The Missing Butterfly (Missing Butterfly, #1) – by Megan Derr

I couldn’t put this book down..I didn’t put it down..I read it in 6 hours straight while the world got on with whatever…That is how much I LOVED Cassidy and Malcolm and their beautiful story!!

It all starts with Cassidy, an 18 year old singer in a band, loosing both his parents in a car crash. This horrible turn of events means loss of all his hopes and dreams when he finds himself forced to raise his younger brother and sister.

Three months into a new job, 9 years after the death of his parents, he finds himself with a huge crush on his boss. The mysterious Malcolm. Unfortunately, Cass is a shy wreck around him and without giving too much away leads a double life! A life he does not want anyone to know about in fear of jeopardizing his job and the ability to still provide for his grown up siblings. I LOVED everything about Cassidy – the tattooed bad boy rocker by night; quiet shy office worker with an adorable sweet side by day. I also loved Malcolm, he was yummy, hilarious and so good for Cass.

My only real problem with this book was the amount of spelling mistakes and incorrect use of tense. It needs a huge polishing off as this is such injustice to what is essentially a fab and addictive story!

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