The day we went to Carnal…

Hi everyone,Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)

Jenny here.

Gitte and I recently spent a day in Carnal, Colorado where we caught up with a few of the characters who live in this crazy town!

We managed to shoot the breeze and try and find out a little bit about Chace and Faye for you as Kristen Ashley has written a book about them called Breathe.

So sit back and enjoy the shenanigans that went on that day.

Saturday 21st July 2012

We’ve just arrived in Carnal, Colorado and it’s a beautiful day.  The sun is shining and we’re on hyper alert at the prospect of meeting Ty and Tate……..serious swoon!

We arrive in La-La Land Coffee and who’s behind the counter? Shambles wearing John Lennon glasses with purple lenses and a braided leather band tied around his forehead.

“Dudettes!” he cries when the bell over the door rings.

Gitte and I call our greetings as we walk to the counter and Shambles’s head jerks.

“I sense you’re not from around here,” he notes.

Gitte: “I’m Danish but live in England.”

Jenny: “I’m from Oz.”

Shambles, his whole body jerking: “Oz! Like, follow the yellow brick road? Far out!”

Jenny:  “No, Oz as in Australia.”

Shambles’s face falls.

Gitte leans into Jenny: “I think someone’s been hitting the whacky weed.”

Shambles recovers from his disappointment and asks: “What can I get you?”

Jenny: “Double shot skinny cappuccino.”

Gitte: “Strong flat white.”

Shambles, his brows furrowing: “Strong flat what?”

Gitte: “Strong flat white.”

Shambles: “Dudette, sorry, we don’t do Danish coffee.”

Gitte: “It’s not Danish. It’s strong coffee with milk.”

Shambles, body jerking again: “Right on! Do they say that in Danish-land?”

Gitte: “Danish-land would be Denmark and no, that’s what they say in England.”

Shambles, turning to the coffee machine mumbling: “Dig it. Denmark. England. Australia. La-La Land goes international. Right the ef on.”

Shambles gets us our drinks and we sit down and… OMG! We hear a Harley and the growl of a smooth engine pulling up outside.  I think we’re going to faint.

We’re holding hands we’re so excited, but also trying to look cool……it’s not working because Gitte is practically salivating.  I can see I’m going to have to be the sensible one in this interview……….yeah right!.

Tate Jackson and Ty Walker stroll in, both in jeans and tees. Tate’s jeans are more faded. Ty’s tee is tighter. Both are wearing ass kicking boots.

Tate:    “Jenny, Gitte nice to meet you.” [he shakes our hand]

Ty:       “Same, welcome ladies.” [Ty just nods……oh god!]

G&J:     “Hi” (that’s it, that’s all we can manage….we’re screwed!)

Tate examines our drinks then dips his head at them.

Tate:    “You enjoyin’ those or you want a something a little stronger?”

Ty, also examining our coffees and not hiding his contempt: “They need something a little stronger.”

Jenny:  “Fine with us, we’ll meet you there, our rental car is outside”.

Tate:    “Uh, Bubba’s is just down the street. But Laurie said something about you two wanting rides in Ty’s Viper and on my bike?”

Gitte:   (Gitte whispers) “Oh god Jenny, I think I just came over all unnecessary!”

Jenny:  (my mouths gone dry) “Gitte, just grab the helmet and get on the bike!”

Gitte hitches up her skirt and hops on Tate’s bike (hmmm I’m sure she doesn’t need to be that close to him and I also bet she’s glad she wore that tight skirt today!) and I fold into Ty’s Viper (hmmm maybe we DO need to be THAT close to them)

The boys take us for a spin around Carnal then we arrive at Bubba’s and it’s exactly like we imagined it.  ……………………and ………………..are here.

Tate gets us a vodka each and…..a shot!  Oh no, this is not going to end well.

We’re seated at a table……these guys are beyond freaking gorgeous…..girls, you cannot imagine how scrumptious they are in the flesh, all those muscles and yes, we’re imagining the abs beneath those tight, tight (did we mention abs!) tees, oh lord have mercy they are divine!

