finished with the D-Bags, I had to admit, they looked good. Every single one of them was stunning, even Griffin. But Kellan…was drop-dead gorgeous. Smoldering. My jaw dropped when he stepped in front of the plain backdrop. He’d come into the studio wearing loose, faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt. They’d dressed him in slim jeans that were frayed in all the right places, and they’d layered his basic white shirt with a dark brown leather jacket. It was tight to his body, so it looked more like a fitted shirt, and it was zipped open to his mid-chest. It stopped right above his waist, so that his entire studded belt was visible; a trace amount of skin was visible too. It was…hot. His hair was usually a rumpled, sexy mess, but Bridgette had flawlessly styled it so that every strand was in the most appealing place possible. There was one strand hanging down by his eye that just about did me in.
He looked the part of the sexy bad boy rock star that worried my father on a daily basis, but he was frowning as he walked over to me.
“You look great. What’s wrong?”
“I’m wearing makeup. I feel like an idiot.”
I examined his skin, but I couldn’t really tell that he was wearing anything, maybe just some definition around his eyes; the blueness was popping out at me so much that my heart was beating a little faster. “I can’t even tell. You’re fine.”
He started to run a hand through his hair, then stopped himself. “I’m wearing eyeliner…and I’m pretty sure she put lipstick on me.”
My smile was impossible to hide. “You look incredible…darn near delectable.”
Cocking his head, Kellan wrapped his arms around me. “Yeah? Would you like a bite?” As I felt heat staining my cheeks, Kellan glanced around, then leaned down to my ear; the smell of the leather jacket mixing with his scent was intoxicating. “We could disappear for a few minutes.”

 Teaser Five:

“Would you sit down, please?”
I pressed the palms of my hands over my stomach, trying to stop the butterflies from taking flight. “Aren’t you nervous? Even a little bit?”
Kellan took another swig of beer. “Well, watching you is making me a little nervous.” Setting his drink down on a nearby table, he patted his lap. “Come over here and help me relax.”
Smirking, I walked over to him. He didn’t have a nervous bone in his body. Not about this, anyway. This, Kellan could do naked, in front of a million people, and be just fine. There was something seriously wrong with him.
I straddled his lap, tangling my hands in his hair. Maybe his calm would seep into me, if we got close enough. I placed a light kiss on his lips and Kellan let out a soft laugh. “There, I feel better already.”

 Teaser Six:

Kellan and I held hands as we stared up at the red neon glowing with the words Pete’s Bar. It was almost hard to believe that it was just a little over two years ago that I had first lain eyes on Kellan here. He’d seemed like such a player, and I suppose he was back then, but there was a surprising amount of depth to this ex-player.
As I was reminiscing, Kellan bumped my shoulder. “Did I ever tell you that I noticed you the second you walked into Pete’s with Denny?”
I looked up at him, surprised. “Really? While you were playing? With all of those people in the bar?”
Walking backwards, Kellan pulled me towards the double doors to the large, rectangular building. “Yep. It was like an electric current zipped around the room when you stepped through the doors. Like I knew I’d never be the same from that moment forward.”
He gave me a crooked grin. I rolled my eyes. “That did not happen. You noticed Denny. I seriously doubt you noticed me.”
Kellan stopped walking and I stepped into his chest. Being here, in the parking lot of Pete’s with him, felt just as much like home to me as our little, white two-story place. “I could barely pull my eyes away from you. Just glancing at you made my head feel lighter, made my stomach…tingle. Watching you was…life-changing.”
I couldn’t help but be moved by his words. Then I remembered his very suggestive performance. I gave him a sly grin. “And yet, you still managed to mentally undress every female in your audience.”
Kellan laughed as he resumed walking. “Yeah, okay, I’ll give you that one.” He cocked a brow at me. “I did notice you, though.” His eyes scanned my face. “How could I not?”

Teaser Seven:

With the phone glued to my ear, I got ready for bed. Because I missed him, I threw on a shirt that I didn’t typically wear. Not because I didn’t like it, but because it was saturated with Kellan’s scent, and I didn’t want that to fade. Slipping on the black shirt with the word Douchebags in bright-white bold letters, I crawled into the bed I shared with Kellan.
As Kellan gave me the rundown on his schedule, I brought the fabric of my t-shirt up to my nose and inhaled the smell of him. It was incredible, manly, yet clean. I still wasn’t sure what combination of products he used to create that scent, but it was the most sensuous smell in the world. And I suppose it was possible that it wasn’t a manufactured scent. Maybe he just naturally smelled amazing; his bare skin was quite edible after all.
I giggled a little at that thought and Kellan stopped talking. “What are you doing?” he asked, a clear smile in his voice.
“I just crawled into bed–”
He immediately cut me off. “Are you naked?”
I flushed all over, and felt a stirring in my body by his words alone. I could still hear faint noises in the background, so I knew Kellan wasn’t by himself. But maybe he could be…
“No…I’m wearing the shirt you gave me a long time ago. It’s my favorite shirt. I don’t usually wear it, though.” I closed my eyes as I confessed just how obsessed with him I was. “It smells like you, and I want it to stay that way.”
Kellan chuckled in a low tone; it ignited the spark of heat in my belly that he’d stoked earlier. I ran a hand over my body as the ache of loneliness within me grew. I missed him so much–his touch, his smile, his eyes, his tattoo…his heart. Everything.
“Really?” he asked. “Do I…smell?”
A low, purr-like sound escaped me. “Yes, you do, and it’s the best smell in the world. Better than coffee.”
Kellan groaned. “God, Kiera, you’re turning me on.

