Venix (Pravus, #2) – by Poppet

This is the second book in the Pravus series by Poppet, Seithe being the first. I would recommend reading this series in order.

I definitely enjoyed Venix it was intense, fast paced full of twists and a very refreshing paranormal read. However, it lacked the darkness and the emotional ride of Seithe and unfortunately for me the character development of Darise and Zaria individually and together left me confused as not enough depth. Adding Zauran and Venix to the mix as well…what can I say..that just did it lol!! They were all circling Zaria but for me it only scratched the surface. Zaria is in fact the key player in an ancient war between the Neuri and the Vampyre by landing smack down in the middle of it making it a journey of love, redemption, and truth seeking.

I can honestly say that I still feel a bit in the dark on what is going the heroines are chosen, are they ordinary or is there more to them that we don’t know yet…are they actually supernaturals too?? I am also wondering whether I am over-analyzing it..but it’s what I do that’s the kind of reader I am!!

I do know that I cannot wait to get started on the 3rd book, Zauran, because I LOVE the other characters from Seithe (who were also in this book, which I loved) and I need to know what is going to happen next! This series definitely intrigues me!!

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