Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1) – by Simone Elkeles

This book is about so much more than just your average love story. It is about the struggle of society and perception, not accepting a pre-determined role in life and standing for what you believe in.

This love story sees Brittany – the beautiful blonde blue eyed popular girl in high school fall in love with Alex the Mexican Hottie who is a dangerous gang member. Both are perceived a certain way but both hide their true self behind this public persona.

I loved that we get both Brittany and Alex’s points of view. To hear both their voices made them real, made the journey more emotional and made me understand them that much more. I have to say though that it took me ages to like Brittany, and if it hadn’t been for Alex who is without doubt the more superior character I may not have felt the same about this book. His character had so much more depth and came across as real whereas Brittany’s character came across condescending, pompous and judging!! She did show loyalty to her sister but to be one person one minute and then suddenly having a complete change of heart…I don’t know… but to me she didn’t come across as “real”!!

Overall though, I loved this book, I loved the emotions, the intensity and the determination in standing for what you believe in. I can definitely recommend this book and Alex definitely has a piece of my heart!!

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