Heavy Issues (Bowen #2) – by Elle Aycart

Heavy Issues is the second Bowen brothers book and in this one we get ♥♥Cole’s♥♥ story. Before I start I want to do a bit of gushing!! I am so excited to have found Elle Aycart!! She completely hooked me with More than Meets the Ink which gave us James(♥sigh♥)& Tate’s story but now with Heavy Issues she has completely cemented a place as one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait to read more of her work!! E. Aycart can certainly write one amazing Fab-U-Licious yummy, funny and heart breaking story that’s for sure. I cannot recommend her or this series highly enough..It’s a MUST READ !!

Heavy Issues is so REAL, funny, and well written. Yes, it has A LOT of steamy yumminess in it but it is ultimately a beautiful love story that highlights the importance of self-acceptance and giving ALL of yourself to the right person when he or she comes along. Some serious issues were dealt with by E. Aycart but in a very well written and sensitive manner in between the hilarious banter and dialogue!!

This story has two damaged people who have grown to be who they are due to issues in their pasts. They have both erected thick walls around themselves in fear of getting hurt and to avoid disappointment and showing vulnerability.

We have Cole who’s Mum deserted him and his family when he was a young child leaving him literally begging on his knees for her to stay. This heartbreaking moment affected him deeply and left him with a very negative view of relationships and women:

“Women left. That’s what they did, that’s who they were…” – Cole

Cole was extremely intense..it was all about control (not always necessarily in a good way but wow also in a very yummy way ;0).

“Haven’t you figured it out already babe?..When it comes to sex, I like to run the show. I’m a control freak” – Cole

The reason for his need to always have the upper hand and needing to assert distance is made clear and is completely understandable. Let me tell you though..Cole..well he is(despite his issues and his blunt sometimes rude remarks) perfection personified!! How on earth does it get better than him and his no nonsense and very dirty mouth!! A highly sexual possessive alpha male yet funny and so attentive and understanding of Christy’s negative body image…

“You had some issues and you learned how to deal with them. I’m ok with that. I don’t see why what you told me should in any way change my mind about f**king you” – Cole (yep he doesn’t mince his words!! LOL..)

So yeah I am lost for words because E. Aycart sure knows how to write a good man what with James and now Cole..as readers we have been spoilt!!!

Christy comes with her own issues too, that again stem from her messed up relationship with her Mum and her childhood. She was absolutely adorable, very intelligent yet psychologically damaged by her emotional eating problem. Her self-esteem is virtually non-existent! She drove me crazy at times, it was almost too much..but I completely got it and wanted to pick her out my kindle and cuddle her to pieces!!

So…Cole and Christy’s journey begins when he overhears her drunken chants to her friends on how she needs a man but purely for sex after a disastrous engagement to an ex she caught cheating. Without spoiling anything, Cole volunteers himself in exchange for a “pretend dating” arrangement…heaven forbid anyone should use the term “relationship”..(See there’s only 2 available Bowen brothers left and the women of Alden circle them like crazy wanting to be the next chosen one).

“I’m very attracted to you so it won’t be a burden to f*ck you. Not by a long shot” – Cole

Now, Cole is very demanding and as established earlier a control freak so he lays down the ground rules for this “arrangement”, to the letter…in a hilarious way at times..all I’ll say here is “ladyscaping”!!

Cole and Christy’s relationship was off the charts in intensity!! Their journey of letting go of the past, opening up to another person wholeheartedly and realizing how to say “I love you” well it was pretty amazing and HOT!!

“You are safe with me” – Christy♥♥

“Yeah I am baby” – Cole♥♥

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