We down our shot and another appears……we’ve made short work of that one too

Jenny:  “Tate, can I ask – first thought when you saw Lauren for the first time”?

Tate:    “I wanted to tap that and I needed to tap that like I needed a hole in the head. Still, I wanted to tap it.” [grins] “Luckily, I got to tap it. Though it took too fuckin’ long.”

Gitte:   “Ty, same question to you.  First thought when you saw Lexie?”

Ty:       “About the same thing. And it also took too fuckin’ long.”

Gitte and I are looking at each other knowing and she mouths “don’t you just want to lick Ty’s tattoos”.  I mouth back “hell yeah”

Ty turns his head to look at Tate and he grins – OMG they know what we said!.

Jenny   Gitte, drink your vodka” (I may sound calm, but inside I’m dying with excitement)

Jenny   “Sorry about that guys.  Where were we? Oh yeah, Ty have you gotten any new ones since we last saw you”?

Ty:       “No.”

Ty:       “Did you two just say you wanna lick my tattoos?”

Another drink and shot arrive…..the shots are down the hatch!

(Gitte and I are blushing, oh my god, how embarrassing!

Ty:       “I don’t have a problem with you licking them. But Lex would. So, sorry, little mamas, but gotta give that a pass.”

Tate:    [mumbling but with his lips tipped up] “Don’t know whether to be relieved or insulted they don’t wanna lick mine.”

(Gitte and I share a “oh but we do” glance)

Ty gives Tate a look and they share another grin.

Jenny   “Ty, have you ever worn your Team Walker shirt out in public and does Lexie wear hers”?

Ty:       “If the gym is public, yeah. Other than that, no. But Lex wears hers all the time. She even bought one for Lella and Lella wears hers all the time too.”

Jenny   “Ty, are you coping better with your oestrogen filled household”

Ty:       “Either you got boys?”

Gitte and I both nod.

Ty:       “Then send them my way. I’m dyin’ in that house. I see anymore pink, I’m gonna kill someone.”

Tate drops his gaze to the table and his broad shoulders shake with his chuckles. (Lord have mercy!)

Jenny   “Tate, how’s Princess….ooops, I mean…………..Buster”    (oh god, the alcohol is hitting!)

Gitte    “I love Princess Fancy Pants” (those shots are working)

Tate:    “I don’t do violence to women so, just sayin’, you call my cat Princess Fancy Pants again, I’ll have to get creative.”

(Too late, another shot arrives – we’re just about over our sensible shot limit)

Jenny   Can you tell us about a little insight into Chace and Faye before the release of Breathe on the 25th July?

Tate:    “That shit was whacked.”

Ty:       “Ended well though.”

Tate:    “Thank fuck.”

Gitte    Let’s dance! (I’m giving her an incredulous look…….. ummm there’s no music Gitte!)

Tate     [shouting toward the bar] “Bubba, put on some music!”

Bubba: “You got it, man!”

Jenny: “Ahhh what the hell, one dance won’t hurt”

Bon Jovi Livin’ On A Prayer comes on and Gitte and I get up to bust a move. Bikers playing pool stop to watch. A couple come over and gyrate around us. Bubba rounds the bar and gets in on the act, grabbing both of our hands and twirling us around. Tate and Ty sit at the table and watch, their lips curled up.

Gitte:   [waving her hand in a come hither gesture] “Dance with us!”

Ty        “Little Mama, you’re sweet but no fuckin’ way I’m dancing to fuckin’ Bon Jovi.”

Tate just smiles

The song ends, Bubba bends low to kiss both our cheeks before he wanders back to the bar and we sit down again.

Jenny   “Tate, how are things going at Bubba’s”?

Tate:    “Hoppin’, babe. Only way it ever is in a biker bar. [grins at me] As you’ve seen about two seconds ago.”

