The blog has been HIJACKED…eep

Hello all!

RP here (J&G’s favorite blog designer) and I am hijacking the blog this morning to tell you about an amazing thing that is being done for our beloved Jenny.

I was under instruction not to post this – but honestly…why shouldn’t I! She is a very deserving friend and I know the passwords…

A wonderful group of authors, friends and fellow bloggers are raising money to send Jenny to the TFEiC event in Chicago at the end of September this year. Trust me,  I sit next to Jenny everyday and this gesture has stunned, silenced and completely melted her into a little puddle on the floor!

I’ll direct you to Tough Critic Book Reviews so that you can check it our for yourself!
The prizes are completely amazing and I want to win!!


PS: Sorry J & G – I promise I wont abuse my design rights and blog anymore…

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