Samantha & The Malebox – A very Fifty Review

He Said/She Said Book Review with Samantha and The Malebox

Fifty Shades of Grey

By E L James

As I was finishing up the review for Backstage Pass, and we were conferring on what to read next I got this email from Malebox….

Subject:  Confession from The Malebox
Can I tell you a secret?

 WELL DUH!!!  Of course I am going to say yes, because I HAVE to know what the secret is!  So I responded immediately!

Subject: My lips are sealed

Sure you can, I am like a vault! (wink, wink)

Subject:  Full Access

 Since I agreed to tandem read with you, I have been given access to a kindle full of books.  So Ms. Samantha,  Mr. Malebox has been reading Fifty Shades of Grey!  I was curious and just wanted to know what all the fuss was about!

Subject:  Very Intrigued….

Really?  And how do you feel about Fifty Shades Mr. Malebox?

Subject:  Pleasantly surprised….

 I kinda like it…I didn’t know there were 3 books though….Mr. Grey is pretty cool.

Subject:  I have to know…tell me!

 Yeah, Mr. Grey is…pretty cool….

So, Mr. Malebox… Vanilla or Red Room of Pain???

Well, we all want to know don’t we?

Subject:  Ah now that would be telling…

I think the red room for you, Ms. Samantha…. Wait!  You are a bad influence on me!!!

Subject:  Pouting…..

Fine, sorry, boring questions from now on…

Subject:  Never…..

I don’t do boring Ms. Samantha…we all need a bit of bad in our lives…

Subject:  Impressed!

 That was such a Mr. Grey line, Mr. Malebox!

Subject:  Gold Star!

 I know…how cool was that!!!

Subject:  Squirming….

That was pretty hot!  So umm, the book??  It isn’t particularly well written, but it is so good in a bad way!

Subject:  Yes!

 I know…the writing is quite strange at times…I found it weird at the beginning but got used to it. I didn’t like all the inner goddess stuff….I have a lot to say about this book, so be prepared…

Subject:  Go on….

 Hit me baby

Subject:  Hand twitching….

 How apt….

I don’t know what I was expecting from the book but it wasn’t what I read.

I was expecting it to be full of sex and whips, also I wasn’t expecting to actually enjoy it and I wanted to read it just to see what everyone was talking about. 

I was wrong on both fronts.  I found the sex side of the book secondary to the relationship between the characters and all rather tame.

I was not expecting this…I actually really liked Christian Grey and also liked Ana. 

I found the emails between them quite amusing….I really don’t mean this to be rude, but I found at times; the writing and Ana almost childlike…I assume that this may have been the intention though. What surprised me the most about the book was that I assumed that it would be complete shit and over publicized? It was much better than I expected it to be…It kept me interested throughout.

 I don’t see what all the controversy with the book was all about though.

I can see why this book is popular and that is because of Mr. Christian Grey…the man is a genius!!

Subject: Speechless….

 Wow!  A genius?  I am surprised that you actually like Christian more than you like Ana, maybe it’s because she doesn’t really have much of a personality.  The email portion of the book was my favorite as well.  The emails were very well done and had me cracking up.  Ditto on the controversy, there are far more risqué books out there and they have been written better.   That being said, I can say I found myself strangely addicted to these books and I loved them.

Subject:  I don’t make love….

I fuck hard…what a line.

Your thoughts on Ana…. I quite liked her. Not as a hot as my Myrna though, but I liked her more as a person.  I get the obsession thing by Grey…..

Subject:  Liar, liar pants on fire…

That line was HOT, one of the best lines in the book!  I also liked when Ana said to Christian “don’t get your panties in such a twist…and give me back mine”.  I don’t get Ana.  Sometimes she seems like an independent woman and then others she seems like…..not.  How in the ham fat can you be twenty- something and not have touched your girly parts???  I call bullshit.  I wanna know about your obsession…

Subject:  Obsessions, possessions and confessions

  I am a male with alpha tendencies which is why I like Mr. Grey and understand his relationship with Miss Steele. This may be controversial but I am going to ask 2 questions…are women possessions?

Secondly, should a man be obsessed with a woman?

 The simple answer to both is yes.  A woman is a man’s most valued possession and with that possession rightly comes the obsession.  A man should be obsessed with his woman….I do not condone either behavior which is not reciprocal.

 Do women want a man who panders to their every need and make a fuss of them. Well yes they do, but they also need something else…that is the challenge, excitement and fulfillment.

This is what Mr. Grey represents. 

A woman also needs to feel secure and protected and safe. How do you feel when someone borrows your important stuff?  If you are like me, you worry that they will not take care of it or break it. Would you let someone steal this stuff?  No, you wouldn’t and I have already said that a woman is the most prized of all possessions.  So if someone tries to steal my woman then expect a beat down of the highest order…..

This is why I get Mr. Grey.

 I would like to see Mr. Grey take on Myrna from the last book. Now that would be interesting.  It would be like Superman taking on Batman…who would win?

 Actually I would like to take on Myrna…

Subject: Ground rules…..

I am going to sit in a freezer now.  Holy hell Malebox, that was hot.

Subject:  Breaking Ground Rules

Now I know there are rules but  I will be blatantly breaking them at every opportunity…..



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28 responses to “Samantha & The Malebox – A very Fifty Review

  1. Rach

    Brilliant! I’m so gonna get my hubby to read them, I think if I get him to read this review he will definitely be up for reading them, thanks again Sam and the Malebox 🙂

  2. Marivett

    My money is on Myrna 😉

  3. Susan

    Holy hell! My hubs is getting the 50 trilogy for our anniversary this week! If he responds in anyway close to the way the Malebox did, then I’ll consider it a ‘win’ for both of us. 😉 I’m a lucky girl, he can be very creative! Of course we’ve been married for 21 years so, he’s had a long time to build up his skills! Thank you, Sam and the Malebox. You never disappoint me!

  4. Emmy

    Wow this was awesome! 😉

  5. I just love reading reviews from you two! I’m feeling a little hot and bothered reading The Malebox’s responses. Perhaps my hubby will be getting the trilogy too;)

  6. Yanette

    WOW…AMAZING!!! I enjoyed this very much!!! Too bad it’s hard to find men who are truly like this!!! 😉

  7. Loved it. I think malebox hit the proverbial nail on the head with the possession obsession thing!

  8. Cathy V.

    I love your he said/she said reviews. Keep them coming… er, I mean, keep reviewing in this fantastically awesome way.
    Mr. Grey taking on Myrna… yes please!

  9. Megan

    Review was awesome! Really enjoyed the back and forth commentary, but I’m missing a step here – I’m afraid to admit I don’t know who Myrna is???

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