Aleksandr Voinov Giveaway!!!!

Are you an Aleksandr Voinov fan?  Then check this out!!!

To celebrate being given the amazing opportunity to interview Aleksandr Voinov, we thought a Giveaway was in order.   Totallybooked was honoured when Aleks offered to give two of our lucky readers an EBbook copy of one of his books.  You can choose any AV book you like – all you have to do is tell us which book you would like.  We will randomly choose two people to receive an Ebook.

Aleksandr  has also very kindly offered to give away a signed copy of Dead Soul to one of our lucky followers.  Now, a signed book by this brilliant author is something to be treasured so we want you to work for this one!  We ask that you leave a comment about an  Aleksandr Voinov you’ve read and what it meant to you.  We will choose one lucky recipient from the comments received.

We will choose 3 winners on Thursday 25th October.

We want that signed copy!!!    Hmmmm wonder if we can enter our own competition???

Jenny & Gitte


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58 responses to “Aleksandr Voinov Giveaway!!!!

  1. Allie Mathews

    I haven’t had the opportunity to read a book by Aleksandr which is why I wanted to be a part of this giveaway….can I not be a part of it? I would love to win!

  2. Brandi Franklin

    I haven’t read any of Aleksandr’s book but will defenitly be adding them to my TBR list after reading your interview with him! Excited to read one and would be awesome to win your giveaway 🙂

  3. I would love to start reading Aleksandr’s books. I’ve to buy any of his books until I read what I have already have on my kindle. I would love to have his books and sit down and read them and what a better way to do that by winning a books by Aleksandr.

  4. Valerie

    I am reading Special Forces now. It’s a good thing I have a long weekend! Thanks for the interview and giveaway! I’m sure I will be making my way through all of his books.

  5. Marivett

    If I were to be chosen I would love a copy of Gold Digger… Heard very great things about this one.

  6. lorraine

    Gold Digger or Sky BOund would be my choice,

  7. I would love to be a part of this giveaway, if I qualify for it. I haven’t read any of his books yet, but on GoodReads I have a shelf that is: Totallybooked and all his Dark Soul series are on their and Special Forces because of you guys…lol…”WINK”. I am dying to read it!!!! (rubbing my palms together) Dark Soul Will be my next series to read. So If I can qualify for the giveaway I would like a copy of Dark Soul Vol. 1. Plus, I love how his name is spelled…ALEKSANDR…Now that is sexy!! Good luck everyone!!!

  8. I would love to check out his book(s)! I would like a copy of Dark Soul Vol 1. Thanks for the chance to win..I will most certainly check them out to buy also!

  9. Bobbi holt

    I would love to read “gold digger”. He is a brilliant that bring suspense, drama and romance. Huge fan

  10. OMG – I’ve read all the Dark Soul stories 🙂 but to have them in print is another matter – do you think Aleks might sign the book – just for me??? o_o (sorry, just getting a little OTT there) 🙂

  11. danielle james

    Any would do honestly. I just want to read on!

  12. I am a huge Aleks fan. I’m reading Special Forces right now! I would love a copy of Skybound! tmadamski(at)msn(dot)com

  13. Sarah

    I’ve just started the whole Special Forces adventure and am close to the end of Mercenaries part I. I’m not that emotional when reading but this series is definitely a rollercoaster ride. I cried SEVERAL TIMES! The hotel scene at the end of Soldiers… OMG!!!

    These males are breaking my heart. I love the intensity, the characters (Vadim!!!) and the historical background. Since I haven’t finished yet, I cannot really say what it meant to me as a whole… I want to wait with that until the end. But it stirred up a lot of different emotions in me.

    Btw, I smiled everytime Jean was mentioned in the interview because I actually like that character very much. *runs and hides*

    I’m not sure if this qualifies for the giveaway of the signed copy. If not, the ebook I’d choose is Gold Digger. 🙂

  14. Emily

    I read Dark Edge of Honor as my first Aleksandr Voinov book. I wasn’t sure when I started because it was sci fi but I loved it. I loved the MC’s and thought Aleksandr wrote about the difficutlies of war and the unfairness of the zombie military really well.

  15. I am not sure if we have to have read the books to enter the contest but I do know that I have had a few of his books on my TBR list and just added the military ones. I can not wait to get to them now!! 🙂

  16. Maya

    The first Aleksandr Voinov book I read was “Test of Faith” which, for such a short story, packed quite a wallop! It was well written with characters that were nuanced and deep. I’ve also been trying to psyche myself up to reading “Special Forces” since everyone describes it as being intense!

    Should I win one of the e-books, my choice would be “Skybound”. I’d love to read Aleks’ depiction of that era.

  17. Gigi

    I like the blurb for ‘Skybound’.


    I am ashamed to call myself a book whore I have not read any of Aleksandr Voinov books…..I know right I will have to change that

  19. Urb

    I would love Dark Soul, Vol. 1. The cover takes my breath away, and I know the contents are wonderful too.

