Totallybooked Meets author Madeline Sheehan

           Madeline Sheehan author of Undeniable chats with TotallyBooked

Hi Madeline, thank you so much for joining us at TotallyBooked.  Our fellow readers and us cannot stop talking about Undeniable – it’s like crack to us all!

TB:         You are a new Author for us, so we’d love to know who is Madeline Sheehan?

MS:         Ha!  I wish I knew.  Here goes the basics.  I’m married.  I have a three year old boy who is legally named Cayden Chaos (I’m not kidding), a cat, a whole bunch of awesome sisters and great friends.  I love Jeeps, sweatpants, flip flops, coffee without sugar, bagels with cream cheese, smoky eyes and Social Distortion.   My friends call me the typical Gemini, meaning they never know which Madeline they are going to get and I agree whole-heartedly with them.  Most mornings when I wake up I don’t know which me I’m going to get.  Other than that I’m just along for the crazy ride.

TB:           We can’t tell you how much we loved this book!  The story was so raw and gritty and we have to ask, how much of the book is based on true fact and real life?

MS:         Half and half.  The true MC lifestyle is not for the faint of heart.  Although the obstacles I put my characters through were not based on actual facts some of them were not that far off from situations that may occur.

TB:          Deuce is such a unique character.  We loved him, hated him and loved him again.  Was he hard to write? If there is a real Deuce and can we meet him? (We just want to hear him say “back of my bike babe” – we’re easily pleased)

MS:         A real Deuce?  And you think I’d let anyone meet him?  Ha.  I’d be keeping that man all to myself.  (TB: Damn….can’t knock us for trying 😉 )No, Deuce is a hodge podge of everything I love and hate in men.  Oh, and things that I hate that I love, too.

I love Deuce.  Truly, madly, deeply.  Was he hard to write?  Not at all.  Out of everything I’ve written I’ve had two characters that writing came easy for me.  Deuce from Undeniable and Xan from the Holy Trinity Trilogy.   Men, to me, are not complicated creatures.  Women are the opposite.  There are so many facets to the female mind, so many layers of emotions that make getting inside their heads, fictional or non, very difficult.  Whereas men have a set way they will react to something, you never know how a woman will.  Even if it has happened to her before.   No matter what a woman will always surprise you.

Yes.  We women are very perplexing.

Anyway, I wrote both Deuce and Eva as flawed individuals (which is never easy to write), both were born and raised in a rough world, Deuce was abused both physically and emotionally, Eva was sheltered from life outside of the MC making her vulnerable to anything not of her world.  However, because of their similarities and their differences when Deuce and Eva come together and get past their fears they complement each other, provide for one another what the other is lacking.

You feel me, babe?

TB:          What we particularly loved about this story was that you didn’t romanticise it.  It was such a refreshing read.  You stayed very faithful to the story and the characters, is that how you intended to write it from the start?

MS:         I’m not a fan of cheeze.  I’ve read sappy romances and enjoyed them but they don’t stick with me.  I can’t even begin to count how many books I’ve read, too many ;-), but the only ones that stick with me are the ones that move me, that painfully dig their way deep down inside of me and stay forever.

And yes, I stayed faithful to the story and my characters, all except for one.  Frankie.  Frankie…was special to me.  For a long time I didn’t know where I was going to go with him but when it clicked, it clicked and even though it hurt me, I wouldn’t change Frankie’s ending.

But I won’t get into that because I might start to cry.  😉

TB:            When did your interest in writing start?

MS:         I started reading before kindergarten.  By kindergarten I was reading well beyond my level, by middle school I had already read several of Tolstoy’s works and had completely fallen in love with the written word.  All of it.  Seriously, I even read the backs of shampoo bottles and the ten page guidelines that come with credit card applications.

I’ve never been very good at expressing myself verbally but on paper…I rock.  All throughout my school years I wrote, usually in a journal.  During college I had a blog for years that I used to chronicle my everyday life and the jumbled mess in my head.  After college I started working for a non-profit organization in charge of publications and in my free time I started writing down my daydreams and my reality…and here we are…

TB:            Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

MS:         I learned how far I can push myself.  Writing for me is emotional and writing ugliness hurts.  This is why I didn’t go into too much detail about Chase’s encounter with Frankie.

When I wrote Undeniable I laughed, cried, rolled my eyes, cried some more, yelled, mentally slapped Deuce in the face.  I was sick to my stomach over a few of my characters fates.  I have love for each and every one of my characters and the pain and agony I put them through I felt alongside them.  Reality, life, the world around us, in my opinion, is full of ugly.  Turning that ugly and making it into something beautiful is what I consider a true happy ending.  A realistic happy ending.

TB:          Have you ever hated something you wrote?

MS:        Yup.  All the time.  So I rework and rework and rework until I no longer hate it.


TB:      While you were writing, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters?

MS:         Not exactly.  I felt deeply connected to all of them but never did I put myself inside of them.  Because Eva was so damaged, I had to separate how I would have behaved, reacted, did and said things from how Eva does.  But I was definitely right there with them at all times.

TB:             You have to put us out of our misery……we are dying here!!! What will the next two books in the series be called, who are they about and do you have release dates for them?

Book Two:  Unbeautifully, is the story of Ripper & Danny (Deuce’s daughter).  And yes she was with ZZ at the end of book one.  😉

See, this is me being sneaky.  Lol.

Book Three:  Unattainable, will involve Cage (Deuce’s son) and Tegen.   Who is Tegen?  A big secret.  But I will say this.  She has a great mom.  (TB: What???)

TB:              If you could get in someone’s head for a day, who would it be?

MS:         Honestly.  No one.  People freak me out enough as it is.  I don’t want to know what they are really thinking.


TB:              Have you any other projects coming up you’d like to share with us?

MS:         Currently I’m working on Unbeautifully, the sequel to Undeniable and My Heart & Soul, the third book in my Holy Trinity Trilogy.  Both of which I’d like to have published by Spring but hopefully sooner ❤


              TB:     Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.   

MS:   Nope.  Thank you!!

Check our our review of Undeniable here:


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6 responses to “Totallybooked Meets author Madeline Sheehan

  1. Katie

    Yay! I can’t wait to read the next two books! At the end of Undeniable, I was left wanting more and more…I didn’t want it to end. And Ms. Sheehan did Frankie right. I think I felt more for him than I did her other characters…his ending was so sad, yet so perfect for me.

  2. Shana

    I absolutely loved this book. I love your writing style and your characters…their journeys are amazing. I cannot wait to read the next two installments!

  3. Debbie

    Great interview. I love a ‘sappy love story’ as well as the next person but this gritty, raw book really sticks with you. It is now day 5 post my Undeniable adventure and I still can’t get these characters out of my head. LOVE IT and can’t wait for the next ones!

  4. Misty Trevino

    Love her!!!!

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