The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld, #9) – by Gena Showalter

I don’t even know where to start..I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for the next Lords book and of course Paris (it also gets me one step closer to William’s book which is the one I CANNOT wait for!!) Also, just to say that this series should be read in order to avoid spoilers!

Anyway back to this one. I don’t do spoilers, hate them myself so here we go….

I LOVED The Darkest Seduction for many reasons. It was about Paris (yum), it had all the “brothers” in it (again YUM), it made me laugh (alot), it had lots of action, it explained a few unanswered questions and closed a running story-line and of course it had lots of “yummy” moments (HOT)!! Oh and it was long which can only be a good thing when it’s a book you love…and did I mention it was HOT??!! There was so much going on in this book that it felt at times that I was on a roller-coaster being thrown in several directions at once. But no worries this is definitely one I can happily re-read!!

Only thing I wasn’t sure about and I didn’t think was explained was how suddenly Paris’s demon was OK with just Sienna and didn’t need a different “person” every day what with being the demon of Promiscuity and all…So I made up my own reason for that and went with it!!

So we have Sienna, the mousy plain girlie who helped trap Paris and who is full of insecurities, fears and weaknesses suddenly coming into her own and with the help of Wrath and the prophecies she kicks some serious ass!!! Her inner strength especially shows when confronted with Paris’ past which she must overcome to love all that is Paris! Oh and there is alot to love about Paris. He’s had to take so much flak from the others and since loosing Sienna has tried to fight his demon to stay faithful whilst being on a mission to rescue her from Cronus. Paris’ love for Sienna is heart wrenching and at times his actions just made me melt..*SIGH*!! However despite that, Paris is true Alpha male and it really showed in this book.

The jokes and dialogue between the “brothers” had me laughing out loud, especially the scenes with William and Paris, I was in tears of laughter!

There were so many plots in this book old as well as new that has made me a bit worried about what happens next. So I made a shortlist and I am hoping GS stumbles across my list and…well here goes:

1. WILLIAM (need his book SOON,ok that is just for selfish reasons lol)

2. Poor Kane…(this plot made me cry and he needs seeing to ASAP!!)

3. Galen & Legion…aaawwww I need to know!!!

4. YAY Torin (demon of disease) might finally be able to touch??!!

So, basically I am HOPING that we don’t have to wait AGES again for the next book cause that is just cruel and also MEAN!!! (LOL)….

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