Sudden Response (EMS, #1) – by R.L. Mathewson

I loved everything about this book. I know I say that about all of Mathewson’s books but I REALLY LOVED this one. This author has very quickly become one of my favorites!!! It had me laughing from page one and I immediately fell in love with Eric and Joe as well as Nathan and Alice. (I hope Nathan gets his own book!!)

The story was lovely, sweet, funny and “yummy”. It’s about two childhood friends who have done everything together, experienced milestones together and who love each other. The transition from best friends to being a couple was fab and very funny. The end had me crying along with Joe (who never cries): “Oh shit…he broke Joe” my crying quickly turned to hysterical laughter at that!! I really love Mathewson’s sense of humor in her books and her writing is so REAL you feel it and suddenly a very sad moment is quickly turned into a hilarious one…The one liners are PURE CLASS!!! Oh and the epilogue BRILLIANT!!

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