Jarred Into Being by Pat Lawrence

3.5 Stars

Jarred Into Being had pretty much everything. It was a harrowing story that had me hooked from the beginning. It questions morals and questions rational thought.  It is a tale of survival; a young girl’s heroic struggle to free her-self from sexual slavery forced upon her.

One heart breaking event for Eva changed the course of her life. It went from idyllic and happy to the most shocking depravity.  Worse than any nightmare you can imagine.

Eva’s journey was horrific.  As a reader it made me so uncomfortable at times but I had to read on. I couldn’t put this book down. It was the stuff of nightmares!

The journey is so full of twists and turns and you watch this young girl being preyed upon from all sides, ultimately being let down by society and the people in it. The coping mechanisms and tools she used to right wrongs were admirable yet so immoral at the same time. The irrational became the rational.

The writing is intense. The best way I can describe it is that the narrative is ‘hard’ there is no softness…it is bold not flowery.  It is fast paced and it is original.

The storyline came across very real for the most part. However, what let the momentum down were aspects of the revenge carried out by Eva. Unfortunately the story was built to a peak and what was believable became unbelievable.  Some actions did not make sense as characters were portrayed in one way through the story yet submitted to a young girl at the crux of the story.

This book is not for the faint-hearted however, I have to say to me it made a compelling read! It would make a fab movie!!

Reviewed by Gitte who was was sent this arc by the Author for an honest and unbiased review


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2 responses to “Jarred Into Being by Pat Lawrence

  1. Deb Andreoli

    I’m adding this to my TBR list. Every so often I feel the need to leave my comfort zone (remember Caleb), it’s a necessary process for me to step away from the HEA and venture into a world so different and unknown but still on the fringe of the genres I love. Sounds like a mid list addition to me! Thanks for the review.

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