Beyond Eden (Eden #1) by Kele Moon









I was asked by Totallybooked to review Beyond Eden with Samantha

As the 3 previous books that were recommended had some hot women and an orgy of sex in them, I willingly said yes..being a man, I don’t bother looking at the cover and the pretty pictures and just dove straight in..had I looked at the cover I might have known what the book was about.

I sat down to read it and it started with a sexy scene with a girl called Eve and a man called Paul. I was like, yes…..then she leaves him and it is all very sad.

The next thing a man called Danny appears and it is several years after Eve and Paul parted ways. He now lives with Paul and they are buddies. I thought that is nice. They were friends most of their lives and they enjoy each other’s company. They hang out and do guy things, like drink beer and go fishing together.

I thought – I can see what is going to happen here, Eve is going to come back and they both fall in love with her and blah blah blah. The next thing,  it all goes Brokeback and Danny is giving it to Paul in the shower without lube!!! When I read it, I had to go back several pages and re-read it as I thought I had missed something..I looked around me as I read on a crowded train and wondered if anyone knew I was now reading gay erotica?

Being a heterosexual man, I have never read any Mano y Mano. I then looked at the cover of the book and it all dawned on me. I found the sex scenes between Paul and Danny interesting to read, but unsurprisingly it did not cause any stirrings in my loins!! I was quite fascinated by the scenes as it was new and I never actually considered what gay men actually do with each other, but thanks to Kele Moon, I now know in detail.

Eve then returns and starts dating Danny..this was a bit harsh on Paul. However he still has Danny who gives him a course in tough man love at every opportunity.

Paul still loves Eve and Danny loves Paul and it is all very complicated. To add a bit more spice, Paul is a submissive and is Danny’s sex pet and likes him to hurt him, but Eve doesn’t know

Also Paul is engaged to Miss Frigid who doesn’t like a tongue tickle down below..basically all of them except Eve, appear to have some sort of sexual oddity. Eve then falls in love with both Paul and Danny and it gets even more complicated. I won’t say any more because it will ruin the end.

Let’s just say a Mano y Mano soon turns into Mano y Mano y Chica…

Now the big question of course is whether or not I actually liked it…I thought it was very well written and the story was interesting

I liked most of the characters, but I found Danny annoying at times and Paul a bit weak. Paul can take a man size sexual beating from Danny, but can’t kick Miss Frigid into touch or just tell Danny to fuck off.

Now that I have read Mano y Mano I feel like I have reached a new chapter in my reading life, but I do prefer to read heterosexual erotica.

I think I could pitch a new idea to Kele Moon for her next book involving 3 lesbians in love with each other who stumble across a mysterious male book reviewer.

It is a tale of passion, intrigue and sexual exploits. It is a voyage of self discovery where the mysterious male book reviewer becomes the master of the lesbians who all fall in love with him…sorry what were we talking about, I seem to have got sidetracked( note to self…pitch idea to Kele Moon).

Thanks to Totallybooked for not telling me beforehand what the book was about as I think it would have ruined my experience. You always remember your first and I will always fondly remember Beyond Eden.

I’m running solo this week.  I lost Samantha to a case of overindulging in Chicago.  She’s recuperating and will back with for another special review.  Watch this space!



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23 responses to “Beyond Eden (Eden #1) by Kele Moon

  1. OMG! I just totally laughed my ass off! I can’t believe they gave it to you without warning you! HA! I always warn people. HEH!

    I’ll certainly keep your story pitch in mind ::grins::


  2. patricia

    Buhaaaaaaaa, good review

  3. I am laughing at the poor male reviewer! I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when he realised he was reading “brokeback”!!! LOL Great review!

  4. C M Ellis

    I am sure he was shocked more because mostly women read these too! (By the way mano y mano means hand and hand, hombré á hombré means man to man)

  5. Yesmi

    That was one of the funnest reviews I have read, thank you for making me laugh out loud.

  6. Jacqulin

    Great review glad to see you were man enough to keep reading it!! I am impressed 😉

  7. Emmy

    OMG This was halarious!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing!!!! LMAO

  8. The Malebox, your review was SO funny, especially when I envisioned the look on your face on that train when you first realized Danny and Paul were going Brokeback mountain! lol Since you did such a good job, I vote that Kele writes your fantasy story for you someday!

    • From The Malebox: Thank you Ivcgrey my look on the train was probably not dissimilar to that of Paul’s face in the shower. You are in charge of the fantasy story petition to Kele Moon on behalf of me.

  9. Clista Seals

    That was a hysterical review! So glad to hear a Man’s review on such a subject! I will look forward to more Malebox reviews!!!

  10. natalie

    Quite possibly the best review ever…

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