Breathe (Colorado Mountain #4) – by Kristen Ashley


“Love, Drama, Salvation, Suspense, it was Dark & Horrific at times”

I have to say that for me this book was about Chase…this journey was his. To find love and happiness and redemption.

On starting this Chase was a bit of an enigma to me.  It’s been a while since I read this series. The clearest first impression I have of him is obviously the nasty business with Ty and Misty. That is, until his, at first, reluctant lunch dates with Lexie where she notices him sneaking looks at Faye…that’s all I had!! But I remember I loved that part in the story! So I slowly fell in love with him…not instantly,  but the one that simmers in the background and then blows up in your face when you realize what an amazing man this is.

Yes, he is a hot alpha, but I didn’t get him as a person…that is until his relationship with Faye unravelled. In the end I felt for him how I feel for Lawson…this decent, honourable man who’s all about what is right, respect, love and devotion. Protecting what’s his and what he sees as important. He doesn’t see himself in the right light, he has had a lonely life, dictated by others but not in a positive way which means he paints himself with the same brush. He can’t take himself out of the equation, believing he is like them not by actions but by default.

In Faye it’s almost like he sees redemption. He sees her as innocent, vulnerable and adorable and his attraction has been there years but it’s almost like he is scared to taint her with his ugliness! To him she truly is an Angel; unspoilt.

“He’d been touched by the hand of an angel” – Chase

“You in my life, me livin’ in hell, feels like I’ve been touched by an angel.” – Chase

All he wants is a family, a wife he loves and loves him in return, kids. A happy home .He wants affection! Chace is in awe of Faye’s family. It’s his dream to be part of his own, by his making! He realises what he could have had, the regrets, the wasted years.

“He’d wanted her for years not having any fucking clue how much of her there was to get, how deep it ran or how sweet it was”  – Chase….. I loved this sentence it says it ALL!!

He is so loving, and has this vulnerable side to him. He values Faye for who she is and what she has become to him and it shows when he safe guards Faye’s ‘innocence’ and guides her with this amazing protective hand. At the same time he revels in the fact that this is a gift for him, one that has never been given to anyone else one he knows it is his alone.

He isn’t scared to show Faye his emotions a testament to how he feels about her and how she acts towards him…he feels safe in doing so. When she gave him her, he knew what this meant!

“A taste of sweet.

The touch of an angel.

A trace of a miracle” – Chase

Chace is beyond a hero, although he doesn’t see himself this way. My heart melted… he broke me. right and his. He thinks he is lost, changed…soiled by the past wanting to redeem himself. He has no clue how amazing he is.

Now Faye. I absolutely loved Faye. I identified with so many aspects of her character. The quiet shy girl with her nose in a book. But really underneath the ‘superficial’ is a woman who knows who she is, she is fierce, strong, grounded, extremely funny, adorable and vulnerable. She knows life can deal you bad situation and she is not naive or ignorant to the fact of real life. She reads to escape for moments of dreams and fantasy. Yet she knows all that goes on and she is fully aware of Chace and his situation.  She has been in love with Chase for 13 years, solid in her belief that he is the one for her. Such conviction, such perseverance. Her unwavering loyalty, devotion and love for this man means that she is adamant she will set him free, heal what is broken, seek justice for her man,. This, despite the fact that he isn’t so yet. And despite knowing he may never be, she shows her true selflessness through pure emotion and adoration.

She is in awe of him, truly devoted, yet she does not stand down or let him intimidate her into a situation she does not agree with. I admired her for not letting him go. She stood firm, she didn’t let the wanting of him overshadow what was ultimately right for her. This is also despite knowing that Chase has NEVER had anyone look out for him before with such love and protection, she took a gamble, a risk for him to understand what he was being given; what he has never had!!

Despite the pretty scary and heart breaking story line surrounding them, their journey was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Be prepared for some pretty special surprises too ;0)


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6 responses to “Breathe (Colorado Mountain #4) – by Kristen Ashley

  1. Shana

    I have read the whole Colorado series and dream man series. Kristen is a master with suspense, romance and those delicious alpha males! I have been anxiously awaiting “breathe.”. One more day!

  2. carlitcha87

    Great review! Faye seems to be so real, with her books, it feels like she’s one of us.

  3. Ankara travesti aday ve ilanlarinin oldugu bolum bu cok tesekkurler gercekten bravo.

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