Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Gitte:  I felt myself being pulled back and forth between Chase and Brandon, I couldn’t decide at first but then decided on Brandon, and I have to say he was my choice throughout. So Harpers choices pissed me off no end.

Jenny:   For some reason I was Team Chase from the beginning. There was just something about him.  Though I have to admit…..Brandon being an underground MMA fighter was hot and I did love him too, but Chase had a pull that made me love him more.

Gitte:  My further thoughts on Harpers choices: here’s this girl who has been like a bird locked in her cage throughout her life, starved from love with no Mum, and a Dad who she respected but she had a pretty cold and affection starved relationship with. She had Carter and the other lads, but these were, in her mind friendships, not lust/love. She has never experienced the attraction, the longing, the lust or the love. So it hit her over the head when she met these 2 amazing blokes!

Jenny:  Harper annoyed me.  I can’t even sugar coat it.  I didn’t understand why everyone fawned over her.  She just grated on me so you can imagine how much her choices and actions got under my skin.

Gitte:  When Harper gets to spread her wings, express herself as she wants/likes and receives adoration, protection, love in return she herself loves right back. Brandon and Chase are 2 separate objects of affection and love. I think she falls in love with both because at the end of the day not only are they gorgeous, they both offer her what she has been lacking all her life. Chase just happened to come across her first. That initial meeting sparked something in her which if it hadn’t been for his reputation possibly could have changed the whole story. Her defence mechanism was to flee, however he was already in her heart.

Jenny:  I get that Harper was starved of affection by her father but I also thought her reactions were a bit extreme at times.  Having said that, if you’ve lived a sheltered life and were emotionally supressed then thrust into College life and immediately felt the love of two amazing guys, then you’re going to enjoy it and take hold of it with gutso.  That’s exactly what Harper did. It must have knocked her for six having these two amazing guys, Chase and Brandon falling in love with her….you would definitely be a bit overawed wouldn’t you?  Yes, I can see how she loved so immediately and why she was so conflicted between both.

Gitte:   Harper is one intense and love starved young woman who craves to be loved and to be loved in return. She has so much to give. With Chase however, throughout the story she wanted to protect herself. It is as if she was just waiting for the inevitable to occur, like repeating a mantra of ‘he will cheat and leave me loveless’. Brandon on the other hand did not have this reputation, and he loves as hard as Chase, he is almost like the safer option emotionally. Would Chase change for her?

Jenny:  I don’t know.  I can’t explain what I felt and I’m still working it out in my head.  This one confused me no end.  On one hand I can understand her spreading her wings and being overwhelmed by the affection shown by Chase and Brandon but I also felt that she was over the top in her emotions.  She was definitely protecting her heart by being a bit closed off to Chase and Brandon did seem the “safer” option……..she had a hard decision…they were both gorgeous guys, I just didn’t like how she went about deciding who she would be with.  I had a lot of issues with Harper in case you didn’t realise 😉

Gitte:   My heart broke and I actually wanted to vomit at the twist in this book.. Worst scene EVER!! It still breaks my heart and I still now thinking about it.  I hate it.  I can’t say anymore because I don’t want to give anything away.

Jenny:  Well, you know what my reaction was when I got to THAT bit,  I sent you a shouty capital text message….shame you were sleeping at the time, though it was 2am so I’ve forgiven you.  As my book sponsor I do expect you to be awake for any future twist shocks though! Deal? (Gitte: Deal!)
I did PM the author and threaten to make a voodoo doll out of her…not one of my proudest moments!   (lucky she has a good sense of humour…sorry Molly hehe)

Gitte:   I LOVE emotional books and if I cry in a book I know it means I just read a bloody amazing one!!! Although at times I really disliked Harper with a passion, I understood her and this book definitely made me cry.
I know this is fiction, but I also know that stuff like this happens in real life, it really does. People grow up starved of love and they overcompensate subconsciously by loving too much. With sudden freedom comes sudden rebellion against the norm or what is deemed acceptable. But who says it has to be so?!
I hated Trish, I wanted to bitch slap her into tomorrow, however, the guilt she has to live with for the rest of her life, well that is enough punishment as well as what Harper dished out!!

Jenny:  I admit that I couldn’t put this book down and for that reason this was a good read.  The twist knocked me for six and I had to regroup from that before I could read on.  I did have issues with Harper and I think this may have hindered the emotion I should have felt in this story and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t get past that.
I was compelled to finish this book so for that reason I would say it was a good read.  I had to see how it panned out and it was certainly gripping.
I have to say, I like to make up my own mind which team boyfriend I’m on – I don’t like to be forced onto a particular team.

Overall rating Gitte            4.5
Overall rating  Jenny        3.0

Reviewed jointly by Gitte and Jenny


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14 responses to “Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

  1. Lee

    great review ladies, I like how you write it like having a chat over a coffee in a book club. Great insights

  2. Beth

    Could not have said that better. You guys are right on the mark for this book. I loved it as well. I wanted to be team Brandon so bad, But it team chase for me.

  3. Thank you ladies!!! LOVED it!!! And Jenny – I’m always going to blame you if I ever feel random sharp pains haha xoxo

  4. I want to read this one. I love your joint reviews. They’re so fun to read!

  5. Katelynn

    I loved Brandon..he was a great guy..but I will,always be team chase..I honestly have never cried so hard or felt so emotionally attached to a book. I also had to take a break from it at the twist because to me..it was over..however the end was beautiful in ways…just not what I wanted..such is life.

  6. Emily

    I am currently reading this book, and I am Team Chase all the way. Just got to chapter 13 last night, and I just had to put it down. I plan to finish, but I had to take a break first. I really hope the rest of the story is good, but this twist totally threw me off.

  7. It’s certainly hard to get past that bit isn’t it Emily. The twist threw me and the book sort of lost something for me after that. I can’t explain it. Jen 🙂

  8. Is it odd that I feel depressed after finishing this book? Not because of the twists – but because I finished it already? I loved this book & I have seriously never cried so much in my life while reading a book!

    • Michelle

      I guess I felt some weird connection to this story – maybe that’s why I didn’t want it to end. I bought it on my nook on Sunday evening and was finished by yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t stop reading – but I didn’t want it to be over with either. I do think that it needed a little more of something by the time I reached the ending.

  9. OMG this book so was heartwrenching. The twist, I had to read it again because I had to be sure I had read it right. Then I sent my sister a text (she’s the one who MADE me read it). But all in all I’m torn between the 2 men. Brandon has a heart of gold, more than any one man should have and his forgiveness and compassion for a girl that could do those things to him us unbelievable. Chase was fighting his attraction for Harper but in the end got the girl (for a bit at least) but they were always at odds. He did seem to love her. And as for TRISH i wanted to B#@*&SLAP her.

    I am depressed that its over. And I cried a lot thru this book.

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