Fall Guy – by Liz Reinhardt

4 stars

 Sexy & Addictive – Fall Guy is another fabulous book by Liz Reinhardt; a spinoff from Liz’s Brenna Blixen series (Slow Twitch) featuring Evan Lennox, the strong willed, sweet and  endearing best friend of Brenna.

Fall Guy can absolutely be read as stand-alone…though I’m a stickler for reading in order and when it comes to a spin off I like to know all I can about this character prior to reading. So if you are like me, I would read the Brenna Blixen series, which is amazingly good, first, so that you can meet Evan in the 3rd book.

Evan is fun loving and bold.  Winchester is smooth, cocky but very complicated.  I loved them both.

Evan is a force of nature in the sense that she grabs life by the balls. She will let nothing get in her way to achieve what she wants which is fun and ultimately love. However, she may come across strong, which she is to a certain extent, but she also has an adorable vulnerability.

Winch has a tough family life and it gets in the way of living his own. He has a very misplaced sense of duty and responsibility for his family which means he can’t follow his heart. And what a heart this guy has. It is huge. Winch is amazing.

Their journey is an emotional roller coaster. At times I thought just get on with it already. But they needed to figure themselves out and confidently stand for what they believed in and each other.

I loved hearing the voices of both Evan and Winch. It made me connect with both and understand their actions, behaviour and character growth.

Fall Guy has great characters and all the necessary emotional angst and romance for a great read!


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9 responses to “Fall Guy – by Liz Reinhardt

  1. Love this book! I loved Evan in ST. Winch is fantastic. I can’t wait to read more about his family. I agree that you can read this as a SA, but I’m a series follower too. 😉 Nice review!

  2. The above comment was really ME!

  3. Urgh! I think I deleted my original comment. Anyway, I said that I love Evan and was so excited she got her own story! Winch is the best. Can’t wait to read more about his family! Nice review!

  4. Bek

    I’ve already begun the Brenna Blixen series, now i’m even more pumped. Evan seems like the type of character i will fall inlove with 😉

    I just came across this blog , great review!

  5. Awesome Review!! I had no idea that Fall Guy was a spin off of another series!! I will now have to read all of them! Winch & Evan were one of the BEST couples I have ever read about!! Can’t wait to see more Youngblood books!!

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