Knight In Black Leather – by Gail Dayton

Ok let me start off with how much injustice the cover of this book does to the content!! I really dislike the cover but I LOVED the story!! So don’t let it put you off if you’re anything like me…This is one of those you wish you’d read sooner!!!

The characters were brilliantly written, so passionate and complex but most of all they felt REAL! The journey this book takes the reader on is very intense, emotional and full of twists and suspense with some pretty gut wrenching drama tossed in too. It made me cry!

Marilyn is a 39 year old widow who has a daughter at college and a pretty messed up family (don’t get me started on the mother!!). I loved Marilyn, she was one of the most ‘normal’ heroines I’ve ever come across. Nothing about her annoyed me. She was real! The things she had to go through broke my heart!!

Eli is a 25 year old former street kid. He is Marilyn’s polar opposite what with his pierced ears and nipple, black leathers and his Harley. However, Eli has seen more drama and heart ache than someone twice his age which means he has had to grow up way before his time. His story made me cry….

I loved how Eli and Marilyn met. They became each other’s heroes by rescuing each other one fateful night. But they rescued each other in general too. Yes there is quite a big age gap, but I never felt it and I have to say that except for the reminders I would have forgotten because this story was about so much more than that. The romance between Marilyn and Eli was intense and passionate but so touching too!

I love a book that makes me laugh, cry and gasp in surprise…this is one of them!!!

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