Kellan POV from Thoughtless (Thoughtless #1)

Eight weeks. It’s been eight weeks since I’ve seen her face, heard her laugh. Eight weeks since I’ve touched her body, felt her lips on mine. Eight weeks since I’ve held her, told her I loved her. Eight weeks since she’s held me…told me she loved me, if she ever really did. It’s been the longest fucking eight weeks in my entire fucking life.
I’ve stopped myself from calling her about fifty times a day. I just want to hear her voice. The house feels like a tomb without her in it. Everything is stale, musty. I hate being there. I’d rather be here, at the bar, drowning my sorrows in beer after beer. At least there’s warmth here at the bar. My home…all that’s left there is bone-chilling coldness. And I’m so tired of being cold.
“Kellan, you okay?”
I stopped picking the label off of my beer bottle and glanced over at Evan. His big, brown eyes were warm and soft—compassionate and empathetic. I was really tired of seeing that look on him.
I resumed my destructive habit after my monosyllabic answer. Evan didn’t ask about my mood again. He knew I wasn’t going to tell him anything other than, “Yes,” or “Fine.” That’s all I ever told him. He wasn’t stupid, though. He knew I was miserable. They all did. Well, except Griffin. He rarely noticed anything outside of his own dick.
God, I’m in a bad mood. I really need more beer.
Looking up at the bar, my heart involuntarily squeezed. Even though it had been weeks…eight long, fucking weeks…I still expected to see Kiera whenever I looked around Pete’s. But all I ever saw was Jenny, Kate, and the girl from the day shift that had replaced Kiera. Emily, I think. And Rita. Her eyes never left me long. In fact, she was staring holes into me right now.
I raised my beer to her, indicating that I needed another one. She immediately grabbed a bottle and snapped at Emily to bring it to me. Anything she could do to get me hammered. Or, more hammered, since I was pretty buzzed already. Rita was probably hoping I’d get drunk enough to take her behind the bar again. Not likely. I didn’t want to be with her. I didn’t want to be with anyone. No one, except…
“Here you go, Kellan.”
Emily stepped up to my table and broke my thoughts at an opportune time. I didn’t want to think about Kiera again, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Why did everything have to remind me of her? I should be able to forget her. After all, she didn’t want me. In the end, she didn’t want me.
Shaking away the word that haunts my dreams, I gave Emily a brief smile as I took the offered beer. She gave me a bright smile in return. Emily was cute, with dark hair, dark eyes, and a trim figure. She probably earned her fair share of tips around here. If this was last year, I would have given her my best I-want-you smile, and asked her to go home with me. At the interest in her eyes as she gazed at me, I think she probably would have too.
But that wasn’t my life anymore. And sex wasn’t my goal tonight. Sleeping with someone right now would only make me feel worse, and I didn’t want to feel any worse than I already did. Not wanting to encourage a relationship I didn’t want, I averted my eyes from Emily and took a long draw from my fresh beer.
With a small sigh that I probably wasn’t supposed to hear, Emily asked if I needed anything else. Setting my beer on the table, I peeled off the last remaining piece of the label. It was clinging for its life to the dark, empty bottle, and it stuck to my hand when it finally gave way. Shaking my fingers, I tossed the label onto the small pile of labels in front of me, then I handed the now nondescript bottle to Emily. Might as well keep my insanity organized.
By the time I was nearly done with that beer, my brain was nice and foggy. I couldn’t even recall…what’s her name.
‘Me or him, Kiera?’
Damn it. My brain wasn’t foggy enough. I needed more beer. It probably wouldn’t help though. Nothing could really block her from my mind. Not booze, not music, not women…
“Are you Kellan Kyle of the D-Bags?”
I glanced up at a perky blonde in a halter top. Really. A halter top. In Seattle. In the middle of winter. She had to be freezing her ass off. Yep. One quick, covert glance at her chest confirmed that she was indeed cold.
Sighing, I started picking the label off of my beer bottle. The monotonous activity helped distract my brain, sort of. I still felt empty, hollow, and images of Kiera’s face clouded my mind, even through the haze of alcohol. Why did she pick Denny? Why wasn’t I good enough? I’m never good enough…
“Leave me alone,” I told the fan dying for some attention from me.
The fan either didn’t hear me, or chose to ignore my direct request. Leaning over so I had a full shot of her cleavage, she asked, “Can I buy you another beer?”
Avoiding looking at the chest she was displaying for me, I searched her eyes. What did she see when she saw me? A nice face? Attractive, deep blue eyes? A small slice of fame? A bad boy that she could brag to her friends about in the morning? Could she really not see that I’d just had my heart ripped out of my chest and torn into a million tiny pieces? Couldn’t she tell I was…broken.
