Butterfly Tattoo – by Deidre Knight

I just finished one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I know this story will stay with me forever because I cannot stop thinking about it and it affected me completely, emotionally and I have never read a book with an unconventional love story like this before. It took me a while to get my head round a complex family structure, but I got it and I understood and it beautifully showed that love doesn’t have a name or a definition. Love is what we feel.

“Families are defined in lots of ways”…..”Family is wherever we find it” – Michael

It is so beautifully written that immediately I was swept up and immersed in the story. A story of two broken people who have had major trauma in their life, are damaged and are at a crossroads when they meet. A story that shows how LOVE can HEAL and that this LOVE can be found ANYWHERE!!

“Love is what counts. Whatever form it comes to you…” – Michael


“The fact is that the past isn’t in the past at all. It’s vital and breathing and a little ravenous, and no matter what else we’ve lost, it’s the one thing we can never truly loose” – Rebecca

Michael, a bisexual man, lost his partner Alex who was killed after being hit by a drunk driver. Their seven year old daughter, Andrea was in the car but escaped with her life but scarred both physically and emotionally. Now Michael is alone, trying to raise his daughter, and completely lost in so far as how to “save” his daughter and himself.

Rebecca is an actress who now works for a production company. She left acting after being viciously attacked in a knife attack by a stalker who believed she was his girlfriend. She survived but was left broken and scarred after the attack, including a long scar on her face.

Becca and Michael meet in her office one day when the power goes and Michael who is an electrician turns up to fix it. They can’t see each other but almost have an instant connection. Becca ends up taking Michael’s daughter for something to eat as Andrea has had to come along for the day. Andrea finds that Becca has scars too. They have something in common, scars that are healed physically but not emotionally. What ultimately starts as a way for Michael to nourish a connection between his “lost” little girl and Becca soon turns into an emotional and physical attraction between him and Becca – two tormented and damaged people looking to live life again but not knowing how to or where to begin.

This story is written from the perspective of both Michael and Becca. This was PERFECT, because we get to hear both their voices, thoughts and issues. It made it REAL!! It also made Alex seem “alive” in the story purely based on Michael’s memories. It enforced the dilemma of is it “right” to love another when the person you ultimately loved has passed away?! Is it “right” for the one that has been left behind to continue living LIFE?!

“It’s never safe to love…it’s the most vulnerable feeling in the world…but I’ve come to think it’s always worth it” – Michael

This book is a must read. It will make you smile, cry, and touch your heart!!!

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