Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1) by Raine Miller

Gitte – 4.5 stars
Jenny  – 4.5 stars

Gitte:  I loved this novella.  And yes it is a novella first 1 of 3.  It is what it is….and does exactly what it says on the tin so can’t be judged on that.  It is fast paced, sexy and a clever piece of writing. The Prologue is IMPORTANT…

Jenny:   Sometimes I love novella’s.  That is, as long as they have enough depth, however sometimes they are just a fast read with not much happening.   Well this one was definitely the former.  Considering this was only 115 pages- the story for me, seemed to have enough depth and I found there was enough character development for the story to work well. To be honest, I’ve read 300 page books with less depth and character development.  Yes it was fast paced,  but the story never left me behind.  I really loved it.
And yes! The prologue IS important!

Gitte:   The characters are totally lovable especially the “Oh.My.Gawd you are HOT” Mr. Ethan Blackstone; you are not only lovable…you are completely shaggable!!!

Jenny:  Geez Ethan…………wow! Ethan…….can you tell I’m speechless here GG?  He is just DIVINE! And the authors inspiration for Ethan? Hold us back it’s David Gandy!!

Gitte:   It had a great storyline, well from what we were told so far, and the steam factor – off the charts!

Jenny:  I agree.  I loved the storyline. I was reading it on a flight and it certainly made that go quicker. I was totally engrossed in this story.  The steam factor – well, it was steaming alright! What a hot read it was.  Raine Miller can certainly write sex scenes that’s for sure!

Gitte:  So…I live just outside London, I was part of the run up to the Olympics…it made me feel part of this story. It became real and I was part of it…I mean I even saw Ethan at the opening Ceremony.  Oh sorry…hang on… I mean the gorgeous amazing man that is David Gandy.  Yeah true story for those of you who missed it! Okay I have to apologize here; I am obsessed with this man if you didn’t know this already.  Right I am drifting off the subject here….

Jenny:   Oh obsess away…..I’m right there with you girlfriend!  We do share a mutual love of all things Gandy don’t we?  Whoops…I lost track there for a minute as well. Yes, I loved how the Olympics build up was brought into it because it gave you a point of recognition and made you feel part of the story and I always love it when that happens.

Gitte:  So we have Brynne; our heroine. An American student, studying in London, who does some tasteful nude modelling in her spare time in order to make a bit of extra money. She has a past, which from the hints looks to be quite serious, affecting her emotionally, behaviourally and her way of life. I NEED to know what this is all about. Brynne is adorably sweet and I liked her, but she seems quite traumatized as I said by something/someone.

Jenny:   I really loved Brynne.  I don’t know how to explain it, but there was something about her that drew me in even before we learn that there is something troubling from her past. I found her relatable and really nice is all I can think of –I really did like her character.   She is living the good life and pretty much coasting along, studying art and doing part time nude modelling when Ethan comes “out of the blue” and rocks her world.  Can she give herself over to Ethan?

Gitte:  And then we have *sigh* Ethan Blackstone, English ex-special forces who now works for an elite security company.  True alpha male dominant and who or what Ethan wants; Ethan gets.  Ethan too seems to have something in the past that has affected him, making him the man he is today. So I cannot wait for the next book ‘All In’ to get his POV.

Jenny:   Ethan.  Meh he wasn’t much cop! Kidding!!!! !  This guy had it all. He was so alpha, so in tune with who he is and just says it how he sees or it….or does he?   The chemistry and the sex between Brynne and Ethan absolutely sizzles and you really do feel the connection between them.  I cannot wait to hear Ethan’s POV in the next book either! Thank goodness we don’t have to wait long because I couldn’t stand it!

“I want to be with you so badly right now.  I want to take you home with me, and put you in my bed and have hours and hours with your body wrapped in mine to do with as I wish.  I want to have you there in the morning so when we wake up I can make you come, saying my name”  (Oh okay Ethan, if you insist )

Gitte:    So, I am not going to say why or how, because that would spoil a lot….but he meets Brynne at the Gallery where her naked portrait is exhibited and this is where their journey begins. Ethan takes one look at her picture and knows he has to have her…

In Naked we have 2 Flawed Characters, Mystery, Ethan, Sex, London, Suspense & yeah Ethan….what more could you ask for?
Naked, despite being a novella, had a feel of 50 Shades and Bared to You I thought.
Oh and this novella has a HUGE cliff hanger and we all know how I feel about those and I don’t swear….much! That is all….

“The sex never ended with this man. And I was on board the sexy train right with him, flashing my frequent traveler pass.”     (where do we buy a ticket?)

Jenny:   It didn’t have a Fifty feel for me though – maybe because Ethan is more subtle if you like but it did have a Bared to You feel about it.
As you said GG, it may be a novella but it had plenty of story to keep me interested.

The cliffhanger…argghhh it did drive me nuts but at least we don’t have long to wait.  The Ethan POV chapter at the end had me chomping at the bit for the next book! Can’t wait.


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23 responses to “Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1) by Raine Miller

  1. Sarah KS

    Just read this book two days ago and completely agree with you ladies. I’ve definitely been dreaming of Ethan since then and am anxiously waiting for All In. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t read books until the whole series is released because I’m so impatient!

  2. Robyn

    Loved this Novella and yes Prologue is super important and cliffhanger makes you scream “you can’t end it like this”. Can’t wait for No 2!

  3. Marivett

    Any idea when book 2 will come out??

  4. patricia

    I say we start stalking her, blow sunshine up her rear end anything. I am dying here.

  5. I’ve just started seeing this one. I’ll have to check it out.

  6. Reblogged this on Raine Miller Romance and commented:
    I think this is my favorite review of Naked to date. I love the format these two use to put up a review–BRILLIANT!

  7. Loved the review and now feel I have to read this. Also liked the Gandy Candy!!!!

  8. Niki

    OMG could these two characters be any hotter? No!!! I’m impatiently waiting for All in the second part of these books. As for Raine’ s muse and inspiration behind Ethan’s character. David James Gandy one word HOT.

  9. Angela

    Just finished Named and it was amazing. Looking forward to the other books.

  10. Stephanie

    Ethan Blackstone is my favorite kind of alpha! He is hot, direct, confident, and even patient while Brynne leaves him in the night. Anxiously waiting for part 2 and 3!! I HAVE to know what is going on with Brynne, and what Ethan is going to do about it!! Loving this novella!

  11. Jackie

    Goodness… Gideon Cross, Ethan Blackstone and Chris Merit (Lisa Renee Jones’ If I Were You). I am in Alpha heaven and yet have to wait for the next installments for all 3 of these characters… Oh my! What a read and wait… 🙂

  12. Tracy

    I loved this book. But I agree with Sarah ks I want to read more. I can’t wait need all the books. So I just could keep on reading with a cup of coffee or tea and these books, I would be in HEAVEN then.

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