Digging Deep – by Barbara Elsborg

3 Stars

I really enjoyed this book! Barbara Elsborg has such a fab sense of humour which clearly comes out in her writing skills and in her stories, flawless!

I loved the opening scene , which involved a sheep and a chase….I actually laughed out loud as I could picture the scene playing out in front of me. That is the true mark of a class Author!

I liked both Flick and Beck. Flick was adorably sweet yet confident but so very unlucky! Sometimes frustratingly so, however, I was in stitches of laughter at times, then cringing for her the next!! She was a lovable eccentric!  Oh and Beck was pretty yummy!  The relationship between Beck and Flick is FAB, the attraction very believable! Got to say though that the amount of misunderstandings these two characters had, you’d think you might as well give up!

I was rooting for Beck and Flick…willing them to happen throughout but did start to wonder….LOL!!

Reviewed by Gitte

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