Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick #7) – by Kristen Ashley

I LOVE LOVE LOVED Hector and Sadie. This was my favorite Rock Chick book. I stopped breathing for a while in the beginning and had to remind myself so many times throughout to take a deep breath it was that dramatic, gripping and heart wrenchingly tragic.

Sadie…she broke my heart, I wanted to pick her out the book and put her in my pocket to keep her safe. This gorgeous resilient and brave girl who kept her head up and hid the real Sadie behind her protective wall of self preservation and defense mechanisms which were forced upon her by circumstance. Sadie the Ice Princess who lets no-one in…until Hector (*SIGH*) Chavez. Sadie took a piece of my heart with her beautiful soul!

Hector (I am fanning myself cause he is so HOT) Chavez. There is no doubt about it Hector Chavez stole my heart from the very beginning. The car park scene..I CRIED…and couldn’t get it out my head…I felt her pain, it broke my heart…Hector seeing her there crushed on the heart broke for him because he has been waiting for her, loving her in secret and must have felt so helpless and broken. I found this part really hard to read but it was so well written and emotional. The way he takes care of Sadie is breathtakingly beautiful and when he whispers endearments to her in Spanish – YUMMY HOT. His care and patience WOW so touching!!! She’s been so badly hurt, is emotionally broken and Hector knows he needs to take things slowly – his patience and care with her is so very beautiful to read. Hector helped Sadie grow, he encouraged her to find herself under the ice queen facade, he helped her get stronger which resulted in her sticking up for herself and thereby finding the REAL Sadie that’s been buried deep inside.

I loved her place in the Rock Chick family. The way it came about by her asking for help from the Nightingale gang..not getting they spent the rest of the story trying to make up for it…it got me completely, they took care of her, did everything they possibly could to protect her . But ultimately they gave her a family!!!

Ralphie and Buddy – ADORABLE , Funny, PROTECTIVE and Yummy!!!!

Hector and Sadie are my FAVE KA hero/heroine…and their story is my FAVE in the RC series!!!

HOT Moments are too many to mention but:

“Mamita, his voice was rough with what sounded like laughter and something else altogether, you think you could handle my mouth between your legs without you freaking out?” – Seriously Hector is bloody HOT!!!!

Sadie gets a tattoo (at the end of a night drinking with the Rock Chicks)..a black panther fierce, intense and graceful…it reminds Sadie of Hector. “…I stopped talking because Hectors hands moved away from my hip and they closed around my waist, tight. So tight, his fingers were digging in and that got my attention….and those black eyes I told the tattoo artist about were intense, beyond intense, they were burning right into me. How fucked up are you he asked..I was still confused..Sadie, fucked up. Shitfaced, Trashed. Loaded. Drunk….Sadie answer me….You put my mark on you. To show my appreciation I’m gonna fuck you until you scream my name and I wanna make sure you remember it. Now how fucking drunk are you?” OMG – this scene has got to be one of the hottest KA scenes EVER!!!

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