Jenny   (I’m feeling lightheaded and forgetting what questions to ask) – “Tate, do you and Lauren have a “couple” song”

Tate:    “We didn’t. Then Laurie saw something on Kit’s Facebook page. Woman named Shanta suggested our song was ‘Trouble’ by Ray LaMontagne. Laurie went fuckin’ nuts for that song. [a different kind of grin] Anytime Jonas isn’t home, she puts it on then she gets in a certain mood. So, yeah, I’d say that song works. Shanta has good taste.” (naaaw sweet)

Jenny   “Same question for you and Lexie.  What song is your “couple” song”

Ty:       “And same answer, Lex saw somethin’ on Kit’s page. A lady by the name of Lisa said Alicia Keys’s ‘Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart’ was our song. It reminds us of bad times that we made good and how we’re never fuckin’ goin’ back there. Never again.” (serious sigh)

The door opens and Chace Keaton saunters in.

Gitte:   “OMG! Is that Chace?”

He hears, as he would since Gitte is shouting, his head turns and his blue eyes slide through Tate and Ty before he moves our way. (we are seriously swooning – wait ‘till you meet Chace…..OH MY GOD!)

Chace: “Ladies.”

We stare up at him and try not to drool.

Chace:             [Eyes on Tate] “These the women from Totallybookedblog?”

Tate nods.

Chace: [Eyes on Gitte and me] “Mind if I sit?”

We nod enthusiastically and he folds his long body into a chair.

Jenny:  “Where’s Faye?”

Chace: “She works Saturdays. Library’s open.”

Gitte:   “How are things?”

Chace grins and says nothing more.

Jenny:  “Come on, give us more.”

Chace: [speaking softly] “Touched by an angel.”

We wait but he gives us nothing.

Jenny:  “That’s it?”

Chace: “I think Kit goes into specifics in the book.”

Gitte:   “Just a little teaser.”

Chace: [eyes going intense] “She held out for a hero, thinks she got that. Not sayin’ I agree, just sayin’ I’m glad she feels that way but pissed it was somethin’ that had to be proven. Twice. And, like I said, I was touched by an angel. Not hard to be a hero when what lies in the balance is an angel.”

[Led Zepplin’s “Kashmir” comes on]

Gitte    “OMG I love this song!”

Jenny   “Me too” (this is going downhill fast….we’re linking arms, singing and putting in all the dramatics)

We’re full in full singing mode when Lexie and Lauren walk in

Lauren Ummmmm I thought this was an informal chat, it looks more like a party

Lexie    Yeah, a party I want to join

Jenny   “Well, line those shots up and call up the girls because we wanna party”

Gitte    “Yeah, party!!”

Lexie    I love these girls they know how to have a good time

Lauren Yeah, they’re my kind of girls.

Lauren pulls out her phone and calls Krystal to tell her to get her behind to Bubba’s. Krystal shows and not long after so do Wendy, Stella, Maggie and the rest.

Things got rowdy and we don’t remember it all but we do both remember arm wrestling with Twyla (and both losing).

Tate and Ty might not dance, but Chace has no such qualms. He gave both Gitte and me a spin and let’s just say, that man can dance!

Jenny:  “Well, we’d like to say we got to ask more questions, but it didn’t happen.  We’re both nursing severe hangovers and passed out last night in the Carnal Hotel.  Lucky Betty was there to look after us because we have no idea how we got home”

So, that concludes our visit to Carnal.  Sorry we couldn’t give you a more insight into Ty, Tate and co, but let us say, these guys know how to show a girl a good time.”

Jenny and Gitte over and owt!


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  1. Rachel

    OMG! Totally love this, you ladies crack me up, thank you for putting a smile on my face first thing! 🙂 xxx

  2. sali



  3. ha! thanks Sali. It was fun 😉

  4. Kathy C.

    Still laughing silly girls great interview sounds like ya’ll had fun…Love Kristen Ashley and her books..and now your blog too..

  5. Freaking awesome! I love, love, love it. And the blog is gorgeous!


    Bahahaha, LOVED IT! !!!!!!!

  7. Next time you come overseas and visit Carnal, or the Burg, or anywhere else KA’s guys live, can I come????? PLEASE??????????? This was awesome. Thanks! ❤

  8. bluevitriol

    Ha ha!!!

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