The A-Lister – by Joe Mott

4 stars

I was sent this ARC by the Author for an honest and unbiased review.

Before I start this review I have to say I am at either a disadvantage or advantage, however you want to look at it reviewing this book. I have no interest what so ever in the world of showbiz and celebrities.  That is, what goes on in their personal lives.  I watch their movies and I listen to their Music; however that is all I know, that is all I am interested in.

So bearing this in mind I read this story as is, without prior knowledge or trying to guess the names, which would have been a lost cause. This review is based purely on character build and storyline.

For a debut novel I have to say this is a pretty good one. It has suspense, drama, intrigue and interesting characters.

This story sees the womanizing Jack Stamp trying to save a pop star (who he also thinks is the one for him) from a criminal gang selling celebrities for sex.  Frankly I couldn’t help but like Jack, granted the man is a bit of an arse but his cocky arrogance and quick wit had me laughing. I also felt sorry for him because he was so emotionally screwed up and mis-guided at times.

“He looked like the kind of man no father wanted his daughter to bring home, but every mother understood exactly why she had”

“After all, he argued, you spend years as an arsehole and they fall at your feet. You treat one properly and she breaks you”

A fast paced journey begins into the seedy side of show-business which sees Jack becoming embroiled in a ‘who done it’ style mystery that sees him loose not only a friend but his job and his potential love.  The arrogance starts with wanting the scoop of his career turning into the exact opposite when this arrogance gets mellowed by compassion and fight for not only vengeance but self-discovery, redemption and of course justice. I was definitely hooked and have to say I hope there is more to come with Jack.

The writing is hard hitting, raw and gritty. It follows the theme of the book and there is no over-use of flowery descriptions which actually helps the flow of the story.  It was also clever writing as there were quite a few twists which meant that the anticipation and suspense ran right the way through until the end. This is quite a skilled achievement.

I look forward to more from this Author.

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