We chat to Samantha Towle, and bring you the title and cover reveal for Wethering The Storm (TMS #2) !!!

Cover and Title Reveal!!!!

Wethering the Storm (TMS #2) by Samantha Towle

Spending time with Samantha Towle

J&G:     Welcome Sam and thank you for spending time with Totallybooked.

ST:         Thanks so much for inviting me 🙂

TB:         First off we have to mention The Mighty Storm which you know we all loved.  When did the idea for this book first formulate?

ST:         I came up with the idea for Tru and Jake about a year and a half ago, but I was in the middle of writing another book at that point, so I got my ideas down and left the story to simmer. I guess it just wasn’t time for me to write it at that point. But then one day Tru literally just popped back in my head. I was actually in the middle of writing another book at the time, but she was just getting louder and louder by the day, then Jake joined in, and I was literally like, ‘Alright, already! I’ll write you!’

TB:          When did you realise you had a great story to tell?

ST:           After I wrote the first chapter. I just had such an instant connection to Tru and Jake … and Jake, well I just fell head over heels in love with him from the get go. He’s a hard man not to love.   (J&G he sure is!)

TB:          Jake is a very *ahem* sexual character.  Do you enjoy writing those hot scenes or do you find them difficult?

ST:         I used to feel really awkward writing sex scenes when I first started out. But the more books I write, the more confident I feel writing them. Let’s just say I’m growing in my writing 😉 And as you said Jake is a very sexual character, so the sex scenes where unavoidable! Luckily for me, I had an amazing beta reader cheering me on, encouraging me, giving me the confidence  to ‘porn’ up the sex scenes as she would put it!  (GG: Is Sam talking about you Jenny?  Did you really tell her to “porn it up”?   JA: Guilty as charged…..admit it, you’re proud of me aren’t you GG?    GG: Yes, Jenny  I think I am haha! Well done 😉 )

TB :       If a movie was made of The Mighty Storm who would be your dream cast for Tru and Jake?

ST:       As you all probably know by now, my Jake is the gorgeous model Bo Roberts – except we really need to tat that guy up! Tru …. ooh, this is a difficult one for me as I still haven’t found her. I’m open to any suggestions though 🙂

Here is the gorgeous Bo in the flesh!

TB:       Do you draw on personal experiences for your writing?

ST:        Sometimes. A handful of times I have used my own personal experiences to help write certain scenes in some of my books, but not many.

TB:        How important is music to your writing process?

ST:        I couldn’t write without music. I rely on it completely. Music is my writing drug. Just listening to a song can bring the scene I’m writing to a whole new level. TMS was built around music, and without those songs it wouldn’t have worked as well as it did.  For me, they brought the book to life.

TB:          A lot of people know your writing from The Mighty Storm but we first met you through First Bitten and Original Sin which we loved!  Will you be revisiting this series at some point?

ST:         Yes, for sure, I have the third book in the series, Blood Lies, coming out next year.

TB:           Do you miss writing about Nathan?  We sure do miss him.

ST:          I miss Nathan so much! I’m really looking forward to getting back to him and Alex.

TB:        Are there going to be more books in The Mighty Storm series after Wethering the Storm? (J&G:  which we can’t wait for!!!)?   If so, how many?

ST:        Possibly… (J&G:   We tried guys!)

TB:      We loved Tom! He was such a dirty boy! Do you plan on writing more about Tom? ( J&G:  Please say yes, please say yes)

ST:       Um, maybe. 😉

TB:      We also loved Stuart, any chance we get to hear his story?

ST:       I’m not sure with Stuart. I have been batting the idea around my head of late, but my only reservation is for Stuart’s story I’d be writing an M/M book. Personally, I love M/M books, but it’s not a genre I’ve ever written, and if I was to write Stuart’s story, I would absolutely want it to be the best book, as he deserves the best, so I would want to make sure that I’m fully competent in writing M/M before doing so. (J&G : Hmmm we could recommend some good books and ummmm help with the *cough, cough* research!)

TB:     We recently interviewed The Mighty Storm boys for Totallybooked and they were a lot of fun and very naughty (just the way we like them!) – is it hard keeping these boys in line?  Are they as naughty in your head?

ST:     Yes! They are none stop! Denny is my only good one. Jake thinks and talks sex every other sentence and Tom … well Tom lives, breathes, talks and eats sex! My head currently reads like a porn manual!  (JA…..oh I know!)

TB:      What books have you read recently that you’ve loved? Who is your favourite book boyfriend, apart from Jake and Nathan of course?

