Original Sin (The Alexandra Jones series #2) – by Samantha Towle

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I discover a new Author and find their first book to be amazing. Then I always get worried, if it’s a series, what if the 2nd one fails to keep up?..Huge pressure!!

Well, how much do I LOVE Samantha Towle right now??? A bloody LOT…she is FAB-U-LUSH!!! This book was FAB!!! And I got to say that having the image of Tom Hardy in my head as Nathan WHOA big big big CAM!!!!!

So as I said Original Sin is the second book in Alexandra Jones series and I was hooked from First Bitten so was chuffed to bits there wasn’t long to go before this one cause I HATE cliffhangers!!

I don’t do spoilers so….Alex is now on the run from the Originals continuously running from country to country ending up in Italy where she meets Zeff. (I got a bit of a crush on him and felt really bad, like I was cheating on Nathan here, but even Alex did so it’s all good!!) She still loves Nathan though….(so do I!!!!!)

I love Alex…she is so REAL, funny and in this book she really came into her own!! All Ms. Independent, Kick-Ass and In Control!!

And Nathan *sigh* …. I LOVED that we got his POV!!! He is in such need of fixing..all bad-ass hot alpha male with that vulnerability..how can you not love him?!?!

The relationship between Alex and Nathan is Yummy HOT..I mean the scene in the …. (not going to tell)!! They are pretty perfect for each other that’s all!!

This book has got so many twists and turns it is impossible to put it down…The need to know is intense and I had so many conspiracy theories in my head whilst reading, it kept me guessing which is great, I hate the obvious!!

Well done Sam, I can’t wait for the 3rd book!!!

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