Eden (Providence, #3) – by Jamie McGuire

I was so excited when this came out early…It’s like waiting for Christmas (which is my fave time of year) and thinking it’ll never come…then you wake up and it’s suddenly here and you feel all excited and wired and you want it to last because it’s so special. Well I tried…to make it last but once I hit about 50% I didn’t put it down again, I couldn’t!!

This is without doubt my favorite book in this series. It starts from where Requiem left off and the ride was a slow build start then suddenly it took off and there was no room to breathe what with all the twists and turns! I don’t want to say too much cause I don’t want to spoil this for anyone!!

I cried, chuckled, came over all unnecessary (lol how polite is that!!) and had to look away (yes I do that and yes I know a kindle isn’t a TV but well written words are just as scary!!). Some of the action scenes are seriously cool and I had all sorts of crazy images in my head which were straight out of “Shaun of the Dead”.

All the characters are so well written and you can’t help but love them and feel attached and protective, especially after 3 books, which is why I’ll miss them!! I would love to find out what happens to Claire&Ryan and Bex!! I’ve got to say as well…Jared…OMG I was a mess during his vows…WOW!!! He is just about one of the most PERFECT blokes…yeah actually I think he just might be!!

I hated the point where I realized I was close to the end…but then the epilogue..well that just made me all warm and satisfied. Perfect!!!

Jamie McGuire you are FAB-U-LUSH!!!

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