I leaned forward, just a little. The tiny encouragement was all she needed. She giggled and squeezed her breasts together to make an even more impressive show. Too bad all of her efforts were wasted; I wasn’t enjoying it. I opened my mouth to speak and her gaze followed the movement of my lips. I could tell her anything right now, and she’d agree to whatever I had to say. Well, maybe not. She may not agree to this.
“I said, leave me the fuck alone.”
Her face went from inviting to pissy in three seconds flat. Spinning on her heel, she stalked off to bad mouth me to her table of awaiting friends. As she walked away, Evan beside me asked, “You sure you’re all right?”
Pulling too hard, I ripped my beer bottle label in half. Damn it. “I’m fine.”
As I downed the rest of my beer, Evan paused like he was thinking about what he wanted to say to me. I tensed, wondering if he was going to try talking to me. I didn’t want to talk. There was nothing to talk about. The woman I loved led me on…told me she was mine, then slept with my best friend. She told me we’d be together…then she chose him. Then our affair blew up in our face, and I lost Denny too. I lost them both in one stupid, fell swoop. Of course, losing Denny was completely my fault. But I didn’t want to talk about that. I didn’t want to talk about any of it. I wanted more beer.
Emily was helping someone else, and Rita was surprisingly not looking my way, so I stood up to walk over to the bar. I’d hop over it and grab my own beer if I needed to.
My head swam as the change in position made the alcohol rush to my head. I put my hand on the edge of my table to steady myself. The dizziness would pass in a minute, and then I could get more alcohol. Maybe if I did, I would blackout tonight, and I wouldn’t dream about Kiera. Lately, I’d been dreaming about seeing her at the airport, about telling her goodbye. If anything could stop those dreams from coming, I would readily embrace it. Because, in my dreams, I didn’t tell her goodbye. I told her I love her, and I wanted to be with her. I showed her the tattoo of her name branded over my heart, and begged her to love me. And in my dream, she does. And it hurts like fucking hell when I wake up, because I know it’s not real. She didn’t choose me.
My dark thoughts made it hard to stand upright, and both of my hands dropped to the table. Griffin stopped his conversation with Matt to glare at me. “Dude, are you gonna hurl?”
Matt’s eyes were as sympathetic as Evan’s. “You okay, Kell?”
Sniffling, I shoved myself away from the table. I stumbled, but managed to stay upright. I guess I had more than I realized. Oh well, a couple more won’t hurt then. When I moved to head towards the bar, Evan stood and grabbed my elbow.
“Let me go, Evan.”
Evan’s mouth compressed into a firm line. I knew what he was going to say, even before he said it. “You’ve had enough, I’ll take you home.”
Scoffing, I jerked my arm away and pointed at the table. “I had two.” My words were slightly slurred, but I didn’t care.
Matt rifled through my pile of labels, then looked up at Evan. “Uh, more like seven, Kell.”
“Whatever.” Annoyed, I grabbed my jacket. If I couldn’t drink in peace here, then I would drink in peace somewhere else. Scowling at Matt and Evan, I slipped my jacket on. Or tried to anyway. I couldn’t seem to find the right holes.
Matt stood up when he figured out I was leaving. “You’re not driving.”
Irritated at my guitarist, irritated at my drummer, irritated at my life, I jerked my head from one band member to the other. The room spun a little. “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want! Leave me alone!” Finally successful, I slipped my jacket over my shoulders. Inexplicably, the leather smelled like Kiera to me.
Matt rolled his eyes and looked over to Evan. The buzzed-cut rocker sighed, then started rifling through my jacket pockets. I batted his hands away, but he was way more coordinated than me at the moment. After fishing my keys out of my pocket, he tossed them down the table, out of my reach. They landed in front of Griffin; he stared at them blankly, then turned his attention to a girl at the next table.
I dove across the table to snatch my keys back, but Matt was quicker and nabbed them first. All I ended up doing was falling onto the table and knocking over Griffin’s beer. That got his attention focused back on me. Saving his bottle from rolling off the table, he snapped, “Dude! What the fuck?”
Wishing I was anywhere but here, I laid my cheek on the cool table and stared up at Evan. He was even more concerned than before, if that was possible. Conversations battled in my brain. Some with Kiera, some with Denny. Some of them were good, some really, really bad. All of it made pain rocket through my body; I felt my chest sizzle, like someone was holding a hot iron to my heart…right over her tattoo.
Not wanting to look like an idiot anymore tonight, I carefully stood up. Feeling weak, defeated, and utterly alone, I muttered, “All right…take me home.”

