Road Trip!!!

Renae here!

On September 28th while Jenny’s soaring to Chicago (see above), Sam and Lori from Lori’s Book Blog will be heading to the TFEiC event in Chicago IL.  Not only are they going to be having an amazing time with fellow book lovers,  they’ll also get a chance to meet some of our favourite authors face to face.

The excitement for this grew even more when you amazing readers out there participated in a fundraiser to “get Jenny to Chicago” and well….YOU DID IT and she’ll be there too!

The other day, while sitting at the airport waiting for her hubby’s flight to land, Lori thought “How fun would it be to get fellow book lovers involved in our road trip?

So she immediately called Sam and told her this amazing idea and Sam thought it was fantastic!

Lori and Sam decided to email the beautiful and crazy Mollie Harper at Tough Critic Book Reviews and Jenny and Gitte at Totally booked to see if we would all like to participate in our own crazy version of a blog hop.  Of course we said “HELL YEAH”!!!!! We’re always up for a bit of craziness as you already know!

We were devastated that these ladies couldn’t join Jenny in Chicago and the thought of leaving them behind was just too much to bear, so it was decided that our very own Generous Gitte,  HO-Larious Mollie and Luscious Leanne will join Lori and Sam along for the ride (They will happily carry out tasks set by you amazing book lovers out there!)

Oh, we know….you’re wondering why we’ve named them this way……well, there is a reason for it and trust us, it will blow……your mind!

We will reveal pictures of Generous Gitte, Luscioua Leanne and HO-Larious Mollie the morning of September 28th.  Trust us when we say these three ladies are gonna be pumped for this experience!!!!

For details on how you can participate in our awesome road trip give away, head over to Lori’s Book Blog for details.

Click on the flyer for more information about the TFEiC Chicago event.


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2 responses to “Road Trip!!!

  1. Sali

    Ok I neeeeeed to know what my crazy mates are up to & how I get in on it !!!!!! Lol

  2. free bets poker

    I agree completely with what you said. Excellent Stuff. Maintain it going..

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