Unintended – by M.J. O'Shea

A lovely sweet, beautiful and heart warming coming of age/coming out theme’d book.

This story is about Taylor and Alex and begins when they are 18, switching from present to the past spanning over 10 years.

Alex moves into town with his parents who make him host a party in order to make friends. Alex is very shy and finds making friends very difficult because his family moves around and they never stay in one place very long. Taylor accidentally walks into Alex’s room by mistake during the party and they spend the rest of the night talking and bonding.

This is where their journey begins and I have to say I fell in love with these boys!! They are so like-able and their love is so innocent and sweet!!

Why 3 stars…well the jumping between past and present was quite messy and didn’t always flow. The dialogue was difficult to follow at times. Also, I sometimes got confused as to who was speaking as there was no clear indication.

Saying that though, I did really enjoy reading this story, for Alex and Taylor and the beautiful true love that it was!!

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