Hot Head (Head #1) – by Damon Suede

I absolutely LOVED Hot Head! Actually to say I loved it doesn’t even adequately describe how emotional I felt over this intensely passionate, beautiful and endearing story. 5 stars is NOT enough!

The characters are so real and I literally felt part of their journey. It was so well written. I loved how it wasn’t predictable. I assumed the roles of Griff and Dante would play out a certain way should they get together and I loved how they almost took a a complete turn around. I felt every emotion that Griff went through, that was the power of his pov, and I was exhausted by the end of it, from both laughing and crying! Experiencing Griff’s emotional journey for Dante thinking he can never be more than what he is, yet how willing he is to sacrifice everything for his best friend, the man he loves. Emotional!!

It was an honest, heartfelt and passionate story about the intense friendship between Griffin and Dante, a friendship from childhood, that knows no bounds in commitment. Both characters were so well written that they felt REAL and I was there along for their journey every step of the way. Their bond is amazing.

This story plays out in New York, years after the September 11th attacks. Their journey starts out at a celebration honouring, the firefighters and the cops who died in the rescue efforts. Griff and Dante are both fire fighters and live a life where Griff knows what he ultimately wants won’t be easily accepted. This all changes when Dante comes to him with a proposition when he finds himself having money troubles. The ‘way out’ Dante chooses is both extreme but understandable…and very telling!

Right, so Griff is adorable, (I loved him)…if a 6ft something giant can be called that..He has no idea on how other people see him. Very humble and unassuming and all the more yummy for it. He had a pretty tough childhood and ended up being ‘adopted’ into Dante’s family as his Dad had no time for him either. When Griff loves he loves completely and fiercely. His inner dialogue was hilarious at times as well as emotional.

Now Dante is Griff’s complete opposite. He was bold and cheeky, a completely gorgeous charmer; a womanizer. Who would not fall in love with this guy?! Dante comes across quite cocky with a breezy attitude. This is where I loved how the story turned around but I won’t spoil it for you because I LOVED how these assumed roles and personalities did not play out as expected.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is definitely a favourite this year!

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