Seithe – by Poppet

I started this book blind with no preconceptions and not knowing what it was really about…which considering part of the story line is very apt!

I’m not going to lie, at first I had no clue what was going on, reading this book, I felt like there was a secret I hadn’t been let in on, but I did know that I was completely hooked and loved the writing style which I found to be unique and refreshing. I have never read a book by Poppet before, this is NOT my last!

As far as paranormal books goes, this is without doubt one of my favorites, the 2 worlds human/paranormal colliding through a chance encounter, when Phoebe, having just broken up with her sod of a man Brian, stalks angrily into a bar for a much needed drink. This bar, without giving anything away, is NOT your average bar…and so the story begins….with the scrumptious but eerie and baffling Seithe.

Phoebe has NO idea what she is getting herself into…thinks it’s a “game” and plays along not really knowing the world she has entered willingly/unwillingly?! Seithe plays dangerous mind games, some that hint at BDSM but isn’t really by definition. He insists on opening her mind, see beyond what is normal and humanely possible, experience the full scale of her feelings, provoking reactions and sensations.

Phoebe although feisty, strong willed and totally rational, kind of just goes along with it all, which at first I couldn’t quite understand, but then again would you not?… If actually confronted with someone like Seithe….would you question? Was it a case of her wanting to go along for the ride accepting of a probable end? I’m not sure…

It was very dark, intense and quite frankly scary at times. At one stage I almost felt like I was sitting in a cold damp basement reading, whilst at other times I was literally on that edge by a real fire where you know if you move just one more centimeter you will feel your skin burning. But somewhere in the dark there is always bound to be a light..and it came and I saw and I understood and it became “more real”!!

Between the darkness, the game playing there is passion, romance, emotional pain, love and forgiveness…heightened human emotions!! It kept me reading, devouring this book and feeling EVERYTHING……if that is not amazing writing I don’t know what where credit’s due Poppet!!

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