The Opportunist – by Tarryn Fisher

16/05/12: I am too upset to leave a review right now..not even joking..but this has to be one of the most emotional stories EVER, it deeply affected me..That’s all for now….More to come when I have processed this story..if I can!

17/05/12: So the above is what I wrote yesterday…I’ve been processing this book in my head since then..thinking about it..thinking what to write in my review without spoiling it for anyone. I’ve decided not to add anything to this review for fear of spoiling it for any of you who haven’t read it! All I’ll add is my final feelings about this book.

This book had me hooked from the start and I can’t believe it’s a debut novel because it is so well written and the flow between past and present is spot on and builds you up and up through twists and turns to a final emotional gasp out loud finish!

I fell completely in love with Caleb and have to say that other than being totally gorgeous and yummy he had the strength and PATIENCE of a Saint!!! Yes he had flaws but wow what a man!! My heart broke for him so many times and 2 scenes in particular in this book had me walking round with red eye syndrome and spontaneous nose drips for the rest of the day..yeah I KNOW, not a pretty picture (hahaha)!!!

And Olivia…wow..I really did like her. I loved her sarcasm, loved her sense of humour, loved her “this is me if you don’t like what you see move on attitude”. BUT, she is seriously ‘effed up at times, to the point where I wanted to seriously slap her! Again, 2 scenes in particular had me wanting to throw my kindle at the wall and shout “what is wrong with you why did you just do that??”…DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!

Seriously, this book is something else; it’s filled with honest human emotions, feelings and actions. It is not pretty it is not fluffy, but it is BLOODY AMAZING!! The ending…..well I won’t go there but I CANNOT wait for book 2.

Definitely a top 20 of 2012 for me!!


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4 responses to “The Opportunist – by Tarryn Fisher

  1. Megs

    Love it, your review sums it up, there was so much emotion after finishing this book.
    Big call but this is my Favourite book EVER. Olivia is the bomb.

  2. hmmm…not sure! Maybe because even Tarryn thinks you are ! πŸ˜‰

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