Heller Book 1 by JD Nixon

So here I am,  impatiently waiting for SITD to come out and trying to figure out what to read next when Jenny tells me her book whisperer says to read Heller.  So I am gonna go with it, because Jenny keeps a lot of whisperers on staff (I covet her whisperers), a kindle whisperer, a blog whisperer…you get my point?.

I picked up Heller and I while I wasn’t immediately engrossed, it was pretty close.

Our heroine is Tilly, and I absolutely love her.  I think I could be Tilly if a) I had bigger boobs, b) I were Australian, c) I wasn’t married and d) I were taller… otherwise we are twins.

Tilly seems to get herself into crazy situations, especially after she goes to work for Heller.  She is funny and loyal and have I mentioned that I love her?  Tilly is an “actor” who gets fired from her job for not getting busy with her boss.  From his description, I don’t blame her.  She is pretty much destitute and needs a job badly.  She answers an ad for a Client Manager position for a Security & Surveillance Business and is hired and that is when we meet Heller..

Heller is…well…I will let our pal J D Nixon tell you about Heller

He was the most astoundingly beautiful human being I had ever set eyes on in my whole life.  He was more beautiful than an entire host of heavenly angels, more beautiful than the progeny of the most beautiful gods who had ever reproduced.  He was simply drop-dead deliciously divine 

Hi-ya!  So when Tilly is hired she gets to MOVE IN with Heller and his menagerie of dependents.  One of the cool things about Heller is that his sense of loyalty, although different is pretty sweet.  He is also super mysterious.

The cast of characters are zany and endearing, from Niq (with a q) to Rumbles (love that name) and Tilly’s adventures are crazy and fun.  Think Australian Stephanie Plum minus Lula.  I think that I may want to kidnap Tilly and take her place.  Hmmm, I wonder if Heller would notice.  I bet he would definitely notice if I brought naughty Lori with me!

Reviewed by guest reviewer Sam Baer

Summing up the book: 

Jenny:          So…. from that review I  take it you are going to love this series? Geez,  I can’t wait to meet Heller….what a description, he sounds yummm and I’m Australian… it’s meant to be! 

Sam:             Um, there is no “going to” about it.  I already love it.  Well, at least I love the ones I have read. 

Jenny:         Okay, what rating out of 5 would you give it so far? 

Sam:             4.5/5 

Jenny:         You do know we want you to review the rest of the books now don’t you? 

Sam:            Oh Jenny!  You know that reviewing makes me need writing Viagra! 

Jenny:          I’ll send you some….I love your reviews, writing Viagra is a small price to pay.  Oh, and my advice……leave Naughty Lori at home – she’s outta control.


The Heller Series by JD Nixon consists of: 

Heller                           Book 1

Heller’s Revenge        Book 2

Heller’s Girlfriend      Book 3

Heller’s Punishment  Book 4 



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6 responses to “Heller Book 1 by JD Nixon

  1. Jackie

    They get better with each one! I am patiently waiting for Heller’s decision! Love these books!

  2. bookbug55

    Put these on my TBR. After this review, I think I’ll move them up the list!

  3. Amy

    I started this series because of a post I saw on your fb page. I got hooked and read all 4 books this week not being able to stop. I can’t wait till the next one comes out. I love all the characters in this book. Thanks for turning me on this series.

  4. kim

    I am in Love with this series….can’t wait for the Heller’s Decision…

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