Ride With Me – By Ruthie Knox


If ‘comfort food’ was dressed up like a book for the day it would look like this one.  This was pure indulgence; it was funny, romantic and oh so yummy!! But beyond all it was REAL!!

The story is beautiful, authentic and refreshing.  It’s about two people sharing a journey coast to coast on their bikes. Simple.  Lexie and Tom’s journey on the TransAmerica Trail was just scrumptious!

I loved both Lexie and Tom; individually they had their issues, funny quirks and are both very stubborn but together they balance each other out and bring out the best in one another. They made perfect sense!

Their journey was interesting, adventurous and funny. Without saying too much the scene with the Hot Sauce competition had me laughing till I cried!

Oh and the Red Bordello Motel Room Birthday um scene? WHOA!!! ;0)


Reviewed by Gitte


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9 responses to “Ride With Me – By Ruthie Knox

  1. sali

    oww this looks like a fun light read 🙂 thanks mate

  2. Cece

    Thought this was a nice read. Also really like her “About Last Night”.

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