Chase of a Lifetime – by Ryan Field

I am not sure how to review this book because I’m not sure how I feel about it after reading it….So many things were good but equally, many things annoyed me.

Jim is a 21 year old college graduate. He has known he is gay for forever but is yet to admit this to anyone. He returns home for the summer to think about what he wants to do now and where he is going in his life. He is unsure of how to go forward both in his personal as well as his professional life. His parents hold a graduation party for Jim where he bumps into best friend’s dad Len (aged 37). Len begins to flirt with him and Jim unwillingly ends up at Len’s house. This is what annoyed me the most, this scene was so bizarre. The writing was stilted, Jim sounded odd when he spoke and the whole situation had me cringing!!! First of all Len came across a bit pervy to me and Jim came across as a VERY NAIVE 21 year old!!! I will say though that the writing and the story improved after that and I LOVED the heartwarming moments between Jim and his parents. I also LOVED how Jim found himself again. I didn’t like Cain and for most of the story I didn’t like Len. However Len totally redeemed himself, Cain didn’t!!

The story kept building and building but once it all came together it was pretty much over. It seemed almost rushed. I would have loved an Epilogue which I think would have finished the story off nicely. I would also love to know what happens to Len and Jim next!

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