Devoured by Emily Snow

Gitte – 2.5 stars
Jenny 2.5 stars

Gitte:  So Jenny you know me….I hate when this happens.  When an Author gives us a piece of their heart…their hard worked effort in bringing it to us and then it doesn’t take a piece of mine in return.

Jenny:  GG I know where you’re going with this and I feel your pain.  It breaks my heart when I don’t love a book because I truly do want to love every book I pick up – I know the blood, sweat and tears that goes into writing and I want to love every one of them – fellow readers should know Gitte and I both say that every time we don’t like a book a fairy loses her wings.  It devastates us.

Gitte:   Yes Jenny, we were really looking forward to this one weren’t we?  I went into it with high expectations and I wanted to love it. Believe me, I truly did.  The synopsis made it sound fabulous and the cover; well the cover is HOT right?!

Jenny:  I know GG, we both felt the same about this one.   I was hanging out for boko to be released – it sounded amazing – the synopsis was fantastic and we both  said it sounded exactly like something we were going to love.

Gitte:   We’ve spoken about this book Jenny, and you know, for me there was something missing. I can’t pin point exactly what that something was; rather maybe it was the culmination of short-comings personal to me.

Jenny:  Yes, we did try and talk each other into loving didn’t we, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  You’re so right.  There was indeed something missing but for me the biggest problem I had was that I didn’t connect to the characters and I especially didn’t connect to Lucas Wolfe which I knew spelt disaster for me.  If I can’t like the hero then I’m in trouble.

Gitte:  I too found it so hard to connect with the characters; I didn’t like the Hero nor the Heroine at all.  I actually couldn’t even tell you how I pictured them because there was no detail. I was left to my own devices in regard to Mr. Wolfe who I ended up picturing as Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction purely because of the name connection.  Yes, that’s how lost I was…..

Jenny:  Oh geez, Harvey Keitel as a love interest?  Thank god I was spared that image (not that there’s anything wrong with Harvey…..just don’t want to picture him as my Hero thanks very much!), though I have to agree with you, because I have no idea what this man looks like.

Gitte:   I think for me Jenny, there was not enough backstory, I didn’t feel them, and I didn’t empathise with them.  The relationship development was scarce until the last couple of pages in the story which unfortunately for me was much too late.

Jenny:  I agree.  There wasn’t enough character depth to allow me to connect and become emotionally involved in this story.  This book, whilst it wasn’t exactly erotica, was no less quite hot and  Lucas was a dirty talker and had a way of making musical accessories “interesting” but the characters of Lucas and Sienna fell short for me.  Lucas was a bit of douchebag to be honest and didn’t redeem himself to me.  Sienna seemed to have a lot of backbone in the beginning where Lucas was concerned but that seemed to slip somewhere in the book – I preferred it when she stood up to him.

Gitte:  I do believe though that hidden in there was a golden nugget of a story, however, the execution of it just fell short. It just didn’t flow and it felt incomplete.

Jenny:  Absolutely GG!  Somewhere in there is a good story and I agree that the execution of the story just didn’t allow it to develop.

Gitte:  Unfortunately Jenny I don’t think the last few pages of a book can redeem the entirety – in my opinion.

Jenny:  Spot on.  By the time I got to the last chapter the story had lost me and I’m sad to say I couldn’t get it back.

Gitte:  Now, this review is my opinion alone, I am not trying to influence anyone on whether they should pick this book up or not. In fact I urge you to make up your own mind.

Jenny:  Absolutely 100% agree GG!  These are OUR opinions only!  There has been a lot of positive feedback for this book so we do urge you to make up your own mind on this one.


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4 responses to “Devoured by Emily Snow

  1. ellie

    I completely agree with this. I really wanted to love this book. I tried loving this book, I really did. But I kept feeling like something was missing too. I can’t put my finger on what is missing, but definitely felt it the entire book.

    I also didnt have enough depth on the hero and heroine. I know she had red hair but I did not get enough description of either one to really get an image in mind. I also couldn’t connect with them as I did not have enough about them to love them, like them, or hate them.

    I will definitely read the next book and hope that will fill in my gaps. Love the cover and the premise of this series!

  2. Thanks for that Elli.
    We are the same. The cover and premise of the story is great – just didn’t connect to the story or characters unfortunately. Yes….apart from red hair we didn’t know anything else about the heroine of the story.
    Maybe the 0.5 novella and the sequel will shed some light for us.
    J&G 😉

  3. sali

    great honest review girls

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