Curio – by Cara McKenna

I find it really hard to review this book. I felt so sad and emotional reading it and it wasn’t until almost the end that I felt hope for these characters!! It is a very emotional, tender, sensual and intriguing read!

This story is about Caroly and Didier. Caroly seeks out Didier who she has been admiring from photos and art he has modeled for. She knows Didier is a male prostitute and seeing as she is 30 and has never had a sexual experience she seeks him out to help her. She views him as a man of perfection. Didier is (besides gorgeous!!) gentle, listens and only gives as much as he is asked for. He doesn’t push her, and slowly and with much care he eases her into her first sexual encounter.

Didier and Caroly each begin a journey of an individual self-discovery, through each other, a meeting of two broken souls, each seeking and needing each other for their own reasons.

This story is very well written and very different!

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