Heller's Revenge (Book #2 The Heller Series) by Jd Nixon

4 Stars

Damn I am loving this series!!

After reading Heller and being totally gobsmacked at the originality, hilarity, emotional shockers  and general kick ass experience of book one, I sat back removed the toothpicks from my eye-lids at 4:35 AM and downloaded  Heller’s Revenge.

Without a thought….. not even contemplating that I might want to read something else from my extensive list of must reads like I usually do… you know?  Give it a break and read something else between books?

Oh hell no! I am all over this like a bear on a honey pot. There is nothing else I’d rather be reading right now.

Jd Nixon has created a mixed bag of diverse and original characters that have me riveted, to the point where the rest of the world DOES NOT EXIST for me right now!

Tilly continues to kick butt and have her butt kicked in a multitude of ways. The woman is a magnet for trouble the like of which I’ve never seen. Her shenanigans are comical, diverting and down- right frightening-  even more so now that she is officially a Personal Security Officer.

Her assignments vary to the extreme-  from protecting a pervy little IT Billionaire who is titillatingly obsessed (bad pun intended) with Tilly’s breasts. A stint as a lingerie model and  meeting a delicious Scandinavian environmental extremist who brought me to my knees.

These encounters induce laugh out loud  hilarity and desperate heaving sobs. How the author continues to evoke all these heightened emotions amazes me.

Heller is still the mysterious Viking God like character we know him to be. Although his possessiveness with Tilly is a little disconcerting as the tension between the two continues to grow. Heller leaves me perplexed.  He makes me melt and makes me want to poke him in the eye with a sharp stick all at the same time.  He continues to shock me and woo me.

Oh, and the title of this book is very apt, you DO NOT want to piss off Heller…like EVER! His revenge tactics are seriously astounding. The man is cold and totally without social moral conscience, but I still fancy the pants off  of him and want to have his babies  🙂

I’m loving the secondary characters in this series. The little group of damaged souls that Heller has amassed in his household bring so much to these books. Daniel, Niq, the scary twins Sid and Clive and not forgetting the elusive Victor who each have their own demons and horrific pasts which we get to know a little at a time. In the telling, some background on Heller is revealed.  This softens our opinion of him….. and just when you had him down for the egotistical self- absorbed man whore that he is.

Overall this book surprised me once again by taking a slightly darker turn than the first with events that left me quite devastated and teary-eyed.

The suspense is palpable and angsty at times. Tilly pushed me with her rather immoral attitude too, but when I reminded myself that she is only human with faults and a libido that is constantly fuelled by a man or men who look like Norse Gods! Hell, I have to give the woman a break! I mean …come on put yourself right in her shoes when passing judgement. She makes mistakes but recognises them and owns them.

I’m rating Heller’s Revenge 4 Stars! For the drama, the angst, humour and addictive compulsion to know even more! I’m onto the next one now;)

Thank you so much to our Guest Reviewer Shelley Edgerton.  Shelley will be reviewing Heller Book 3, Heller’s Girlfriend for us shortly.


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7 responses to “Heller's Revenge (Book #2 The Heller Series) by Jd Nixon

  1. Amy

    All of the books in this series are awesome. Waiting on the 5th book. 🙂

  2. jean douglas


  3. Just finished this one too and loved it! Can’t wait to get through the rest of them.

  4. I am currently reading book #3 right now. I love this series!!

  5. After this enthusiastic review, I MUST read this series!

  6. Stephanie

    This is a must read series! Great story line and characters!

  7. sali


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