Anna POV from Thoughtless (Thoughtless #1)

Pulling back the cardboard, I looked at the assortment of goodies that my sister had sent from her new home. She was going to school in Washington, and living in sin with her longtime boyfriend, Denny. He was cute, sweet. A little tame for my tastes, but a perfect match for Kiera. I was sure she’d be walking down the aisle any day now. Mom would be thrilled.
Seeing that my sister had included cookies in the care package, I pulled out the box that looked like it had come from a local bakery. The cookies were still soft, heavenly. As I chewed on a chocolate chip one, I flipped through the photo album she’d sent with them. Lots of scenery of Seattle—the Space Needle, some ferries, the university campus, the bar where Kiera was working. I paused on a picture of Kiera and Denny on a pier. My sister and her boyfriend were adorable together. Denny was slight for a guy, just a little bit taller than Kiera really, and he had dark brown hair that blended well with Kiera’s softer shade. With their arms wrapped around each other and huge grins on their rosy cheeks, they were matching bookends of cuteness. It was almost sickening.
I flipped past their picture and just about had an orgasm when I saw the next one. A man with shaggy light brown hair, piercing dark blue eyes, and a smile that screamed sex, was standing right between Kiera and Denny. “Holy mother of God. Who the fuck is that?” I lifted the picture so it was right in front of my eyes. It had to be a mirage. No way was I seeing what I was really seeing. Men that attractive didn’t really exist. But the man in the photo didn’t get any less attractive as I brought the picture closer to me. He was real, and he was the hottest person I’d ever seen. And that was saying a lot. I knew some very attractive people.
Was this who Kiera and Denny were rooming with? God, if so, Kiera’s new roommate was gorgeous. No, not just gorgeous….that word wasn’t enough. He was so good looking it was difficult to find a word that fully summed up how hot he was. He was just…edible. And fuckable. Fuck-edible. I wanted to screw him and lick him, all at the same time. And I wanted him to screw me and lick me, over and over again. Goddamn it! Why didn’t Kiera tell me about this guy? She was seriously breaking our sister code of ethics, the one that says ‘If you come into contact with a hot man, no, a fuck-edible man, you will alert said sister of any and all potential for sexual encounters.’ Kiera was in seriously hot water.


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Reckless Playlist

  • I Can’t Not Love You by Every Avenue
  • I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz
  • Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye
  • Burn it Down by Linkin Park
  •  I Love You by Avril Lavigne
  •  Collide by Howie Day
  • Marry Me by Train
  • Weird by Hanson
  • Faithfully by Boyce Avenue (cover)
  • Mine to Love by Dave Barnes
  • I Made It (Acoustic) by Kevin Rudolf
  • Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Brighter Than the Sun by Colbie Caillat
  • You da One by Rihanna
  • Everything I Ask For by The Maine
  • All the Right Moves by One Republic
  • Rude Boy by Rhianna
  • Telling the World by Taio Cruz
  • Everything You Do by He Is We
  • Marry You by Bruno Mars
  • Everything by Lifehouse
  • I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis
  • Smile by Avril Lavigne
  • Fig Jam by Butterfingers
  • Down by Jay Sean
  • I Like it Like That by Hot Chelle Rae
  • Naturally by Selena Gomex & the Scene
  • She Hates Me by Puddle of Mud
  • Glad You Came by The Wanted
  • You And Me by Lifehouse
  • Love Will Take You by Angus & Julia Stone
  • Endlessly by The Cab
  • Northern Lights by Cider Sky
  • The World Belongs to Me by My Darkest Days
  • Watch the World by Every Avenue
  • Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Goodbye, Apathy by One Republic
  • All Star by Smashmouth
  • Time After Time by Quietdrive
  • Two is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls
  • Everybody Loves Me by One Republic
  • So Far Away by Staind
  • Have Faith in Me by A Day to Remember
  • Come Undone by My Darkest Days
  • Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse
  • Made for You by One Republic
  • Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO
  • You Make Me Feel Good by Cobra Starship
  • Powerless by Linkin Park
  • The Reason by Hoobastank
  • You’re a Superstar by Love, Inc.

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