Guest Review: Fall From Grace – by Christine Zolendz

I can’t even say how much I loved this book.  It was like Beautiful Disaster meets Thoughtless meets Supernatural.  Can you get any better than that?  Okay, so Travis, Kellan, Sam and Dean aren’t featured in the book (how cool would THAT be???)  but you get my point.   I started reading it when I got home from work and the rest of the evening went like this:

Heathen Childeren: “Mom”

Me: “Reading”

HC: “What’s for dinner”

M: “Reading”

HC: “Mom, seriously I am starved, what is for dinner”

M: “Seriously, are your arms broken, make a sandwich”

HC: “Mom”

M: “No talking allowed”

Yeah, so I got both the Betty Crocker and Mother of the Evening award that night, but I read a really great book.

Grace is tough and she doesn’t take shit off of anyone and I love that about her.  Grace isn’t looking for a relationship; well she is, just with ONE person in particular.  She has got a mental picture of her mystery guy, who happens to have a certain facial feature.  She refuses to get involved with anyone who isn’t her…well you have to figure that out.

Shane, sigh, Shane is our smokin’ hot, bad boy.  He sings in a band so he has his flavor of the day.  This is evidenced by the room in his house named “The Bone Room”.  Shane is pretty dreamy.   Who doesn’t love a gorgeous guy who sings in a band?   He is also tender and sweet with Grace but doesn’t hesitate to go all badass on anyone who is trying to hurt her.

The chemistry between these two is explosive and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.  I found myself getting emotionally involved with the two of them, rooting for them, and hollering at the stubbornness of some of their actions.

“I heard the floor boards creak on the other side of my door.  I could hear his breath, “Grace…”Then something hard thumped against the door right above my head. I pictured Shane in the same position as me with our faces almost touching but for the inch of wood between us”

I really can’t say too much more without giving the book away which would be a cryin’ shame, so go buy it.  It is a what a bargain at $1.50.  Fair warning it does have a cliffhanger ending, but the author is furiously writing another book.  I think I might send my kids to babysit hers, so she can write faster.

Reviewed by Sam


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9 responses to “Guest Review: Fall From Grace – by Christine Zolendz

  1. Alina

    Just finished Crush and was wondering what to read next. Thanks to you now i know 🙂 Love this blog ❤

  2. Valerie

    Just finished Fall From Grace….your review made me want to read it….can’t wait for the next installment…
    Xo Val

  3. Christina

    Gaahhhhh! I was so on the fence about this one. Needless to say thanks to this review it has just been added to my TBR pile. 🙂

  4. Jan Riggs

    Clif hanger, boy you can say that again. I loved the characters and the story, but hated how it just stopped. I just hope when book 2 comes out I haven’t moved too far away from it an into other book 3,4,5’s. Keep writing though. You have the gift of store telling.

  5. sali

    awesome review sammmmmmmm !!!
    THIS HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE TOP OF THE PILE NOW !!! geeeeez between sam gitte & jen my TBR pile is freakin rediculous !!!!!! lol luv u girls !!

  6. Your review forced me to bump this up to the top of my to-read list. So glad I did, Awesome book!!! Can’t wait for book 2.

  7. Julie

    Loved this book! Can’t wait for book2

  8. keighleym7

    loved this book and defiantely get the BD / Thoughtless comparisons. The author seems like a right cool lady to 🙂 cant wait for second installment , cliffhanger much!

  9. Dee

    Loved this book, but can’t say enough that I was totally ticked off by the way grace could not see what was right in front of her face. Shane loved her so much, but for an angel she sure is blind to his despair, In fa t she was quite judgey….she deser e erythi g she got by blatently flaunting Blake in his face….I really hope she can get back to Shane, he is too dreamy to replace, but I really hope he distances himself from her. She is too wishy washy.

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