ST:     Aside from my boys. Gideon. Gideon. Gideon. I love him! (J&G: No arguments here!)   I’ve not had chance to read much lately, but I did of course read Reflected in You, which of course I loved! I also read another of Sylvia’s books, on your recommendation, Seven Years to Sin. Another amazing book!  (J&G:  Hmmm yes, we introduced you to the term cockstand haha)

TB:       If you could work with another author who would it be?

ST:      Sylvia Day. I’m totally all fan girl over her at the moment!

TB:      What would you say is your interesting/funny writing quirk?

ST:     I come up with all my best ideas when I’m in the shower. So basically, I think best when naked. Try not to think of that while reading my books though, the image may put you off reading them!

TB:    We love your covers – they are very yummy and we love the Wethering the Storm (TMS2) cover. Do you choose the hot guy pics yourself?  Also, we love the title, how did you come up with this?  We thought it was very clever

ST:     I personally choose the cover guy, and for WTS that was easy, I just went looking for another shot of ‘Jake’. I then handed it over to the very talented Renae Porter, giving her an idea of what I was looking for. She worked her magic and came up with the stunning cover! And I love it!

For the title, I wanted something in line with The Mighty Storm, so I was playing around with words one day, and it just kind of clicked in my head. I’m really happy with the title. I think it works perfectly with the theme of the book.

TB:    Can you share any tidbits from Wethering the Storm (TMS2) with us?

ST:     Well, Wethering the Storm picks up pretty much straight from where the first book left off. Tru and Jake are trying to settle down into their relationship, find their groove together, in the midst of Jake’s very public profile. Tru is also living in LA, and is very much faced with Jake’s old life there. And you know me, it wouldn’t be one of my books if I didn’t throw a twist or two 😉

TB:    While writing, do you take drugs, smoke marijuana or drink alcohol to beef up your creative imagination?

ST:      Haha! I wish! No, chocolate is my vice of choice 🙂

TB:      What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer? Apart from hard drugs, marijuana and alcohol that is!  We’re guessing you have to have a pretty thick skinned?

ST:     Aside from the drugs and booze 😉 A thick skin and a supportive family. I learnt quickly in this business that you either have to toughen up or get out. It’s pretty hard going at times. Do I still have bad days?…..sure. But for me, those bad days get smoothed out by the good ones. Don’t get me wrong.  Bad reviews still sting, just not as badly as they used to. I do think sometimes, some people forget there is an actual person behind that book they are reviewing. Hours and hours of hard work … blood, sweat and tears. And before anyone jumps on me, I’m not saying don’t critique a book. Absolutely, do. If you have very strong feelings about the story, bad or good, put them in a review. Reviews are extremely helpful for authors. All I am saying is when you do critique a book it doesn’t mean you have to bash the author personally while doing so.

J&G:       We wish you so much success with The Mighty Storm Series and Alexandra Jones series.  We know they are going to be fantastic and we want to thank you for taking time to talk to us.

ST:          Thanks for having me ❤

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18 responses to “We chat to Samantha Towle, and bring you the title and cover reveal for Wethering The Storm (TMS #2) !!!

  1. lorraine

    Love the cover for WTS, and can’t wait to continue the story of Jake and Tru!

  2. Jessie Llewellyn

    I think TMS is one of my favorite books this year, along with a few others. I cannot wait for this second book! Great interview.

  3. Stephanie V.

    Totally loved the first book. Very anxious to read the second! Totally agree with you Sam, Sylvia Day is awesome! Please hurry with TMS2. Keep up the good work and don’t let those idiots that cut you down bother you too much!

  4. Susana Dorado

    Great interview..I enjoyed hearing from Samantha and her writing process…loved The Mighty Storm and can’t wait for the second book…Both covers are fabulous…

  5. Mickala

    Cannot WAIT until TMS 2!!!

  6. Starla Y.

    I can’t wait for WTS!! I lost count of how many times I have gone back to TMS to read it again I love Jake and Tru. I adore Stuart. 🙂

  7. Sali

    Fantastic interview girls & Sammy I freakin luv u babe !!!!!

  8. Brenna

    So excited! Great review and interview! Is Bo Roberts the guy on the covers?

  9. Dori

    I am a newbie to all of this and I just love you guys!
    Great interview and I am so super excited for WTS. Jake and Tru are amazing together and you can’t help to be sucked into their kind of love and chemistry.

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    I am typically to running a weblog and i actually recognize your content. The post has actually peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your internet site and keep checking for new details.

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