  20. Logan Penta

    Special Forces was the first work i read by this author. It effected me so deeply I had to more than a year before I continued on and finished the series. And that only after I had assurances from Aleks that, yes in fact, this was a romance and had a HEA. Turns out it was one of the greatest romances I have ever read. Gut wrenchingly good was how I described it.
    I felt the story was so good I never even noticed what the author had called editorial issues etc in the first runs. It was gritty and dark. It was sexy and heartbreaking. It was emotionally exhausting and worth every single second I spent reading it.
    So, um, yeah…I’m a fan!

  21. My introduction to Aleks was by way of Special Forces also, and have since begun working my way through his backlist as well as trying to keep up with new releases. I’m fascinated, enthralled, cannot help myself…. save me! *gg* I’ll say “ditto” to Logan Penta’s comment on SF.
    Scorpion I found most satisfying, it fulfilled a craving in me left untouched by dozens upon dozens of books. I’m happy to wait however long it takes for sequels and/or prequels!
    But if I had to choose one ebook….. (Dark soul collection is only in print, right?) ok, Dark Edge of Honor. Probably. Yeah. Ok, maybe….. LoL! Hard to choose!

  22. Michelle (MiMi)

    I haven’t read any yet though I have a couple on the the TBR pile…Country Mouse is coming up shprtly…I hear there is even gonna be a sequel..please count me in. Thank you, chellebee66(at)gmail(dot)com

  23. Penumbra

    I’ve read Country Mouse, it’s a cute story 🙂 I like hearted HEA stories.

    I’d like ‘Gold Digger’


  24. I have read the Gold Digger and enjoyed it. I would love to win Dark Soul volume 1. I have been meaning to start that series. Sounds great!

    Great interview and thanks for the Giveaway!

  25. steve

    Special Forces is an outstanding trilogy. I was so moved and impressed by it that, within a couple of months, I started it again and have now read it twice, along with much of Aleks’ other work.

    Aleks is a special voice and I’m looking forward to his WWII epic soon (? no pressure, Aleks!) Take note to those who haven’t dived in yet – what are you waiting for?

    Gold Diggers or Skybound would be my giveaway selection

  26. arella3173

    Oh! Please count me in! 😀
    I would so love to win Gold Digger.
    And the book that I LOVED is actually the Dark Soul series. It was so different from anything that I had ever read before that it really stuck with me and I think will for a very long time. OOh~ I would just love it if I could win the paperback version. I adore the cover. lol… I hope I’m lucky enough to win.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  27. Laura

    I have to say I have read the whole Dark Soul collection and these books are definitely in my favorites list. The characters felt very real, flaws and all, and their story just sucked me in. Volume 5 was definitely my favorite although if I’m being honest there were moments I didn’t like Stefano very much. 🙂

  28. Leanne L

    Having just finished the Dark Soul series I am absolutely blown away. The affect that some of those scenes had just blew my mind. It had me questioning my sanity, second guessing the reactions I was having to certain scenes and situations. But the very fact I had the reactions I was having, is testament to the skill with which Aleksandr writes. It’s what made the book so very brilliant. You become so in tune with the characters that you understand and accept that which you normally may not. I finished these books last night and just had tears rolling down my cheeks, these characters and their stories affecting me in such a deeply emotional way. It was such a thrilling, captivating ride, one I am sure to never forget. I can’t wait to read more of Aleksandr’s work!
    As far as tehe Ebook giveaway goes, I would love to read Gold Digger 🙂 Thank you ladies and thank you Aleksandr for the chance to enter this incredible giveaway!

  29. C M Ellis

    I have read quite a few of Aleksandr’s books and never fail to enjoy every one of them. I find his stories gritty and often full of emotions you can identify with which somehow heightens the pleasure of the read. The last one I read was Gold Digger which left me wanting more of Nikolai. I need to have a look at his backlist as I haven’t read Scorpion or Lion of Kent yet but I am trying to catch up…

  30. Juliana

    Thanks so much for this contest! I would love to read Gold Digger if I won! I think it would be so different than what I have read, Country Mouse with Amy Lane. I think Country Mouse was lovely and can’t wait for the sequel (I’ve heard its in the works!) I feel that is much more light hearted and would like to read one of his more “hostile” books!

  31. Dana H.

    This is a new author to me, and so I’d love the opportunity to read one of his books!

  32. Book Huntress

    I am a huge fan of Aleks’. I started with Special Forces and I have been stalking him ever since. LOL I’ve made it thru Gold Digger, Dark Soul, Incursion, and Skybound. While SF will always hold a special place for me, I have to say Skybound is just such a beautiful book.

  33. Okay, I’m drawing the four winners with now.

  34. Lori Davis

    Looking forward to reading his work!

  35. Nicoleta Dumbrava

    I would love either of his books … I hear only great things about his book:-)

    Nicoleta D.

  36. lorraine m

    Have’nt read Aleksand Voinov yet; another author to add to my TBR.

  37. michelle c

    I have a few books on my tbr list but havent read any. Busy time at work. Would love to bump these up!

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